Recently, zhan Xin group and alone the autograph restricts development of hill harbor economy, the plan invests 300 million dollar, in one function is built inside mountain port area alone the research and development with complete, banner international produces base, amount to postpartum annual produce 4 billion yuan. This the autograph makes an appointment with a project to basically include to produce acrylic acid of colophony of coating of colophony of solidify of radiate of colophony of polyurethane of colophony of coating of oxygen of lake be surrounded by mountains and solidify agent, ability in swimming, ability in swimming, phenolic aldehyde, polyester the product such as ester colophony, amino colophony and colophony of radiation solidify special type, the coating that is used extensively at the building, household, Gao Tie, car, electron, printing ink that pack and special purpose. This project is fine promote a heart that always invests 300 million dollar endowment project, investment just is group of new colophony of German crystal clear, plan construction produces per year colophony of 200 thousand tons of high-powered industry. The project plans cent period to carry out, among them first phase project always invests about 180 million dollar, the plan and construction produces per year project of colophony of 100 thousand tons of high-powered industry, annual produce 2.5 billion yuan of above, taxation 200 million yuan of above. Apparitor of crystal clear new place (CEO) MiG Er Mandasi expresses · , regard burgeoning economy as one of body, it is the strategic development key that Zhan Xin pays close attention to all the time in recent years. Crystal clear new group special approbate base of condition of its advantageous situation, traffic, economy and investment climate. This second in alone the project of hill harbor is Zhan Xin the group is in and even a significant investment, to Zhan Xin group future development has milepost sense, will with brand-new design concept, use the digitlization with advanced international, intelligence to turn platform production, the colophony industry that builds intelligence, efficient, green, environmental protection sets an example factory, with social sense of responsibility of height, make positive contribution for progress of local economy society. As we have learned, zhan Xin is banner coating colophony and auxiliary production business, year sale exceeds 2.1 billion euro, for building, industry, anticorrosive provide colophony raw material with the coating of other special purpose and printing ink. Crystal clear new headquarters is located in German Frankfurt, own 33 part production factory and center of 23 technologies research and development. Regard special chemical as the trailblazer of the domain, name of crystal clear news at specializationing, wide field, high quality product, include to apply at metal, plastic coating colophony and colophony of UV/EB solidify coating and the colophony of innovation liquid state with other material appearance and additive, additive, additive and cross-linking agent. The branch is main related Qian Yongbiao of Xu Dong of intermediate of Qi Hailong of secretary of smooth lake municipal Party committee, mayor, deputy mayor and city chief, alone the concerned leader such as Fu Guoquan of developing zone of hill harbor economy, Mu Yunan, zou Yi of vice president of development of business of Miguel Mantas of apparitor of banquet of new colophony of German crystal clear, colophony attend this second autograph to arrange a ceremony.

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