On September 7, in volume of unit of electric field of wind of Wen Xing 480MW of city of pacify of music of wide nucleus Yunnan and electric field of wind of 180MW of cliff of king of hemp chestnut slope collects a project to be in after adjourning twice eventually open sealed tenders, and accompanying a project to appear together, be again refresh wind report history go up the fan price of low record. According to managing newspaper understanding, participating in 9 when bid overall in business, electric wind report signs up for respectively in two afore-mentioned projects give 1950 yuan / KW mixes 1880 yuan / the historical low of KW, the average quoted price that compares a project parts low 430 yuan / KW, 385 yuan / KW. So far, after onshore wind report grabs half an year of refluent ” of the “ that hold heat, onshore fan price already fell broken every kilowatt closes 2000 yuan greatly, when be being installed than grabbing 4250 yuan / the price of KW already realized ” of “ cutting sb in two at the waist bit higher. Report of domestic some wind is overall Ren Peng Cheng tells industry public figure the reporter, although unit is large,change what can realize fan effectively to fall this, but in the external condition such as current technology and large part cost limitation falls, 2000 yuan / KW already the critical point of profit of industry of press close to. “ under 2000 yuan / the price of KW is not acceptable almost. ”It is under the price competition that grow in intensity, industry appeals this is not to “ falls ceaselessly depreciate simply ” : Although fan falls,be hasten of general trends place originally, but of wind report fall this not simple is overall the fall of equipment price, and should be wind report more the fall of cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS. But Qin Haiyan of secretary-general of committee of major of wind energy of society of second birth the sources of energy emphasizes for many times: The fall of “ cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS, it is to rely on those who invest integrated cost to drop the promotion with electricenergy production efficiency, and generate electricity the promotion investment of efficiency yields than bigger, not be to only equipment depreciates absolutely a road. With sacrificial product quality and client interest, the low of outlook of industry of put an end to and credit should be boycotted. The industry must guard quality standard bottom line. ”Overall manufacturer take turns depreciates   is active no matter passive still, up to now, wind report is overall ” of this “ price war already amounted to manufacturer be involved in of half an year long. 2020 second half of the year, grab outfit tide to enter end gradually as onshore wind report, suffer the fan price that shoots up below strong demand drive to drop in temperature gradually originally, onshore fan price begins fall after a rise. When those, time limit of price of onshore wind n is nearly before, overall the manufacturer already anticipated originally and get ready stride period of interest of in a subtle way. However, 2020 the end of the year, lie originally drop the fan price of interval begins suddenly to glide quickly. And take the lead in “ gun ” depreciates inside start shooting course of study, be achieving in sprint division board the 2nd echelon formation is overall enterprise 31 heavy can. On November 24, 2020, china can on group north leader of project of par large base is binding open sealed tenders of invite public bidding, 31 can be in again mark paragraph (on 600 thousand kilowatt) in bidding, gave out 3101 yuan / the historical low of KW, dig divides the price of equipment of form a complete set such as tower canister and fundamental anchorage bolt, price of fan main engine falls to 2650 yuan of ~ 2700 yuan / KW, when breaking through price war on one round 3000 yuan / KW price bottom line. Fan Yuming of the personage inside senior course of study tells a reporter, “ 31 can grabbing outfit period to seize development opportunity again, cooperated to do not have the development business that has contacted formerly not less, this is grabbing those who install end hind to take sheet to its crucial. And the lamina with the project setting, independent machine of 31 itself and electric machinery productivity also make its were had fall certainly natural force. ”Meanwhile, 31 can take the lead in depreciating again resembling is issued some kind of signal to the industry, it is under the competition of abrupt aggravate, overall the manufacturer chooses to depreciate in succession to defend the market. 