As the rapid development of aerospace industry, increasingly slashing also to the requirement of material, the development of new material of a country and applied level, reflected the national defence of a country and scientific research level greatly, the significant position that because this makes much state,puts the development of new material and application in scientific research job. Black lead Xi is had exceedingly good electricity and thermodynamic wait for function, it is good heat conduction stuff not only, also be material of first-rate of the conductivity below room temperature at the same time, because Xi of this black lead is considered as colophony radical,composite material promotes electric, heat conduction the ideal filling of function. The typical characteristic of epoxy resin is cohere sex strong, because be had in structure of annulus oxygen element,this is of bigger active contain oxygen radical group, very lively, easy rather he base group happening reaction, and have stronger cohere sex, can increase the shear strength of material. Next, the stability of epoxy resin and corrosion resistance are stronger, and epoxy resin not solidify Shi Kerong in the organic dissolvent at much, because this can leave long-term and airtight store in room temperature condition. More important is, the molecular span in system of the epoxy resin after solidify will be more close together, can form stable three-dimensional and reticulate structure, can mix with aleatoric scale with other data, this brought up the treatment performance with good epoxy resin. But, epoxy resin is not high temperature resistant and be able to bear or endure ultraviolet light, and the concussion performance of condensate is poorer. In recent document report, join accept rice material to wait add relative to its modified, among them, black lead Xi increases in epoxy resin, respect of the modified that add pliable but strong has good applied prospect. Accordingly, black lead Xi / epoxy resin composite material caused extensive research and attention.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Black lead Xi adds a quantity to be opposite black lead Xi / the affects black lead Xi accretion of composite material function measures annulus oxygen to having main effect to the function of composite material, also be some closer year of black lead Xi / the important way that epoxy resin composite material studies, graph 1 collect the research achievement of a few models. Fu Yuan-xiang group considers to discover black lead Xi is the biggest add a quantity to be 10.1% when, the thermal conductance of composite material is 4.01 W·m-1·K-1, photograph of purer epoxy resin is compared promoted 22 times, can apply effectively in heat management field. Research discovers to fixed black lead Xi - annulus oxygen system, rice of accept of Xi of not commensurate black lead is added in epoxy resin belt (GNP) not total meeting improves drawing performance significantly, and drawing plasticity and rupture tenacity can produce change along with GNP chroma, because composite material of GNP/ epoxy resin is put in the “ of soft photograph to change area ” in vain, below higher concentration GNP can happen reunite, bring about its to rupture mechanism change. The Kernin 3 roller that cut through height are abrade method, compose builds an epoxy resin network of black lead Xi, the dynamic change process that studied filling of rice of accept of black lead Xi lets time, came true to add a quantity to fall in inferior black lead Xi at the same time (0.5% ) , composite material also can acquire good electrical conductivity and heat conduction property, as contrary as low density, the Xi of change black lead such as Varenik adds a capacity, xi of implementation black lead is measured in taller accretion below (16% ) , the viscosity of composite material can adjust the cost of coefficient of thermal conductivity that requires to place. The Prolongo experiment that measures through be being added to GNP studies, the mechanical intensity that discovers composite material adds the accretion of the quantity along with GNP and increase, in the accretion of 8% the volume falls, emissivity is the biggest increased 210% . Measure besides the accretion that pays close attention to black lead Xi besides, the dug such as Shen the influence of number of plies of black lead Xi to thermal conductance of epoxy resin composite material, innovation sex ground introduces an element kinetic method, imitate computation is built-in the thermal conductance of plane of black lead Xi and interfacial direction, the rice of accept of black lead Xi that discovery should add more than 10 belt, content is 2.8% (bulk mark) when, the thermal conductance of its composite material is 1.5 W·m-1·K-1. The preparation such as Long gives oxide of Xi of functional fossil Chinese ink (FGO) , ask for its chemistry structure with spectral watch, go to the FGO fill of 0.2% in epoxy resin, the tensile strength that gains composite material can amount to 2.76 GPa. Black lead Xi / the aviation application composite material of epoxy resin composite material with its intensity tall, weight is light wait for good performance, applied limits is extended ceaselessly, replace metallic stuff stage by stage on actual application, showed huge application potential in aviation domain especially. Researcher of plane wing deice discovers, xi of Fu black lead is wrapped on plane wing / the coating of epoxy resin composite material but the glacial ala on effective purify wing, the experiment shows in 0 the ambient conditions of 20 ℃ falls, coating still can melt on wing leaf