Wind cable industry enters par times not to arrive one year between half, recently, appeared the phenomenon of ” of a series of “ great leap forward, or will make wind cable industry enter low period directly. On April 6, golden hill sea is windward project of electric field first phase is emulative configuration, involve company of owner of 16 wind phone to join meeting, grow Jiang Sanxia certainly eventually limited company of energy of environmental protection of green of group limited company, Shanghai, medium combine of limited company of energy of wind of be in harmony is sea oil project owner, project online electrovalency is 0.302 yuan / KWh, under 0.4155 yuan / the Shanghai coal report of KWh is standard online electrovalency. On April 8, xinjiang municipality develops innovation appoint print and distribute " the plan that perfects mechanism of price of my area new energy resources " . " plan " clear, had used generate electricity with sufficient new energy resources online electrovalency policy, bring into the electricenergy production of project of par of new energy resources of the put into production since 2021 power market entirely, target online electrovalency 0.262 yuan / KWh. Online electrovalency is the target of new energy resources such as report of file general wind surely 0.262 yuan / KWh, with Xinjiang 0.25 yuan / KWh coal report is standard online electrovalency keeps balance basically.

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Arrive from project of cable of chartered right wind the project of wind n price nowadays, development of wind cable industry already had 30 one's remaining years, during, wind report electrovalency roughly all previous classics 4 phase. Phase of surveyor's pole electrovalency. On July 20, 2009, development is reformed appoint release " get online about perfecting wind-force to generate electricity the announcement of electrovalency policy " (hair change price 〔 2009 〕 1906) , according to state of wind energy resource and project condition, it is cent division of 4 kinds of resources, and check and ratify corresponding surveyor's pole gets online electrovalency. Set at the same time, online electrovalency of wind cable project includes electrovalency of desulphurization surveyor's pole and green report allowance two parts; Online electrovalency gets online in surveyor's pole of aircrew of coal fired of local to decoke the part of electrovalency less than, by burden of local provincial electrified wire netting, online electrovalency is adjusted and adjust along with surveyor's pole of aircrew of desulphurization coal fired; Tower above part is passed collect but additional share solves electrovalency of second birth the sources of energy. 2014-2016 year during, industry of cable of wind of director branch basis develops a case, to the surveyor's pole of onshore wind report online electrovalency undertook depreciating accordingly adjustment. Encourage the trade that defines project of onshore wind cable through the competitive means such as invite public bidding to advocate peace online electrovalency; Set at the same time, the surveyor's pole of local wind report that does not get prep above provision through the online electrovalency that competitive means forms gets online electrovalency level. Contest price level. 2018, according to print and distribute of bureau of the sources of energy " the announcement that runs concerned requirement about construction of telegram of 2018 year wind " (the country can be sent new can 2018 〕 of 〔 47) requirement, since 2019, windward cable project and project of maritime wind cable should pass the land of collect Chinese style that adds approve newly to competitive means is configured and decide online electrovalency entirely. With competitive means project of configuration wind cable and contest price get online make new trend of wind cable industry. Point to electric price level. On May 21, 2019, development is reformed appoint release " the announcement about policy of online electrovalency of perfect wind report " (hair change 2019 〕 of price 〔 882) put forward, price of guidance of instead of online electrovalency of surveyor's pole of project of collect Chinese style, new approve online electrovalency decides through competitive means, do not get prep above project to be in price of resources division guidance; To distributed project, participate in commercialize those who trade by generate electricity enterprise and power user talk things over directly form online electrovalency, do not enjoy subsidy; Do not participate in commercialize trade, executive project is in price of resources division guidance. Price of wind report guidance gets online under surveyor's pole of aircrew of local coal fired electrovalency (contain desulphurization, take off saltpetre, remove dust electrovalency, similarly hereinafter) , with surveyor's pole of coal fired aircrew online electrovalency serves as directive price; Rose on January 1, 2021, the project of onshore wind cable of new approve realizes par to get online in the round, no longer allowance. Level of wind n price. Times of price of onshore wind n at the open end January 1, 2021, times of price of maritime wind n on January 1, 2022 open, maritime wind report is given aid to by arrangement of each place proper motion allowance policy, end 22 years on April 12, already Guangdong, Shandong publishs allowance policy, zhejiang will publish relevant policy clearly also. Evolve from afore-mentioned electrovalency history in light of, change of electrovalency of industry of cable of our country wind is relatively smooth, each paragraphs have 2 to transfer to a 3 years period, the author thinks, industry of cable of our country wind is getting used to par, low of ” of rushed “ leap forward may bring about aggravate of contradiction of wind cable industry, go against industry development, wind report low electrovalency needs adjust measures to local conditions, discuss because of the project. Inside limits, in sea wind, land wind, Guang Fuzhong, the LCOE of onshore wind report is low, had achieved 0.25 yuan / KWh, below certain condition, the project can have accomplished 0.1 yuan related report of domestic onshore wind / KWh left and right sides. According to international but arrange of second birth the sources of energy (IRENA) those who announce is smooth convert data of cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS definitely, maritime wind report, onshore wind report, smooth hot season is in 2010-2020 year dropped respectively 48% , 56% , 85% , up to 2020, the cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS of maritime wind report, onshore wind report, smooth hot season is in 0.54 yuan about / KWh, 0.25 yuan / KWh, 0.37 yuan / KWh. A development company public figure expresses to the author, wind report low needs to have enough requirement. , wind resource wants very rich, ensure fan uses hour of number enough tall, the 2nd, project construction cost is enough low, the cost such as dimension of price of project construction, equipment, follow-up carry, financing rises integratedly reach low level, the 3rd, ensure the equipment such as fan is reliable, later period won't appear big trouble or accident. Par had be notted reach completely, 10 thousand cannot make an item with low electrovalency. This development business thinks, wait in fan equipment drop the so large stage of extent, a lot of areas of domestic as before requirement of short of par, project of cable of development low wind more level of short of earnings.

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