A few days ago, times new material announces, the lamina of report of long EN156 polyurethane wind with joint development of distant view energy be about to small lot production. This lamina begins to produce trial-produce at the beginning of March 2021. Celiac board, crossbeam, housing all uses new-style polyurethane resin, compare with photograph of traditional epoxy resin, polyurethane colophony has more superior mechanical performance and fatigue resistance can, perfusion and solidify rate are rapid, processability can be good, organic matter is volatile low, the price is relatively favourable. 2021 epoxy resin rises in price and wind cable entire industry falls below the setting of this synergism, the cost advantage of polyurethane also gets revealing.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Outside dividing EN156, polyurethane has been in other the application on 4 blade profile. Be in early 2018, times new material is in home second use polyurethane colophony to undertake blade production is made. System of times new material studied colophony of polyurethane of large component part guides craft, solved polyurethane colophony sensitive to humidity, reaction fast, working life is brief wait for a problem; Creativity was developed muti_function multitask foreword unifinication is online vacuum perfusion equipment, form “ to be mixed namely note photograph of ” type fluid to shape namely technology, realized force of perfusion process middling pressure, temperature, discharge to wait for automata of critical process parameter, raised perfusion to shape efficiency and product quality; Waiting for what fibre glass reduces below stiffness premise to suck glue to measure, farther implementation lamina is light quantify. Lamina of report of wind of system of colophony of new-style high-powered polyurethane already passed the 2.X million made of baked clay form that by the times new material developed independently 2018 3 years to hang machine assessment, blade riding quality is good.

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