Industry of cable of ahull of double carbon setting persists Gao Jing is angry, wind report data upgrades transition quickens double carbon setting to fall but development of second birth energy enters drive, wind report is our country be next to coal report and water and electricity the 3rd generate electricity greatly origin, also be development is rapid but one of second birth the sources of energy. Up to by 2021, wind report installs machine dimensions 328GW, hold proportion for 39.2% , add 47.57GW newly 2021 among them. Basis " 945 ” but second birth the sources of energy develops a program " , to 2025, but electricenergy production of second birth energy reachs 3.3 trillion kilowatt hour, wind electricity electricenergy production relatively implementation turned over times 2020, 5 years compound add fast achieve 15% . As the bitter fleabane of industry of cable of our country wind suddenly develops, the chemical product that wants for place of wind cable industry brought giant vacuum. We combed catenary of wind cable industry relevant chemical industry is tasted, include enhance the colophony of material, matrix, material that place core, complementary material to wait a moment. We think, these chemical industry are tasted will be benefited adequately wind cable industry grows, especially the lamina that maritime wind report brings is large change quantify demand and fast iteration trend trend, gently to fall, hopeful realizes the Qi Sheng that estimate value. Calculate through us, total dimensions of market of wind report data will exceed 140 billion yuan 2025, relatively turned over times 2021. Blade: Large change, light quantify, iteration accelerates a trend remarkable lamina is the component with the high cost in fan, those who hold fan cost 20% even above. In blade, matrix colophony is occupied than about 36% , enhance material to occupy than about 28% , core material is occupied than about 12% . Overall for, blade forms 3 trends: Large change, light quantify and iteration is quickened. Enter par online period as wind report, price of fan invite public bidding is reduced, fall the stand-alone capacity that this efficient way is group of electric machinery of ceaseless enlarge gale. The square of the electric energy that produces as a result of group of wind electric machinery and blade length becomes direct ratio, blade is large change make inevitable trend. Length increases subsequently and those who come is self-prossessed increase, bring cost push rise and affect headroom, because this lamina material is light,quantify iteration to also become the law that the industry grows. At the same time blade iteration cycle is being accelerated significantly, quickening to the demand of the mould from the research and development of material. From the angle of blade industry, heavy asset and the characteristic that spend high centrally downstream cause a trade new enter difficulty, whole presents overmatch constant strong state. Enhance material: Fine of high standard Bo and carbon fiber share wind report to grow lamina of bonus wind report to basically be formed include colophony matrix, increase material and stick receive material of agent, core to wait, enhance material to basically have fibre glass and carbon fiber among them two kinds. Bo fine at the same time because of its superior performance economy of give attention to two or morethings makes material of lamina of current and large wind- driven dynamo choose. Fine of high standard Bo is new-style at the same time of date appear the development latent capacity that increased its future, the function such as quantity of model of drawing of fine of high standard Bo can compare humeral carbon fiber, hold the cost advantage of Bo fine concurrently at the same time, important role will still be acted in process of promotion of wind report permeability. Of course, after blade exceeds certain measure, the advantage of carbon fiber will be shown more, especially the domain of maritime wind report of bigger to pursueing perfection lamina, carbon fiber is in than fibre glass material dosage, labour force, carry and install cost respect to have reduce significantly. Additional, produce as carbon fiber can of crop release ceaselessly, carbon fiber cost will be very fast can large-scale match to be able to bear downstream limits. Overall we think, carbon fiber and fine of high standard Bo can share wind report domain to increase extra dividend. Matrix colophony: Price of epoxy resin tall sex flows than giving priority to, polyurethane machinery performance is superior will serve as complement, biology radical nylon 56 because of good but second birth and can reclaim the new-style material that the gender is rich foreground. In the composite material that basically is used at producing wind report blade at present, matrix colophony is used at offerring tenacity and wear. Because epoxy resin is good mechanical function, be able to bear or endure chemistry is caustic with dimension stability it is to be common matrix colophony. Stem from pair of mechanical function and the taller pursuit that manufacture efficiency, industrial group also is considering to develop new-style colophony system continuously, have have nylon of polyurethane colophony, biology radical representatively 56, nylon 66 etc. Compare with photograph of traditional material epoxy resin, polyurethane colophony has more superior mechanical performance and fatigue resistance can, solidify is faster, manufacturing efficiency is taller, processability can be good, be in especially epoxy resin rises in price this year and wind cable entire industry falls below the setting of this synergism, the cost advantage of polyurethane