coming back several centimeters of thick ice layers. This method is belonged to in deice system active anti-icing law, can avoid chemistry not only anti-icing the environment that the method produces pollutes a problem, also have more wide suitable scope and latent capacity. Be in anti-icing applied respect of the system, raji through preparation rice of ultrathin accept of black lead Xi takes film, film of Xi of this black lead can realize radio frequency to transmit, although be below temperature low-down condition, also can maintain extremely tall optical diaphaneity, through undertaking adjustment to filmy resistor, if the graph shows an experiment 1 times to prove, the rice of accept of black lead Xi that passes chemistry and supersonic processing takes film to be able to be in deice heats below cold condition, revealed aviation Fu to put tremendous potential of application on the ice. Box of composite material lay aside before box of lay aside of spacecraft low temperature all is made by the metal, however, metallic stuff cannot satisfy a rocket to develop what what need to reduce heavy demand. As the development of composite material technology, especially carbon fiber enhances epoxy resin base composite material (the development of CFRP) , and the progressively application in aerospace project, already made the main development way of light-duty spacecraft without box of lay aside of liner composite material. Be used at making case of composite material lay aside all sorts of advanced shape the assembly that craft can reduce a hardware, shorten thereby production cycle, improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce manufacturing cost finally. Compare box of lay aside of composite material low temperature to be able to reduce the weight of 20%-40% with photograph of box of metallic lay aside, have decrease heavy advantage apparently to be able to reduce emissive cost considerably, improve emissive efficiency. Accordingly, box of lay aside of research composite material is decisive technology, project of box of lay aside of stimulative composite material changes application to have remarkable strategy and economic sense. Epoxy resin is had compare stiffness exceedingly goodly, than intensity and hot property, it is lay aside of composite material low temperature the most extensive base material is used in box. But fall in ultralow temperature environment, because EP is hot coefficient of expansion is far outclass CF, change is heated up when identical temperature expand the amount is different, the systole of the composite material matrix that high temperature condition shapes can be restrained by fibrous, between the plywood of leftover stress layer with larger generation and easy generation thermal stress is centered between carbon fiber and colophony matrix and form micro-crack, micro-crack is patulous the leakage that causes lay aside case. Abroad go up oneself 50 time undertake the century study in great quantities, solved consistence of fluid hydrogen liquid oxygen, low temperature successfully mechanical function, micro-crack, material shapes a series of problems such as craft, and had been thrown use. In April 2020, american ICT company wait for additive through adding black lead Xi to the middle of epoxy resin, solved the problem that micro-crack produces below environment of high pressure of low temperature of lay aside box. The box of lay aside of Cryo Spheres globose low temperature of the diametical 63.5 Mm that its make had passed microtherm loop test, following plan institute are shown, next ICT companies will cooperate with NASA, will relevant data sends international space station to undertake radiation checks, and plan expand diameter of lay aside box 1219.2 Mm. Aerospace detects sensor because the big change that aerospace environment causes by fragment of extreme temperature, vacuum, aerospace and macula activity is formed, so advanced accept rice the development of the coating that composite material is used at aerospace plane structure and aerospace environment atrocious weather and microelectronics system becomes exceedingly significant. Sensor of effect of suddenly Er of black lead Xi has low hot drift, the electric current in the module of electric power electron that applies to aerospace application is monitored in real time, can work below the temperature that is as high as 500K. As temperature elevatory, the change of critical electron property, carry especially stream child chroma and carry stream child the change of mobility, these parameter are the layer of black lead Xi that suffers implementation sensor Di La overcomes bit of Dirac to nod a distinct effect. It is OK to use the door to accuse to optimize sensor of Huo Er of black lead Xi suddenly Er effect measures the tall sensitivity that realizes low temperature coefficient to fall. In addition, the habitat development on other heavenly body gets of a variety of standards restrict, among them one of be dimensional fragment bump destroy. Studied carbolic accept rice is in charge of / oxygen of loop of rice of accept of black lead Xi Jinami of composite material sensor fight fragment of particle of minor planet orbit to pound function. This sensor can detect the loss that concussion of fragment of particle of minor planet orbit causes, sensor of type of capacitance of resolution prep above. Textual link: Https:// origin: Copyright of virtuous market network puts in an author 's charge all. Commerce is reprinted contact an author to obtain authorization please, blame commerce is reprinted ask give chapter and verse for.

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