On April 2, yi Shiman announces, the subsidiary below company and banner already finished the declared before this to sell business of colophony of its glue sticky agent Xin spy Ma trade. Trade this include hydrocarbon kind colophony (include resin of tire of Yi Shiman Impera) , fat of polymer of pure monomer colophony, polyolefin, colophony kind with dispersive body, and grease chemistry and fatty acid base colophony product line. The be subordinate to before this belongs to this business Yi Shiman additive and functional data business board piece. It is reported, trade this total prices is ready money of 1 billion dollar. Negotiable securities holds the position of Magendatong exclusive finance affairs of Yishiman is advisory, numerous the counsel that amounts to office of lawyer international law to hold the position of Yishiman. On November 1, 2021, yi Shiman announced to trade this. The company predicts, to 2022, every accrual after the pen trades to make exchange produces neuter effect.

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15-18 December

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