2020 the end of the year, a of Shandong the sources of energy pulls invite public bidding of project of cable of wind of 400MW of be apt to, in 10 businesses that share contest prize, have 6 the home is overall the manufacturer bids quote under 3000 yuan / KW, among them, 31 can quote again 2800 yuan / the car in KW, Shandong quotes 2780 yuan / electric quote of KW, Shanghai 2750 yuan / KW. After 2021, the limits of fan equipment price war expands further, depreciate originally the echelon formation with very not clear trend is overall the manufacturer also begins to join ” of “ battle royal. In April 2021, report joins the state dozenth 2021 approve concentration open sealed tenders of invite public bidding, advanced 6 mark paragraph in bidding, fan main engine is average the price already fell reach 2588.21 yuan / KW, at the same time each mark paragraph occurrence echelon formation begins in list of low quoted price overall manufacturer, among them golden wind science and technology is in mark paragraph 3, mark paragraph 5 explode a low. In May 2021, in China can the 4th batch of collect pick an item in, ming Yangzhi can be in, the 2nd mark paragraph sign up for respectively give 2847 yuan / KW (the canister that contain a tower) mix 2699.5 yuan / KW (the canister that contain a tower) low. August, in big the Tang Dynasty the action of project of cable of 1.98GW Yunnan wind bids in, intelligence of bright this world with 2252 yuan / the low of KW wins the bid. Home some is overall Yang Ming of industry public figure tells a reporter, be in in entire industry when depreciating, do not fall to be meant do not have the market. “ passivity depreciates is have to choice. ”The staff member tells business of development of some wind report the reporter, although “ considers from fan dependability respect, not apt low wins the bid, but face compare the type with other company a lot of lower quoted price apparently, add up to compasses sex level to think from state-owend enterprise invite public bidding, we also must choose low model. ”Letter negotiable securities studies the report shows in, up to by July 2021, report of domestic onshore wind wins the bid portion promotes quickly, and formation of echelon formation of industry just a little gradually break up. Compare 2020 contemporaneity, the 2nd echelon formation is overall the company wins the bid portion promotion is apparent, among them 31 heavy can market share comes by 11% promotion 14% ; In car individual plant continent place comes by 4% promotion 14% ; Carry amounts to share to come by 9% promotion 15% . Blazing depreciates wet   is notable is, although home is onshore fan price is ceaseless sound foundation, but in fact, fan depreciates be not a trend. Contrary, wu Demai agrees to this to be forecasted in the report, suffer heavy goods price and content to flow cost rises and pneumonic epidemic situation affects new coronal, prospective 12~18 month, fan price predicts to will rise be as high as 10% . Retrorse to domestic blazing price is fluctuant, li Cai of the personage inside course of study thinks, this is not fathomless, because of equipment the inevitable requirement that falling is times of price of onshore wind n originally. Basis " the announcement about policy of online electrovalency of perfect wind report " , to was being reached on January 1, 2021 later the project of onshore wind cable of new approve, no longer allowance. This is meant, rose 2021, the par times that of no help of make one's bow sticks the onshore wind report of our country. Li Cai tells a reporter, “ is windward to land electric project, its electrovalency look is closer than taking allowance project to drop half, the unit kilowatt cost of this time equipment does not drop to cannot let a project have investment value. ”The reporter understands, in the initiative investment of wind cable project, the proportion that fan holds a project to invest is adjacent 50% . Accordingly, wind report is overall it is to fall this core. And fan is large changing is catenary of wind cable industry fall this efficient way, through fan large change, reduce the dosage of raw material of power of the unit in production process not only, aid from time to tome together be built at promoting form a complete set of wind electric field and of carry dimension cost drop. Letter negotiable securities passes discovery of industry survey statistic in, since 2021, home faces par project of onshore wind cable is new power of electric mainstream fan stand-alone already had crossed 3~4MW platform, jump directly litre to 4~6MW. In the meantime, of new open sealed tenders in volume of unit of electric field of wind of Wen Xing 480MW of city of pacify of music of wide nucleus Yunnan and electric field of wind of 180MW of cliff of king of hemp chestnut slope collects a project to also show, in sharing 23 model that bid, stand-alone power is little for 3.6MW, achieve 6.7MW greatly, and long lamina trend is clear, impeller diameter is small for 165m, amount to 191m greatly. Golden company is forecasted in, fan of prospective 4.0MW, 5.0MW, 6.0MW changes the hopeful after production to be in 2660 yuan respectively in dimensions / KW, 2330 yuan / KW and 2100 yuan / 15% gross profit come true to lead below the price of invite public bidding of KW. If consider again large component is changed in after this batch produce the excessive price rate after can putting in to drop, fan produces cost to still can be reduced further. On the other hand, ren Peng Cheng thinks, although at present carbon counteracts target and schedule to decide already, determinism of transition of the sources of energy is extremely tall, and demand of machine of outfit of downstream new energy resources did not decrease, but the main factor that at present supply and demand still is influence fan price. Data of negotiable securities statistic is believed in the basis, 2021 first half of the year, dimensions of domestic fan invite public bidding is 30GW about, be