Set of station of project of Ecuadorian bulrush bridge completes Oriental wind report smoothly hoisting, indicating Oriental fan is formal “ settle ” is Ecuadorian, this is afterwards after landing Europe, Africa, North America, southeast Asia, oriental fan second stand erect at South-American earth.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

This project is Ecuadorian be in at present build big wind cable project, be located in Ecuadorian republic the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces with a ha saves churchyard, group of electric machinery of wind of straight drive of the DEW-D4000-148 that installs report of 14 Oriental wind to be developed independently permanent magnetism, aircrew impeller diameter 148 meters, sheet raises blade length amounts to 72.5 meters, it is current Ecuadorian had transported long goods. During the project is built, group of spot of Oriental wind report and each related side are tight cooperation, hold to epidemic situation to prevent accuse to build two tactics to catch with the project, two tactics hard, neither by accident, overcome a language to communicate an obstacle, develop technical put all one's card on the table deep, make each square work staff skilled master work flow, special tool to use a method to wait, safeguard project builds plan, quality, safety, grab catch hoisting window period, finish stage set hoisting smoothly, for project follow-up aircrew hoisting is debugged laid solid foundation.

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