On August 25, oriental wind report develops form of electric machinery of G5500-183 double make a present of wind independently and the net is successful, for “ par online ” and report of dispersive type wind offer another good program.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

This set set basically is aimed at development of area of low wind speed, stand-alone capacity enclothes 4.65 million to cover with tiles / 5 million are made of baked clay / 5.5 million are made of baked clay, rice of impeller diameter 172/183/195, according to wind shear custom-built tower canister, increase electricenergy production of region of low wind speed effectively. Aircrew is based on standardization to design train of thought, use general control platform to realize a product to upgrade quickly optimize, use ultimate operating mode to fall carry control strategy, lopsided load to control algorithm, ensure aircrew dependability, at the same time mature component versatility, interchangeability, reduce carry dimension cost effectively, shorten yield periodic, guarantee aircrew delivery. Group of G5500-183 wind electric machinery and the net is successful, sufficient test and verify its are tall stability, dependability and adaptability of exceedingly good electrified wire netting.

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15-18 December

New York City