At the beginning of 2021, group of electric machinery of wind of beautiful of Windpower Monthly of wind report media judges pitch on, product of Jin Feng GW82-1.1MW obtains fine gold prize of group of onshore wind electric machinery. From the beginning of the year up to now, this product transforms the expression in the project in the many old machine of business of nearly 10 large development exceedingly good. Type of bear the palm: GW82-1.1MW   depends on outstanding technology advanced sex, high reliability and environmental suitability, GW82-1.1MW (the following abbreviation is GW 1S) carry out successfully in the many province such as Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Ningxia, Shandong, Guangdong, pass the heavy test of the harsh environment such as mist of microtherm, salt, typhoon smoothly. Through statistic, the average increment that GW 1S transforms program invests in-house yield to be able to be achieved completely 15% , electric field of olden old wind is heavy shine vigor, realized “ wind to use up its to use truly, the ground uses up its benefit ” , get the wide recognition of the market. GW1S realizes success application   in many projects so, why can be GW 1S favorred extensively by the market? And listen small make up say to look up and down. Change reason vessel is new, with when all enters     GW 1S is one is based on Jin Feng science and technology platform of product of unit of straight drive of more than 20000 1.5MW, the high reliability that passes technical iteration, efficient 1MW level set, inside the power limits of 850kW~1100kW, aircrew rated power is flexible and adjustable. Aim big limit uses original infrastructure, undertake deepness transform to core place only, electric field of olden old wind is heavy shine opportunity of survival. Already succeeded and the GW 1S ability of the net changes aircrew   to use GW 1S to carry out old old unit change model after ability changes, wind electric field will from security, economy, dependability, and the many levels such as net function get effective promotion. One of, the technology is mature, GW 1S of   of   of of on the safe side is overall use technology of permanent magnetism of new straight drive, solved old old unit effectively original gear case leaks oily, fault rate is advanced problem; GW 1S undertakes 2 times developing on foundation of platform of former 1.5MW aircrew, high answer uses original module and mature technology, undertake at the same time custom-built change a design; Be based on already the moving experience of delivery unit, pass many data analysis, avoid designs a risk, but from go up at all solve dependability of field of old old wind the question with poor, safe big risk. Secondly, science is evaluated, sufficient interest old   and build big sign to cover with tiles unit appearance is compared, GW 1S aircrew but direct answer the base that uses original unit and mast, project cost can be reduced 30% the left and right sides, avoid earth to build construction and ask for the ground again, examine and approve formalities more simple, consign is periodic also can from 180 days of above cut control to 60 days. Thirdly, new technology is endowed with can, promote profit from of system of impeller of electricenergy production   the advantage of large vane wheel, long lamina, original old old unit promotes the area ratio that sweep wind considerably; Can get used to of all kinds environment to move, cut-in wind speed but low to 2.5m/s, have generate electricity outstandingly exert oneself function; Be in already among the project of consign, the electricenergy production of set of average sheet stage promotes extent to be able to achieve one times above. Its 4, promote spare parts safeguard, reduce   of carry dimension cost old old unit erupts breakdown stops machine hind, often be faced with large part to break for, without replace usable wait for difficult problem, the spare parts that relies on aircrew of 1.5MW of more than 20 thousand Jin Feng and large part supply catenary system, stock is supplied have safeguard more; Group of professional carry dimension safeguard is answered to the service more seasonable and effective. Its 5, have “ discretion to wear ” and “ ability of frequency modulation ” , promote and   of netizen good sex is on adaptability of electrified wire netting, made up for old old unit not to have what discretion of “ of electrified wire netting wears ” ability to be short of regret, electric netizen good sex increases significantly. To exceeding the field of old old wind of 10GW, GW 1S is custom-built the consign cycle that changes a solution and investment pay back period are briefer, economy is taller, need not be enslaved to be enslaved to asks for the ground, annulus to judge, the license that join a network examine and approve formalities flow, the assets of cable of the wind that put an amount that can be broad owner carries qualitative synergism to create greater value.

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