Recently, wide steam academy - new car of silver-colored treasure mountain is small quantify beam of composite material dashboard to the project signs cooperative agreement formally and hold a project to start meeting. The meeting that start is chaired by department of engineering of wide car body Dr. Li Nengwen, attend signing ceremony and the wide steam leader of the meeting that start to have: Wang Chen of undersecretary of department of engineering of Chen Dong of minister of ministry of automobile body engineering, automobile body. Yin Baoshan joins meeting personnel newly to have vice president Lv Wei of vice director of lab of project of research of composite material of center of Yuan Lin of vise general manager of center of Gao Guoli, technology, researcher Dr. Xie Mochuan, technology. The cooperative foreground that goes up to dashboard beam project gives both sides great expectations, according to consultative content, bilateral henceforth the basis the basic principle with complementary advantage, develop beam of composite material dashboard jointly, aid force to multiply with the car farther light quantify, implementation wins strategic goal more.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Plastic dashboard beam (CCB) is in light quantify, unifinication shapes, the product assembles the respect such as sex of precision, corrosion resistance, damping to have stronger dominant position, it is development trend of future, plant of foreign noted leader runs quickly, BMW, Ao Di had applied in model of partial high end. Yin Baoshan is carried newly from research and development build the cooperation with leader plant, shift to an earlier date the research and development of technology of position forward position, will be in for the company prospective car is small technology of quantified core of increment market reserve.

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15-18 December

New York City