Limited company of data of electron of Shandong flying source (” of electron of abbreviation “ flying source) held water 2021, for the subsidiary of limited company of chemical industry of Zi Bo Feiyuan, be located in Zi Bo Gaoqing inside plant area of chemical industry of flying source of chemical industry garden, scope of operations includes: The electron is special the yield of material carry out, electron is electrical engineering raw material of fiber of kind of product sale, cellulose and fiber are made etc. Considering the rapid growth of demand of domestic epoxy resin, and the plant of chloric propane of oxygen of 100 thousand tons of annulus that flying source chemical industry builds to use up useless hydrochloric acid, flying source electron plans to invest 1.02 billion yuan, industrial catenary swims downward outspread to epoxy resin industry: Name of project of   of project general situation: Limited company of data of electron of Shandong flying source 150 thousand tons / year   of project of epoxy resin of electric sub level builds an unit:   of of limited company of data of electron of Shandong flying source constructs content and scale: Construction produces device 4 sets (sheet is covered produce all can be thirty-seven thousand five hundred tons / year) , device of area of pneumatics computer room, refrigeration computer room, canister, storehouse, sewage disposal. After project building, produce per year epoxy resin of 150 thousand tons of liquid state, 50 thousand tons deputy produce industrial salt (outside carry out) ; The project invests: One billion and twenty million nine hundred and seventy thousand yuan, one billion seven hundred and fifty-seven million nine hundred and fifty thousand yuan predict to be able to realize gain after building / year; Build a place:   of garden of industry of chemical industry of Zi Bo Gaoqing builds property: Build   to build period: The project is built period 6 months, the project predicts start working was built in April 2022, built go into operation in October 2022. Unit of 150 thousand tons of epoxy resin is main raw material, chloric propyl of the oxygen that divide annulus is natural from form a complete set outside, other raw material is bought outside need, especially double phenolic A, full load year wastage is in 100 thousand tons / year above:

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The basis has a program, predict “ 945 ” end, epoxy resin new increase production can be tremendous, outside dividing flying source electron, large quantities of one enterprises such as star of accurate letter of constant of luck of state of Zhejiang a person of extraordinary powers, Jiangsu, Fujian, Anhui are in active dilate, urgent need quickens construction pace in the business of double phenolic A that build, with satisfying downstream epoxy resin and PC to be used up bulkily at the same time.

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