in historical perch, dimensions of predicting annual invite public bidding will achieve 50GW left and right sides. In the meantime, be based on what progress of technology of fan of onshore wind report brings to fall this latent capacity, in golden company “ report of 945 ” wind adds outfit machine newly to forecast on tone comes year all 55GW above. “ photograph compares outfit machine demand, whole mechanism of home builds an industry to produce still can exist superfluous. Cheng of ” Ren Peng tells a reporter, “ is current, home 5 overall the yield of the manufacturer can be satisfied with respect to enough annual 60GW demand, because visit course of study still needs,continue to fall into disuse, integrated. ”As we have learned, in wind report overall the industry grows initial stage, participator is numerous. Domestic wind report is overall 2009 the industry surpasses 70 industries, the course develops for years, center spent ceaseless promotion as the industry, home is overall the business is compact already reach more than 20. The integrated likelihood of “ industry still can last for a long time, during this, overall the manufacturer is ceaseless the labour pains that the price war of sound foundation also is industrial conformity period, it is the display that avoids hard. Cheng of ” Ren Peng expresses.   of vigilant estate venture besides, the principle that habit of invite public bidding of domestic wind report wins the bid with low also is the industry erupts for many times one of reasons of price war. After all, in par times, to development business, what project yield hard to avoid becomes his to select fan firm is important think. However, afore-mentioned overall Yang Ming of industry public figure expresses to the reporter, fan falls is hasten of general trends place really originally, but of wind report falling should not be originally simple overall equipment price fall, should be wind report more the fall of cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS. In par phase, the cost of the electricenergy production of complete lifecycle, construction, carry dimension cost element with be closely bound up of cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS just is to be placed before development business pressing issue. “ was in in the past times of tall electrovalency, high subsidy, development business pays close attention to cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS rarely. Because better investment gain rate can mask dependability of partial project fan level of inadequacy of poor, generating capacity, technology is not high, the accrual risk that on the high side of carry dimension cost creates. But in par times, the operation mode of small profit must build the high reliability in aircrew. ” Yang Ming expresses. Golden company studies in the newspaper shows, move in the complete lifecycle of wind cable project in, fan decided the return rate level of the project greatly, dimension of the moving expression of the research and development of fan, design and complete lifecycle, carry is to promote wind cable high quality the development, core that reduces cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS. Be based on this, play detective ceaselessly in fan price, the phase that industry price war grows in intensity, inside course of study more than appeal is overall enterprise: Fall to must be originally over the bottom line foundation that defends quality level. But those who be worth to be carried is, in fan large below the tide that turn, what compete to the type between the enterprise inside course of study is anxious compete at the price very gradually, many person misgive, of home onshore the rash advance risk that big sign covers with tiles whether fan is put on the technology. The reporter notices, bid in device of new wind cable project in, of 5MW above bid type is commonner and commonner. But actually, current, home has 5MW type and the enterprise of net experience or only movement amount to share and east electric. “ home is onshore now the brunt type of fan is 3.5MW and 4.5MW fan, after 5MW and 6MW want to be in for brunt 3 years. ”Ren Peng Cheng tells a reporter, “ the onshore fan of domestic 6MW above lies mostly now prototype phase. ”However, from the point of file of invite public bidding, the delivery time that the market leaves big sign made of baked clay onshore fan resents 3 years mostly however. Among them, in electric field of wind of Wen Xing 480MW of city of pacify of music of wide nucleus Yunnan and aircrew of electric field of wind of 180MW of cliff of king of hemp chestnut slope are clear in information of invite public bidding, the time of fan consign is respectively on October 30, 2021 ~2022 year reached on March 31 in October 2021 ~2022 year in April. To this, yang Ming expresses, right now the enterprise should strictly observe the bottom line of fan quality and dependability more, overall the technical investment with manufacturer long-term need and technology are accumulated, through be opposite overall and component, ceaseless closed circuit experiments and check test and verify, in fall this while, ensure the dependability of fan. Note: Cheng of the Ren Peng in article, Fan Yuming, Li Cai, Yang Ming all is alias

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