On August 23, the “2023 that saves plastic guild, Yunnan to save chemical chemical industry to learn to sponsor by Yunnan year does Yunnan save plastic guild annual meeting and industry technology to communicate meeting ” and “2023 Kunming? Progress of polypropylene new material and ” of forum of development of green of Yunnan chemistry chemical industry are held in Kunming.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

On the meeting, come from expert of many chemical chemical industry with the whole nation and provincial Yunnan, plastic industry, entrepreneur to develop the current situation and prospect to current polypropylene new material, and I save petrifaction industry and plastic industry how high quality development, how to promote Yunnan industry of new material of organic high polymer to green, low carbon, can last the content such as development had development communication.

According to introducing, at present Yunnan visits plastic industry form a complete set cable length of not complete, industry is shorter, basically be with plastic products treatment industry is given priority to, include synthetic resin, auxiliary and mould manufacturing industry to wait. Up to now, my province formed upper reaches to have polyvinyl chloride (PVC) colophony 400 thousand tons, special type pvc (SPVC) colophony 60 thousand tons, acetic acid ethylene - ethylene copolymerization (VAE) latex 120 thousand tons, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) 40 thousand tons, polypropylene (PP) colophony is mixed 150 thousand tons manufacturing industry of a mould; Industry of form a complete set has a few fill parents makings, modified is plastic and useless old plastic reclaim with use production; Child industry with plastic board, canal, profile, plastic film, plastic silk, rope and weave cloth, plastic bag bagging, box reachs recipient, expanded plastics is made wait for the plastic industry modes of life and relation to their environment that give priority to. 2022, I save dimensions above plastic product output is six hundred and sixty-three thousand four hundred tons, occupy than the whole nation 0.83% . Come nearly 10 years, I save plastic industry to add fast faster, gross value of industrial output amounted to many yuan 100 2022, but developing quickly while, yunnan saves plastic industry to be faced with industrial catenary to need structural adjustment of perfect, industry to remain strengthen and pressure of delay of demand power hasten, domestic and international environment increases, macroscopical adjusting control restricts industry development, economy to move face the problem such as new difficulty and challenge.

Yunnan saves plastic guild to express, henceforth, will active promotion applies more new science and technology, new technology, new product, new positive result, recommend more innovation to upgrade product, develop what innovation of science and technology and product upgrade to lead action, guide a province adept estate company, positive research and development is created, raise level of science and technology, promote me to save industry of chemical chemical industry, plastic industry high quality develops.

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