Recently, announcement of net of Xu Huacheng's official says: The “ biology that Xu Huacheng company limited and American Genomatica company are developing at present with respect to Genomatica company base oneself 2 amine (HMD) ” reachs strategic partner to concern. The live thing that Xu Huacheng plans to pass Genomatica base oneself 2 amine (HMD) technology, take the lead in be car and electronic industry to offer those who be based on plant HMD to be provided more but durative nylon 6, 6, realize its enterprise to be able to develop a target continuously quickly. Those who use Genomatica technology to make but the HMD of second birth origin is come from but second birth raw material, for example plant candy, of a lot of data that can improve to be made by it but durative.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The success that is based on Genomatica of company of American biology technology to announce nearly produces the breakthrough of HMD of many plant sex, xu Huacheng plans to apply engineering technology of biology radical HMD to make the material that can last more, use at the product such as product of spare parts of high temperature car, electron or yarn to produce safe gasbag. Xu Huacheng will be preferential obtain inchoate but application of hand-in-hand travel nylon checks the HMD of second birth origin, use Xu Huacheng to develop the rich experience of nylon application respect in the success, will biology radical nylon 6, 6 commercialize.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Genomatica develops complete, compositive craft and production factory design, use biology technology, ferment and but second birth raw material will make the part that uses extensively what have inferior carbon track and material. Xu Huacheng hopes the innovation of Genomatica can help a company come true to achieved the goal that carbon neutralizes 2050. Since Xu Huacheng group of Japan of Xu Huacheng brief introduction established ammonia and cellulose fiber business 1922 oneself, xu Huacheng passes active transition business to combine, ceaseless development expands, in order to satisfy the requirement that every times varies ceaselessly. This company is being had 40, many 000 employee, through its material, household and Medical Protection 3 business section is sectional challenge to offer a solution, make contribution for the society that can develop continuously. Its material branch is comprised by solution of fundamental material, high-powered product, special type and electronic product, include from batteries diaphragmatic and but biology degradation textile arrives the project is plastic and harmonic sound all sorts of products of the solution, at present nylon 66 produce can 76 thousand tons. Genomatica of Genomatica company brief introduction is using biologic a future life to produce the product that uses extensively and material. The material that can last what this company is being developed and expand crucial industry is used more, these material come from plant or trash raw material is not fossil fuel, help brand reachs his to supply catenary to achieve its climate target and diaphaneity goal. Genomatica owns successful land will a variety of but the technology of second birth product expands from originality the good record that commercializes level: Collaboration of plastic leader Novamont offerred Genomatica and live thing last biology base BDO commerce factory, produce per year can be 30, 000 tons, with oil radical photograph is compared, greenhouse gas discharge capacity decreased 50% , use Yukedui extensively shopping bag goes to the product such as fertilizer coffee capsule. Genomatica still produces many and natural Ding Erchun, produce photograph comparing with the tradition, greenhouse gas discharge capacity decreased 51% , it is the market get on tens of planting cosmetic and consumer nurse the active part of the product. The technology of the body before Genomatica makes biology nylon is in the beautiful of TIME was obtained in the invention 2019 approbate.

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