Is wood stronger than steel? How to encounter fire to do? From where does wood come? Fasten urgent, sidasi seeing dimension plans what to do. Orgnaization of Weisidasi's subordinate venture capital investment is being passed directional issue a stock to strengthen with the collaboration between Modvion of company of lumber science and technology, latter is developing the ligneous tower tube that uses at fan. Weisidasi is achieved cast had round of investment to Modvion in Feburary 2021, the hope carries investment newly established business, launch a challenge to active occupation standard, become quickly can last the lead business of solution of the sources of energy. The ligneous tower canister of Modvion is lighter than traditional tower canister, have modular product structure, this kind of structure facilitates the canister carries a tower to shed the area with larger difficulty to content not only, still can promote hub of impeller of blower height, conduce to reduce energy cost. Climate of canister of “ wood tower 0 bear”To answer climate crisis, we need more but second birth the sources of energy and increase can last timberwork architectural application, the technology of Modvion makes all can be reached this at 2 o'clock. The ligneous mast of Modvion from go up at all the discharge capacity that reduced fan tower canister to make a process. Modular design also makes of tall tower canister build cost to be able to reduce. The carbon dioxide that tree absorbs between growth period still stores in ligneous tower canister, make wind energy can realize implementation climate 0 bear. New investment of Weisidasi will be used at supporting Modvion to enlarge scale of production quickly, from long-term consideration, also hope the product that can use ligneous tower tube Weisidasi is medium, expedite market application thereby. Can last what this action aims to support Weisidasi development target. Weisidasi plans to be before 2030, will whole the carbon of the to produce the electric power of every million watt-hour generation in supplying chain is discharged decrease 45% . “2022 year commercialize”Below identical weight, lamination wood is stronger than steel, and pass modular structure, can make fan taller. The ligneous tower canister that approves commercial scale predicts to go out at was being built 2022. Modvion company had signed statement of 110 meters tall tower canister intent with partners, and 10 not the intent book under canister of 150 meters of towers. In April 2020, modvion and Chaermusili are versed in wind-force of university, Sweden generates electricity technical center together, in Sweden suburb of fort of heart of elder brother of famous haven city is built remove a canister of ligneous fan tower, height is 30 meters tall, use at further research and development. Does # ask quickly to answer quickly   why is wooden tower canister taller than steel tower canister stronger? The unit volume intensity of rolled steel is very high, when unit volume intensity it is main when restricting an element, rolled steel is very good choice of course. But attention! The interior of fan tower canister basically is empty, do not suffer what this nods to restrict so. The lamination veneer lumber in Modvion tower canister (LVL) have higher unit weight intensity and higher unit cost strength. Make timbered advantage great, time can prove. How to encounter fire to meet? Below appropriate environment, lumber can burn very easily. However, wanting a dot to light a tremendous log is very special difficulty, because of —— its density is too big. In huge wooden building, the one side that adjacent on fire chooses often is met only with can foreknowing and the rate that can charge goes gradually anxious. Below high temperature, steel is met molten, maintain structural integrality and character, timberwork is met instead a bit longer. From which does wood come? The wood that Modvion uses at present is this the Na Weiya dragon spruce of can, this kind of lumber is resourceful, second birth grows speed to exceed cutting rate. In addition, all wood that Modvion uses passed a forest to protect attestation. How much is the design life of wooden tower canister? We design mast according to the norms of fan manufacturer, normally life is 25-30 year. Where to go after tower canister retires? These material can be built in the tradition and other sphere reuse, its use time to exceed the second birth cycle of boreal Europe forest far.

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