On November 1, 2021, chemical company announces Yishiman, the subsidiary below company and banner is as special as Xin already Ma (Synthomer Plc) reach eventually agreement, its adhesive colophony asset reachs business to sell with the cash total prices of 1 billion dollar. Trade this include hydrocarbon kind colophony (include resin of tire of Yi Shiman Impera) , fat of polymer of pure monomer colophony, polyolefin, colophony kind with dispersive body, and grease chemistry and fatty acid base colophony product line. This business be subordinate to belongs to Yi Shiman additive and functional data business board piece. Trade this the profit before total prices is equivalent to depreciation of duty of the interest after 12 months adjusted adhesive colophony business in the past and amortize (EBITDA) 11 times. Trade eventually the price suffers trade the operation capital etc when finishing adjusts element influence. The company predicts, to 2022, every accrual after the pen trades to make exchange produces neuter effect. Yi Shiman president holds banquet apparitor Mark Costa concurrently to express: “ trades this to it of business of additive of front-wheel drive embryo like coming off, aim to increase our additive and functional data business board piece outstanding achievement expression. We are very glad to can reach this one agreement, the development that is adhesive colophony business made clear direction. We will continue dedicated at innovation drive strategy, the outstanding achievement that increases additive and functional data business further achieves driving profit growth. ”Calum MacLean of apparitor of banquet of Xin spy Ma expresses: “ our buy the strategy to provide diversity more besides market of the business combination that allows a company, terminal and district besides, the business combination that we still expect to be Xin spy Ma is brought brand-new, the growth opportunity with complementary height. Buy business of colophony of Yi Shiman adhesive to helped us achieve this one goal, make we are in lead position on the adhesive market of constant growth, the poor dissimilation product that extended us and can last solution combination. This is we all the time the business of praise highly, the combination that I believe professional work of colophony of adhesive of Xin spy Ma and Yi Shiman will be in bring fundamental value for all interest relative in the near future. ”In obtain superintendency branch to approve and contented and other routine clinchs a deal after the condition (the certain employee that includes to seek advice from relevant judicatory to run area under administration is represented) , this trades predict will 2022 the quarter is finished. This agreement contains bilateral and customary statement, make sure peace treaty decides matter, include to begin adhesive colophony professional work normally according to the convention in the past among them. Till from 2021 best friend of the fourth quarter is finished easily, the asset of adhesive colophony business waits for the hold that be labelled carry out.

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