One of big challenges that automobile industry faces are how the peculiar smell of purify car interior. Reducing aldehyde kind below the crucial requirement that material discharges, win achieve developed new the 2nd acting aldehyde kind cleared agent ORTEGOL®LA 3. This additive is used technically at reducing the formaldehyde in car moulding bubble and aldehyde content, the help reduces " of odour of " new car. Consumer is taller and taller to the requirement of neuter odour inside the car, this makes resemble winning the high-powered cleared agent that achieves such additive recipe business to take discovery seriously to take the place of more and more, make car OEM manufacturer can reduce VOC and FOG level. The effort that this industry drops aldehyde content ceaselessly still must machine function and polyurethane with what keep good (PU) of bubble product eventually quality photograph balance. Win to achieved new-style and kosher agent reacts through happening with aldehyde and produce effect- - this ensured to be machined easily below the situation that affecting polyurethane application quality. Relevant personnel says: “ asks as Asian consumer comb-out ‘ is new the powerful pressure of car odour ’ , reduce the odour inside railroad car to already made field of our a crucial focal point. We have ” wide-ranging additive combination, include small taste and activator of low VOC surface, and our new NE (Negligible Emission) series activator and aldehyde are cleared agent, be like ORTEGOL®LA 3, the client with helping us is contented and current stricter discharge a requirement. "Proposal and DABCO®NE 300 and DABCO®NE 1550 or DABCO®NE 1600 is used together, ORTEGOL®The unique part of LA 3 depends on, it can keep clear of a few kinds of different aldehyde. To support these new low VOC is mixed low arrange a solution, win achieve the smell that built oneself in Shanghai to test a group, with going to the lavatory its undertake during new product is developed in-house odour checks, support the client of this area better.

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