also is able to highlight. Nylon 66 have property of exceedingly good treatment, biology radical nylon 56 raw material still is had on the foundation here but second birth, product can reclaim, the advantage that cost can compete. We think epoxy resin is long-term will be the matrix colophony material of the mainstream, polyurethane colophony will become the complement of epoxy resin system in future. At the same time nylon 66 and biology radical nylon the 56 new-style material that will make richer prospect. Core material: PET material replaces light wood and PVC to accelerate core material to be located in interior of composite material of the construction that place core character, maintain the stability, effect that reduces weight to enhance stiffness at the same time to arriving since equipment, its cost takes blade total cost of material 20% the left and right sides. As a result of the tradition light wood grows a requirement relatively slashing, supply not stable, and cost on the high side, structural bubble has latent capacity more. Already used PVC core material and light wood to undertake assorted to use currently. Because PET bubble has the characteristic with intensity light high quality likewise, and bubble of PVC of integral performance excel, hear resistance is good at PVC, have plasticity strong, treatment the advantage with inferior cost of convenient, production, reclaim easily at the same time, in recent years PET bubble replaces PVC bubble to form a trend. Other data: Attention structure is finer the data of fractionize wind report that reachs an entrance to replace besides, electric chemically tastes wind to still include painting of adhesive of solidify agent, structure, 2 methylic sulphoxide, colophony, cast expect with grouting of colophony, fan etc. Solidify agent: Epoxy resin becomes material of hot solid sex in cross-linking of the ability below the action of solidify agent, because this solidify agent is in,wind report domain is used in matrix colophony system and rubber of annulus oxygen construction. Because epoxy resin is the matrix colophony of the mainstream, use the amine solidify agent of system of relatively comfortable oxygen matching annulus normally, get together among them ether amine is become via examining between outdated satisfy exclusively large generate electricity the agent of annulus oxygen solidify that blade creates a demand has certain technology camp, pattern of metaphase supply and demand is more exceedingly good. Agent of acid anhydride solidify is belonged to heat solidify agent, more apply to crossbeam to pull crowded shape craft. Methylic demand of anhydride of 4 hydrogen benzene predicts will as pull crowded plank to permeability promotes and increase quickly. Structural adhesive: Adhesive is used at blade to assemble felt, matter to the stiffness of blade and intensity, need can bear for a long time action of stress, environment. Epoxy resin adhesive applies to most material stick receive, intensity is high, be able to bear or endure function of Wen Jie report is good, anti-corrosive be able to bear or endure ageing, long-term since the blade structure that is the mainstream sticks glue agent, short-term without replace data. Blade uses stability of structure of structural adhesive market, kang Daxin material occupies the 6 market territories that become above, overseas market still has ascendant space. 2 methylic sulphoxide: 2 methylic sulphoxide (DMSO) it is the main dissolvent in process of filature of carbon fiber former silk, having extremely crucial effect to former silk function. Former silk uses up carbon fiber of every tons of PAN 0.5~1 ton DMSO, predict 10 thousand tons to carbon fiber used up DMSO1.7~3.3 2021. Difficulty of DMSO birth control is greater, new increase production can suffer be restricted, competitive pattern is at present exceedingly good, nearly two years large-scale enlarge produces carbon fiber will drive demand to grow quickly, bibcock promotes hair group to will be benefited adequately. Colophony coating: Polyurethane coating is main wind report defends coating, organic fluorine silicon and epoxy resin serve as complement. At present report of our country wind is imported basically with coating brand forestall, earnestly needs homebred change replace, at present the product of coating of wind report lamina of position of stock of domestic company flying deer passes German GL attestation, hao China science and technology also has product of coating of relevant wind report. Cast with colophony: Cast of wind phone equipment basically includes part of hub, base, fixed axis (contain stator main shaft to wait) , gear case component (contain planet carrier, casing to wait) etc. At present application of wind report domain uses colophony to be furan colophony to be cast extensively. Structure of furan colophony market is stabler, holy spring group reachs the share that start line of business is domestic bibcock. Furan colophony, furfural of upriver raw material is occupied than 80% , in recent years supply and demand is improved somewhat. Fan grouting expects: Makings of form a vesicle is the makings of modified cement base material that replaces concrete to do consolidate of bottom of canister of sea wind tower. Tower canister diameter of taller, lamina is bigger, taller to the carrying capacity requirement of tower canister and foundation, expect to form a vesicle the requirement is more slashing. Makings of grouting of maritime wind report is main by overseas business occupational market, domestic company Su Bo has powerful technology to lay in especially, permeability promotes gradually.

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