As double carbon target put forward and wind of drive of 10 thousand villages plans 1000 countryside of “ of ” start, report is about to greet the dispersive type wind of the field ” that the next of the “ that be called hopes to erupt type develops. Science and technology of wind of profit from gold is broken through in the innovation on fan foundation, be confined to suffers to examine and approve efficiency all the time before this the corner of the low, difficulty that ask for the ground also hopeful is defeated to solve. Development of report of wind of our country dispersive type is earlier. Be in early 2009, advanced the idea of report of dispersive type wind to settle our country of the problem that abandon wind, recommend offer of disappear of on the spot, published relevant industry policy to undertake driving subsequently. Up to now, director branch had published multinomial file to have the guiding of different level and support to report of dispersive type wind. Regretful is, the development of report of dispersive type wind was not achieved expect the result. Investigate its reason, important there was not report of wind of will dispersive type namely drive the development union with prefectural region economy to rise, do not have the interest with vast rural area, farmer especially cogent union rises. If want to make the practical benefit of the development of wind report and place is united in wedlock, need fan decorate more agile, can divide with place with the demand beyond report union rises. And of traditional fan foundation decorate a form more onefold, tower canister direct installation is on the foundation, the canister wall that close can take up many earthy floor is accumulated not only, also cannot be united in wedlock cheek by jowl with local demand. Be aimed at this kind of difficulty, inc. of science and technology of Xinjiang gold wind is wholy-owned subsidiary day benefit is new can hand in hand in total courtyard of research of smelt metal building limited company, be based on the demand that development of report of dispersive type wind and phase of region economy progress link, ceaseless attempt research and development is new-style fan infrastructure form. They are based on existing research achievement, draw lessons from the advantage characteristic of all sorts of fan foundation forms, make innovation. The tower canister that will fall at the ground directly through setting changeover structure undertakes wearing tall, the post that fan canister wall translate into parts 4 times, change box over park changeover structure, reduced greatly cover an area of an area. Take up besides what reduced pair of land natural resources outside, still can effective use space of tower canister bottom, if can offer those who cross the setting such as pasturage of big canopy of rustic way, conservatory, farm, storage to use, abounded the construction environment of fan, for all round farm or other use demand is offerred convenient, decorate dispersive type fan around the establishment that use phone as far as possible, can accomplish accept of disappear of nearby of power natural resources, with all round region economy grows in coordination, satisfied the applied requirement of dispersive type fan. Changeover structure chooses steel structure material to pledge, the appearance is briefer than cycle of ferroconcrete structure construction, cost can accuse, can promote fan of new-style and dispersive type effectively the efficiency of construction. Changeover structure is linked together through 4 post and foundation, be in bear the design concept that consulted the “ in floor design pours a building to build ” in the design matching veins that stand out under the skin of the stage, changeover the structure serves as bear of the stage prop up, picket earth turns over master piece to be bear the load of the stage, undertake muscle is calculated matching accordingly, get power more clear, computational result is more reasonable. Nowadays, project of foundation of can new-style fan has been in Tian Runxin Henan Pu this world pauses in project of cable of grave 140MW wind join movement smoothly, revitalizing the force that contributes oneself for local rural area. Development of report of dispersive type wind and our country countryside revitalize the strategy special be identical. But second birth the sources of energy learns wind energy only appoint meeting secretary-general Qin Haiyan installs two 3 million to cover with tiles fan undertakes estimation with an impoverished village, a seat number is covered an area of 100 smooth rice, aggregate need to cover an area of only 200 smooth rice, the pure gain that can give contribution of local village collective one year to be close to 3 million yuan (go up in the foundation of par) . And new-style wind report the birth of infrastructure form, cover an area of an area not only fewer, use angle to reach from resource with local economy develop a field in coordination, also promote the development of report of dispersive type wind to new height, the wind report development that conduces to area of low wind speed of south of open up middle east is new stand for war. By right of foreground applies capaciously in countryside, new-style wind report infrastructure or a when will become prospective fan to develop important way. As the ceaseless application of technology of innovation of report of dispersive type wind, local government accepts degree to also be sure to its taller and taller. Be aimed at the impoverished area that does not have resource advantage and traffic advantage especially, industry of cable of dispersive type wind can drive one partial obtain employment of local not only, still can bring very big revenue to local finance, local government can be adopted become a shareholder wait for means, pass stable share out bonus every year, will help local common people take off deficient to become rich. Be confined to suffers to examine and approve efficiency all the time before this the corner of the low, difficulty that ask for the ground also hopeful by thoroughly terminative.

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