The 6 methylene that the Xu Huacheng of Japanese transnational corporation of diversity and Genomatica company are based on raw material raw material 2 amine (HMD) built strategic associate to concern (biology radical HMD) . The HMD that Xu Huacheng uses fossil fuel to derive at present produces Leona™ polyamide as a future life of the body intermediate 66 (also call nylon 66) , this is a kind of project that has outstanding hear resistance and tigidity plastic. Polyamide the 66 plastic parts that are used in car and electronic application, and the yarn of safe gasbag fabric. Predict to polyamide the demand of 66 will increase. As forward the way that carbon counteracts develops, people pays close attention to the solution that the greenhouse gas that reduces the chemical product that comes from fossil fuel arranges more and more. Offerred for Xu Huacheng with the strategic alliance of Genomatica obtain biology radical HMD the lien of inchoate crop, in order to evaluate the possibility that its regard polyamide as 66 raw material, the polyamide that makes Xu Huacheng can quicken an experiment to use raw material to derive the system intermediate to build 66. Genomatica company is using biology technology to commercialize the production technology of all sorts of chemical products the respect to having good record. Through the polyamide HMD of this kind of biology radical and oneself photograph of 66 aggregate technologies is united in wedlock, xu Huacheng aims to support its cause, the polyamide that can last what take the lead in pledging use biology the system intermediate is built namely more 66 push to the market, use at the plastic component of car and electronic domain and industrial fiber. In addition, xu Huacheng hopes this is planted of biology technology use will conduce to implementation the goal that its reach to realized carbon to counteract 2050, still can reduce client product at the same time the environmental burden of whole lifecycle. Xu Huacheng will continue hard to be in polyamide the 66 projects besides are plastic in the intermediate system that uses raw material to derive, use actively at the same time reclaim material, can last what aim to become its client partner. The main type of polyamide is polyamide 66 with polyamide 6, they have different chemical structure. Polyamide 66 have outstanding hear resistance and strength, be used extensively at the industrial application such as car and electron. Polyamide 6 be used as dress fiber extensively. The Leona™ polyamide of all sorts of types: The polyamide that makes besides use HMD 66, polyamide 6I and polyamide 612 besides, xu Huacheng still uses the intermediate system from the extraction in castor oil to build polyamide 610. Xu Huacheng provides the data that fits all sorts of requirement, arrive from the plastic mould of car and electronic application safe gasbag yarn and fabric, and tire curtain line.

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15-18 December

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