On December 29, china can sea of river of group Dalian village is windward the fan on the one Taiwan Strait after electric project is successful and net, indicating capacity of our country northward monomer is big, latitudinal total capacity of high project of maritime wind cable and the net generates electricity, created provincial the ” of capacity of “ of project of new energy resources of one-time put into production. Project field location is located in island of city of village river a unit of dry measure for grain east side widens maritime space, include Ⅱ wind field, Ⅳ 1 wind field two parts, program area 115.2 square kilometer, average depth of water 30 meters, total installed capacity 650 million are made of baked clay, add up to install tile of tile of 60 5 million, 26 7.5 million and tile of 25 6.2 million wind- driven generation set. This project regards bureau of the sources of energy as the major project of give an official, grass of ocean of development of new to solving energy resources and contradiction of protection of onshore Lin Cao, construction, but second birth the sources of energy is used reach marine aquiculture to wait, have very important sense. It is reported, since project start working, face the multiple challenge such as insecurity of shortage of boat engine resource, time limit for a project, project bear build an unit to optimize construction working procedure ceaselessly, bold use the condole since blade to install new technology, overcome atmosphere of hydrology of wind field maritime space and geological condition the adverse element such as low temperature of winter of frequency hair, high latitudinal area affects storm tide of complex, temperate zone, production of get through equipment, supply, install each link, realize ” of exercise of automation line of maritime construction “ , promote fan hoisting efficiency considerably, with installation of 46 hours time refresh home is the same as level the fast record that maritime fan only station installs; In project construction, dimensions changes conduit of bucket of attraction of applied negative pressure to wear fan foundation, initiated beginning of maritime wind report; The project uses big diameter of millimeter of square of odd root 3×1000 220 kilovolt high pressure is submarine cable, modular installation of type of design, fission is station of maritime step up, large the achievement of innovation of more than 10 science and technology such as fan of million made of baked clay low speed, for electric field of tall latitudinal and maritime wind construction offers high grade solution. Project total capacity and after the net generates electricity, predict year of online n to be able to amount to 1.73 billion kilowatt hour, can satisfy 1.442 million families year the demand that use phone, the photograph is more coequal the coal fired power plant of dimensions, annual but managing mark coal 540 thousand tons, reduce carbon dioxide to discharge 1.12 million tons, grab city of the river that it is a village catch “ carbon to amount to peak, carbon to counteract ” strategy good luck, solid do infuse of good industry structural adjustment powerful motive force.

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15-18 December

New York City