International environmental protection organizes green peace 6 days to release " but second birth the sources of energy 0 useless future: Wind report, smooth hot season reclaims the industry grows research " (next weighing " report " ) predict, wind cable industry will be greeted 2025 batch large-scale retire wet, retire dimensions will exceed 1.2GW; Volt component will enter light to discard as useless thick and fast 2030 period, predict to be able to reclaim the capacity is as high as 17.8GW. To 2040 wind report retires accumulative total will be achieved make an appointment with 280GW, smooth hot season retires dimensions of package accumulative total will be achieved make an appointment with 250GW. " report " point out, because wind report and component of smooth hot season are in,the sources of energy in producing a course is used up with technological process the carbon dioxide with meeting many generation is discharged, reclaim efficiently the carbon that the industry can reduce package complete lifecycle substantially is discharged, great the carbon that helps strength neutralizes a goal. The fan that is like a 1.5MW by 100% reclaim, can reduce about 600 tons of carbon dioxide to discharge. As reclaim the growth of dimensions, accumulative total reclaimed 2040 dimensions can amount to 280GW, discharge the carbon that can reduce about 113 million tons. If 1 ton discards component of smooth hot season is reclaimed to use, can reduce those who make an appointment with 5.41 tons of carbon dioxide to discharge; If accumulative total reclaimed 2040,the quantity arrives make an appointment with 250GW, can reduce about 108 million tons of carbon to discharge. A debit pattern of green environmental protection is similar can alleviate outfit machine retires subsequently and the environmental pollution that come and resource are wasteful. It is with wind report exemple, to 2040, wind cable industry abandons accumulative total generation 30 million tons steel, reclaim overbalance 90 billion yuan, and 800 thousand tons of useless copper, reclaim value is close 50 billion yuan. In the meantime, the fan lamina that reclaims hard will produce 2.2 million tons of deserted fibre glass, and nearly 1.2 million tons of deserted colophony and glue, if reclaim undeserved will cause zoology environment pollution. Climate of area of green peace East Asia with energy project director Li Jia child expresses, of wind report, smooth hot season reclaim the industry can gift for ex-service component not only new value, in innovation science and technology add hold below, the answers debit law to be able to reduce scene life end in great quantities carbon dioxide of forward position is discharged, environmental pollution and resource are wasteful, avoid these influences to be opposite but of industry of second birth energy turn over bite, help strength but industry of second birth energy can persist ground high speed develops. " report " point out, but second birth energy recovers the industry already had market space dimensions catenary of big, industry abounds target of degree of tall, double carbon to implement power strong this 3 big conditions, because this has tremendous development latent capacity. " report " proposal, policy level should roll out the taxation policy that supports a gender and protection, build and perfect wind report and smooth hot season to reclaim standard, standard and technical requirement, encourage and support reclaims the technology crosses area collaboration and technical communication to wait. Market level should drive executive green to supply chain, stimulative fluctuation swims collaboration explores new business pattern, strengthen cross domain collaboration, drive a technology to produce learn to grind to change and introduce more capital reclaim the market.

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