On May 8, limited company of Oriental and electric group and limited company of wide nucleus group are in deep sign strategic cooperation agreement. Secretary of leading Party group of Oriental and electric group, president Yu earths up a root, in Yang Changli of secretary of wide nucleus Party committee, president, general manager witnesses an autograph to arrange a ceremony jointly. Xu Peng of member of leading Party group of company of Oriental and electric group, vise general manager, in Guo Limin of members of standing committee of wide nucleus Party committee, vise general manager signs on behalf of both sides. Before the autograph arranges a ceremony, both sides had communication of have an informal discussion, review cooperative course, conspire new development. Yu earths up a support that east gives electric group since wide nucleus is long-term in be opposite to thanks, introduced near future of Oriental and electric group to produce management development state of affairs and “ assignment of 945 ” main goal. Yu Peigen expresses, both sides is having good cooperative history, the knot issued deep friendship, the hope is signed with this agreement for chance, promote bilateral cooperation to deeper administrative levels wider field is taller horizontal stride, it is better to produce respective advantage service strategy. The support of wide nucleus in giving since Yang Changli is long-term to Oriental and electric group thankses, electric to east group realizes ” of season “ make a good beginning to express congratulation, point out blue print of prospective collaboration development is grandiose, hope both sides is signed with this agreement for cooperative new start, implement new development concept, enhance strength of development of energy of nuclear energy industry, new energy industry, international and other sphere collaboration, carbon of better service “ amounts to peak ”“ carbon to neutralize ” goal. Oriental and electric group and in there is good cooperation relationship since wide nucleus is long-term, since both sides signed strategic cooperation agreement in September 2017 oneself, a large number of fruitful collaboration were begun in much territory. The subscription of agreement of this strategy cooperation, it is phase of new development of bilateral base oneself upon, implement new development concept deep, blend in the specific act that serves new development situation actively, also be to deepen nuclear energy, new energy resources, electric power sale, integrated the sources of energy to wait for collaboration of business field deal with concrete matters relating to work further, do all one can opens bureau “ 945 ” , carbon of the “ that help strength amounts to peak ”“ carbon to counteract the significant move that ” target realizes. In wide nucleus office, strategy and division achieve ministry, nucleus electric government department, medium limited company of engineering of system of nucleus of wide interest of limited company of wide nucleus engineering, Beijing, medium wide nucleus new energy resources accuses a limited company to concern chief, report of ministry of department of office of Oriental and electric group, market, nuclear energy career, Oriental electric machinery, Oriental turbine, Oriental boiler, Oriental wind, east weighs machine concerned chief to enter afore-mentioned activities.

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15-18 December

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