In target of ” of “ double carbon how-to below, wind energy regards our country as the sources of energy replace in structural adjustment model one of clean the sources of energy, having the effect that cannot replace. However, the design service life of group of wind electric machinery is controlled for 20 years commonly, enlist in army as group of wind electric machinery expire, many wind report will be replaced to come down with composite material, occurrence “ is torn open old the aspect that builds new ”“ to tear open big ” of a lunar month of 29 days. As we have learned, arrive from 2024 2030, wind report lamina is annual it is to break up almost time increment. The basis is forecasted, to 2025, accumulative total will have trash of solid of 19984 tons of composite material to arise; To 2030 accumulative total will have trash of 715664 tons of solid to arise. Batch of many fan lamina gets offline, if cannot be handled in time, not only the health of industry of block up wind energy develops, return will tremendous to environmental generation influence. Since the development of group of glass reinforced plastics that held water 1958 success piece glass reinforced plastics, industry of our country composite material begins to start. All previous classics 60 Yu Zai, current, the crop of our country composite material has been jumped house. Besides add composite material newly, get offline plus what many wind report uses composite material after 2024, if wind report lamina cannot tear open solution to be used integratedly, not only will many blade “ lies to make the same score ” and take up many land natural resources, still develop the health of industry of block up wind energy, structure of influence the sources of energy is strategical adjustment total position, affect the strategic fixed position that clean the sources of energy expands. And, what wind- driven dynamo uses composite material to include wind report lamina and engine room cover, it is a kind of goods that is main material with colophony and fibre glass. The field is used integratedly in resource, after colophony passes cross-linking, its stability is tall; Is fibre glass inorganic and mineral SiO? . Two kinds of main material hard natural degradation, oneself value is low. In blade at the same time compound have light wood, PVC or the material such as agent of cohere of oxygen of swivel nut of PET bubble, metal, annulus or polyurethane, increased the complexity that blade reclaims. Size of wind report lamina is larger, hard cut, carry hard; Wind field is in remote region almost, carriage distance deficient of resource of far, exercise; Product data breed is much, compound structure, decompose, reclaim it is difficult to use. Below current condition, accelerate lamina of group of wind electric machinery to reclaim use a system construction is imperative. In recent years, the standard that reachs policy in relevant law and guide below, retire electric lamina uses wind integratedly to be carried schedule, cause the attention of each domains inside the industry. Current, retire wind report lamina uses presence integratedly a certain number of problems are solved urgently. It is design of devoid top layer, reclaim use responsibility principal part ambiguous. The demand that wind report lamina reclaims to be used integratedly is dear, each respect policy asks to had put forward, but executive process lacks design of system carrying a layer on the head. 2 it is to reclaim use method unsharpness, technical research and development and commercialize need support. At present the composite material solid such as blade abandons our country processing technique and technology have recycle, machinery to smash kiln of law, hot solution, cement handles a law to wait in coordination, foreign composite material reclaims recycle technology and our country are similar. Show level our country to should smash with recycle, machinery, technology of hot splitting decomposition (in the light of carbon fiber goods) give priority to begin industrialization, the argumentation of other method and research need continue to throw. 3 it is occupation standard is perfected urgently, standardization reclaims use a system to be built urgently. Mix to make sure what the industry grows is smooth standard, avoid the out of control that the competition that do not have foreword causes, should control from fountainhead, the each side issue such as the technology that before avoiding, other industry appears, environmental protection, application, operation. Accordingly, build reclaim technical standard of the system, industry standard and product standard, it is very necessary with the key. In the light of how to fulfil the trash of composite material solid such as blade to reclaim deal with reach use a technology integratedly, build the problem such as system of standard of occupation standard, technology, attestation, put forward as follows to suggest. First, should prohibit burning deal with. The “ obstacle ” that wind report lamina reclaims to be used integratedly is to burn deal with. Burn the energy with although can be offerred for power plant,deal with certain, but because colophony content is abhorrent, cause energy supply deficiency, disequilibrium, easy cause inflammation inadequate, discharge exceed bid; Fibre glass content is higher, in the process that burn, many Bo fine fuses vitreous liquid state, easy conglutinate is inside body of heater or on furnace grate, cause safe hidden trouble. Next, should reclaim clearly responsibility main body. Of main body responsibility clear, will from go up at all affirmatory lamina reclaims industrial business pattern. Lay a foundation to use development industrial position, investment yield a line, integratedly. Again, should accelerate urge industry system construction. Industry system construction included research and development it is system, mature to reclaim to be used integratedly pattern of technical system, standard system, trade, industry is superintended etc. Adopt policy sex support, standard, from the top the layer urges industry system construction, it is the basis that resource of solid trash implementation changes. Hind, should build but date from sex answers body of put in prison is. Composite material goods and other industry product are different, its itself is cannot of natural degradation. After flotsam of the horn side hot solid sex arises in process of production of composite material goods and applied product discard as useless, can become the solid litter that handles hard, the environmental protection that must have major reclaims the enterprise undertakes handle and be usinged integratedly to its.

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