Recently, xu Huacheng and company limited of Japanese telegraphic phone (NTT) subsidiary NTT DATA builds electronic platform jointly, discharge capacity of gas of greenhouse of high-powered plastic computation mixes each grade that can wait for profile to expect for product of electron of car component, consumption the carbolic footmark of the product (CFP) . This platform already will begin to use in May. Xu Huacheng respect expresses, in the new media plan that will announce on April 11, green transition is to strengthen one of crucial fields that run a base by fixed position. Xu Huacheng is advancing the greenhouse gas that reduces oneself to discharge, counteract in order to realize carbon to reduce greenhouse gas to discharge make contribution. Accordingly, from the point of the angle that reduces greenhouse gas to discharge, xu Huacheng begins from main product, ordinal the carbolic footmark consideration that pushs each product, begin to provide information to partial client. Henceforth, the CFP computation system that Xu Huacheng will consider fine and the characteristic with every product show pattern relative to what answer. Xu Huacheng's target is, through its business is solve socially all sorts of challenges make contribution, realize what carbon counteracts to be able to develop continuously thereby. The greenhouse gas that the computational method of CFP is the whole lifecycle product and service discharges gross union to rise, change this number the equivalent that is carbon dioxide next. CFP computation of Xu Huacheng is to be based on “ to arrive from the cradle of gate ” evaluate, it joined advanced position material is discharged with what carry, of internal production process discharge and discharge relevantly with the sources of energy, be like the electric power that uses in production process.

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15-18 December

New York City