Year close a week comes, to person of glass reinforced plastics it is half happy care. Because domestic epidemic situation is controlled first-rately,happy is, so after year OK and normal go back to work, and authority is advocated before the section on the spot spends the New Year, the rate of go back to work of workers compares in former years apparently tall. But also have concern ……This thinking have order, still have a worker, ox year can work energetically eventually! Absolutely cannot think of, when you gaze at abyss, abyss also is in gaze at you. You are wanting to try hard well, earn bit of money more, early however rearward of ” of “ Huang Qiao stares you. Year, industrial chemicals all fronts soares, the oil of be closely bound up also stood afresh 60 dollars / of the bucket close greatly. And industrial chemicals rose in price, colophony price wants upgrade to go up for certain. Constituting the raw material with main colophony of not saturated polyester is binary acid and binary alcohol, still have cross-linking monomer. And commonly used raw material has suitable anhydride, benzene anhydride, turn over Ding Xi 2 acid, third 2 alcohol, glycol, 2 pleasant are mellow (shrink 2 glycol) , Xin Wu 2 alcohol and styrene. See a name know to follow chemical industry and oil be closely bound up, since basic dish go up greatly, do not affect how possibly these raw material. Feburary 7, the referenced price of some area suitable anhydride is 8100 yuan / ton. Time arrived Feburary 25, namely today, the suitable anhydride that is this area likewise consults the price is 12500 yuan / ton. Price difference is as high as 4400 yuan, by go up a scale if calculating, be 54.3% . Spent vacation of a Spring Festival merely, the price of single raw material rises be as high as hundred. Frighten not fearsome ……And the raw material with indispensable colophony of another kind of not saturated polyester, styrene. Feburary 5, the whole of the market consults the price is in 7000 yuan / ton, arrived referenced today price already violent wind rises 9000 yuan / ton. A ton 2000 yuan go up, scale is as high as 28.57% euqally. Still have benzene anhydride, glycol, third 2 alcohol, 2 Gan Chun …… are all raw material is rising, and extent is with 1000 yuan / ton for the unit. If mathematical knowledge returns a teacher, calculate probably, also can understand why colophony of not saturated polyester can go up at a draught exceed 2000 yuan / ton. Of course, have go up to have drop, follow that prices is same November last year. Want to have enough stock only, always be OK get over. Acknowledgment allows those sales of your stock up before New Year! A ton 2000 yuan, 10 tons 20000 yuan, 100 tons 200000 yuan of ……0 a bit much, dan Zhenxiang! But the problem is, a lot of people do not have stock up.

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15-18 December

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