Article section chooses agree to this from Wu Demai Chinese Wind Turbine Order Ranking Analysis of new research report: H1 2021 " wind report is overall rank of business fan order, data statistic reached an analysis first half of the year 2021 " . Quilt of report core content is as follows. Fan order innovation is tall, the price goes low     2021 first half of the year, fan order achieves the history new tall, achieve 25GW, grow more than one compared to the same period times. Report of before 5 gale is overall the 70% above that the order total of business occupies domestic gross. According to rank of fan order total capacity, the car is mixed in 31 can overtake carry amounts to wind report and Shanghai again electric, before second ascend body 5. The west is overall the fan price strategy of business suffers a defeat, the price brings about his higher to fail to sign any order. Average fan price falls compared to the same period 17% . The order that issues publicly already is main by bid the price is low overall businessman wins the bid. Project of base of phone of GW class wind is heated up greatly, overall business with the quote contest mark under the market, pull consequently low of fan win the bid on average the price.

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, 2 echelon formation are overall echelon formation of   of aggravate of business market competition is overall business owes beautiful in quarterly performance, but its the integral market share first half of the year still keeps banner. Golden wind science and technology falls in low strategy of the competitor, expression is goodish. Distant view science and technology depends on wind electric machinery group and store can the double technology reserve of equipment, won the bid 13 but project of base of second birth the sources of energy. Ming Yangzhi can be the echelon formation that takes the lead in joining fan price war overall business, send an advantage to win a large number of order for its first. Low advantage makes the 2nd echelon formation overall the main reason of share of market of business race to control. 2021 first half of the year, in car and 31 can depend on again under report of echelon formation wind overall the quote of business, obtain autograph 3.1GW and 2.8GW fan order respectively, the historical order that achieves each respectively is new tall.   of two welcome onshore type presses the order that catch a lot to rank, EN-171/5.0 of distant view science and technology and EN-156/3.3 two type are two welcome first half of the year 2021 type, order achieves 1.9GW, 1.7GW respectively.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
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