Long-term since, the synthetic resin industry of our country is in in low end the field competes the condition that domain of intense, high end lacks a skill, form structural sex to produce can superfluous situation. But as hasten of requirement of industry environmental protection cost of severe, environmental protection considerably violent wind rises, plus the new material demand that the market increases quickly, whole industry entered city to take the posture that leads concentration of Xiang Long head.

Since holding water 2011, yong Yue science and technology is dedicated the research and development of the synthetic resin that gives priority to at colophony of not saturated polyester, production and sale, own research and development formed multinomial and patent technology, finished many engineering technology improve a project. Depend on powerful technical group and force of field sale, yong Yue science and technology rolled out product of series of man-made stone colophony, have very high market to approbate spend and the market is had rate, win a state company of new and high technology, fujian Province quality runs advanced company, informatization and industrialized shirt-sleeve and pilot enterprise.

2017, yong Yue science and technology is in Shanghai stock exchange advocate board hang out one's shingle appear on the market, lifted an industry so far the one page with new development of product of colophony of not saturated polyester, appear on the market through play company dominant position, do strong middle reaches, upper reaches of base oneself upon, attention is downstream, form finally it is a foundation with product catenary, what be development with technical catenary is fore-and-aft span with what transverse photograph is united in wedlock type develops pattern, become company of entire cable length of synthetic resin industry.

Current, yong Yue has the colophony of not saturated polyester of model of 10 kinds of several different specifications below banner of science and technology, colophony of HBR card, Yong Yue card, it is home breed of domain of colophony of not saturated polyester one of manufacturers with relatively extensive field of relatively all ready, application.

Face in recent years intense market competition and product expand what use range downstream ceaselessly, yong Yue science and technology promotes own innovation capability ceaselessly, pay attention to the technical research in new material domain, be in at the same time produce learn to grind cooperative respect carries archives to quicken, establish chemical college of chemistry of “ Xiamen university with Xiamen university collaboration respectively- - ” of center of technology of new material of Yong Yue chemical industry, with institute of composition of material of Fujian of the Chinese Academy of Sciences collaboration creates of great capacity of “ the Chinese Academy of Sciences on the west ” of research center of technology of project of composite material of academy Yong Yue, the technology that strengthens new material domain innovates, the material application that also is its to wait for industrial domain in development of report of green building, wind offerred a possibility, promote colophony of not saturated polyester to manufacture technology more environmental protection is efficient.

In addition, come nearly two years, the company lasts develop is new, wait for technical research and development and production through establishing Yong Yuezhi to be able to develop unmanned aircraft, unmanned science and technology, extend an enterprise curve of the 2nd growth, consolidating advantage circuit while quicken the pace that extends new circuit, the abidance of much circuit domain is developed receive implementation to grow continuously for company battalion provide safeguard. Current, colophony of not saturated polyester and unmanned engine professional work, the “ that has made Yong Yue science and technology is double kinetic energy ” .

Future, as the country internal energy source is reformed and the accelerating of low carbon economy is advanced, a large number of application of composite material of colophony of not saturated polyester in burgeoning industry domain and unmanned aircraft board piece the fast growth of business, yong Yue science and technology will develop contented terminal industry use the new product of demand continuously, provide the product of high quality and excellent service for the client, consolidate further and strengthen company competition advantage and industry position, strive to become “ many a little bit to blossom the whole field company of ” .

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