On June 6 morning, hua Zhengxin material establishs anniversary and 19 Zhuhai advanced wisdom build celebration of put into production of base first phase to be in Zhuhai Doumen area of garden of Ou Fushan industry is held.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Zhuhai of Hua Zhengxin material is advanced wisdom build base to always cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 155 mus, build floor area 160 thousand square metre, at present project of first phase project builds basically already. The project produces automation, informatization through recommending whole course of equipment of automation of foreign high end, implementation, will build monomer of Hua Na area one of Fu copper plants with big, advanced technology, make headquarters of division of Hua Na of Hua Zhengxin material, forward the target of business of one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight stage develops annual produce quickly. Liu Tao of president of Hua Zhengxin coffin expresses in the speech, zhuhai wisdom builds the go into operation of project of base first phase, it is the company grows fruit from the another high speed after IPO appeared on the market 2017. The automation degree of base high end and digital intelligence change a standard, produce those who make Hua Zhengxin material carry out high quality can outspread, strive to enter industry front row. Pei Rong of vice-chairman of board of directors of Hua Li group represents parent company of Hua Zhengxin lumber, hua Zhengxin material sets out from riverside of brook of Hangzhou Chinese trumpet creeper, footmark already was spread all over and even Korea, Japan, Euramerican etc, become domestic environmental protection model thermoplastic sex of function of the trailblazer of beehive material, home the person above average of industry of copper of Fu of the precede person of composite material, home. Zhuhai is advanced production base first phase is formal put into production, will make the starting point with Hua Zhengxin new material, implementation arrives from Hua Dong area Hua Na area, arrive from long triangle bead three-cornered spans type develops. Guangdong saves circuit board guild secretary-general Mr Xin Guosheng was sure Hua Zhengxin material is in Zhuhai to technology of copperplate of advanced course Fu upgrades and be produced can the act of augment, he states Zhuhai is Guangdong province and even early development one of cities of circuit board, hua Zhengxin material will with Zhuhai factory formal put into production is chance, ” of demonstrative factory of catenary of Information Industry of electron of Zhuhai of area of big bay of “ of give somebody a new lease on life, make the model of the industry. As we have learned, hua Na is PCB (printed circuit board) assemble ground of the industry, to Hua Zhengxin material the client is occupied than be between 50-60% . In Hua Na to promote a company the product the client of area answers ability, product delivery capacity, consolidate and improve the market position of the company, company investment establishs Zhuhai wholy-owned subsidiary, the intelligence that is in charge of building tall efficiency in Hua Na area is made reach service base, and the production of the relevant product such as follow-up Fu copperplate, sale.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City