A of domestic double phenol and epoxy resin market fall again, the solidify agent that form a complete set uses if ethylene amine, get together the price of the solidify agent product such as ether amine, phenolic aldehyde amine also shows industry of dropping epoxy resin of situation …… home when catenary drops considerably, look forward to of a few day receives cloth of a running fire to rise in price however case! On June 24, DIC company limited is released rise in price the announcement says, since July 7, move on company epoxy resin and price of agent of epoxy resin solidify, move among them go upEpoxy resin includes double phenolic A model, double phenolic F, phenolic aldehyde and flame retardant model etc muchType, specific go up as follows:

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

With day, chemistry of 3 water chestnut accuses a group to announce, the price that moves epoxy resin and agent of annulus oxygen solidify goes up since July 1 oneself. End product and go up as follows:

  • ? Double phenolic A/F epoxy resin goes up 68 yen / Kg(makes an appointment with 3366 yuan / ton) above;
  • ? Other and special epoxy resin goes up 23-210 yen / Kg(1139-10395 yuan / ton) above;
  • ? Agent of epoxy resin solidify is 38-600 yen / Kg(makes an appointment with 1881-29700) above;
  • In addition, company limited of material of day iron chemistry announces 24 days, a of tone double phenol goes up since July 1 oneself (BPA) the price, go up for 45 yen / Kg(makes an appointment with 2228 yuan / ton) above.
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