On August 30, in growing lamina of report of 123 meters of wind to be in answer get offline even numerous success! This is medium answer even numerous do not be in inside time the 4th length that get offline exceeds 100 meters lamina! Regard home as manufacturer of banner wind report lamina, in answer even numerous be aimed at all the time in recent years exceed large lamina to shift to an earlier date equipment of layout new material, new technology, new technology, new clothes, offer systematic solution actively for the client. From 102 meters, go to 110 meters, 112 meters, go to 123 meters again, in answer even numerous become exceed 100 meters of lamina to serve a client at present the blade manufacturer with production much, much model! 123 meters of lamina that get offline this, will comfortable match team of electric machinery of 16MW maritime wind, only station set year electricenergy production exceeds 50 million kilowatt hour, ” of double carbon of efficient contribution “ while dot of many also and economic seat number and maritime space take up.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Length 123 meters, sheet raises quality to exceed 50 tons, foliaceous root diameter exceeds 5 meters, exterior accumulating breaks through 1000 square metre. These super parameter give a design, make, carry brought enormous challenge. Group of research and development undertakes emulation forecasting undertaking propping up optimizing again through be out of shape to Xie Gen, be in to assure Xie Gen low be out of shape the treatment below the condition found program. Production group imitate produces link contrary to reason or one's expectation each, make relevant component and lamina straightway; Use the perfusion technology that accumulates for years, came true to exceed the large area, perfect perfusion that exceeds large part. Sale group is harmonious solve road to carry a problem, so that blade can be successful,carry amounts to haven. Of course, the difficulty that design of lamina of 100 meters of class, production faces and challenge are far more than these, this each participation that look created even everybody “” for oneself and proud!

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

2022 is our country fulfils “ the key of 945 ” program and target of carbolic Da Feng one year. In answer even numerous will adamantine complete, accurate, comprehensive implement new development concept, consciousness of main body of innovation of ceaseless aggrandizement enterprise, accelerate advance construction of platform of innovation of science and technology, the actual strength of technology of ceaseless promotion business, ability that be answered quickly and serves a client, promote development of company high quality continuously, the 20 big victories that welcome a party with real operation are held.

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