On the fair of technology of composite material of 2023 China International that 12 ~ will hold 14 days at Shanghai in September, yinglishi composite material is made with “ green, high end is custom-built ” gives priority to a problem, focusing constructs project and field of car of new energy resources, showed representative product and technical solution.

According to introducing, yinglishiben second custom-built solution is box of released batteries of new energy resources vinyl of Derakane 782 modified ester colophony. This colophony fundamentality can be more pouring than colophony of groovy not saturated polyester 20%~30% of body strength tower above. In the meantime, colophony matrix heat is out of shape temperature can achieve 145 ℃ , tigidity compares tower above of colophony of groovy not saturated polyester 10% , outstanding tenacity makes craze tendency is reduced considerably.

Sectional chief expresses related Yinglishi, this company is advanced and last native land market of deep ploughing China, had made composite material field the main supplier of numerous client and partner.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City