Before discussing this issue, we perhaps need to solve another to look first be like more a Gordian knot: Chemical bound after all whether be born like Alibaba in that way Internet tycoon? About this problem, we can continue up again date from: Whether does chemical bound need a Libaba resembling A in that way Internet tycoon? Hasten of general trends place, the answer is affirmative. But what we need to return a story first is germinant will discuss this issue. The amounts to Makelisi sword   of trafficker of one   chemical industry falls in current environment, doing chemical commerce to still can make money to still can live is a not easy thing really. Why? Because there is —— of a sword on their head,amount to Makelisi's sword, this sword grows what sample, different trafficker does not have too big difference in the heart. “ faces the market with more and more transparent price, the asymmetry that relies on information before earned the wedding day of the certain trafficker of super profit to had gone. Now unless be second buy, otherwise who does not know the person in circle prices ah. ”“ tastes carriage requirement to chemical danger now stricter and stricter, carriage cost the proportion in price is higher and higher also. ”“ is in a kind of half chilly condition from beginning to end between downstream client and trafficker, they daydream consider as direct as manufacturing business deal, just issue ability to be purchased to trafficker in the condition of ’ of ‘ be forced to do. ”“ payment for goods expired to still pulled the honor that you give half an year again when half month does not give or payment for goods expires 10 days to had become normal state. ”The employee that “ leaves his post left a company newly to grab the trade with me even, after they leave, most circumstance falls to doing same thing, contend for your client natural resources, contend for the client that snatchs you. Of course, what they lean still is depress price, do so that you do not have money to earn ” more. The production of “ basically does not have the concept of agency in enterprise and manufacturing business memory. Basically be to who want to money buys goods only, sell goods to who give. ”The downstream client that the money that “ does not want a hope to sell some factory every year a certain variety amounts to 20 thousand tons to be able to take the trafficker that sells 10 tons only than every month or every month to buy 5 tons only's cheaper price. The product that should not count on you to sell a certain business as agency more can amount to 1000 tons every months to count on a supplier to give put Zhang, even if the company that nowadays swims takes 10 tons of suppliers every months to put Zhang. ”Interesting is, almost all go up, what do not think chemical trafficker has presence downstream is necessary, but the brotherly ” that still cannot leave this to help “ move a brick. So this hangs the sword over, look up to be able to see, but on the head that nobody knows when to can fall to oneself. Why? Still lag behind because of level of digitlization and informatization construction on one hand, on the other hand trafficker still has the value that it exists and sense. Nowadays, also have more and more trading companies, no matter size, they happen to coincide the earth's surface amounted to — of a desire—“ does not want to continue to move a brick ” , think “ builds platform, attract on, mix downstream other trading company above play ” , make the Alibaba of industrial group hard. So, trading company after all capable to make the A of industrial group in? What should they rely on to attract their original player to join ” of this “ game? More important is, what do they take to attract be also willing to join this game in the player in him circle? The digitlization transition with the current group of chemical industry of   of digitlization transition current situation of bound of 2   chemical industry basically reflects in face of the following tripartite: 1, into be stationed in network platform   to be in a few years of time in the past, no matter be family name of Basifu, contented, Suoerwei,we see, win achieve wait for internationalization labour tycoon, or 10 thousand China, in change wait for domestic tycoon, they sign strategic agreement to put one part product to platform to sell with platform of business of below A Liqi 1688 cable in succession, cast sales volume result not to talk, the flow that platform place has can help them achieve the exposure of certain amount and advertisement effect continuously. Of course, the reaction of the personage inside many course of study is —— however the ” of “ politics task that this is them only actually just. Why? Digitlization transition is of all kinds B carries the hasten of general trends place of business, can be with the trend without the person enemy, but think of to digitlize transition, everybody's reaction is to enter be stationed in platform of each big cable business, also do not have the choice with better other besides it seems that. 2, there is chemical industry to pull compose of the cloud in hand A to build one to change a network before chemical company proper motion develops platform   , there is Hua Feng to make chain of Hua Feng wisdom after, we see a lot of chemical industry produce an enterprise to develop Internet platform to make the sale channel on the line for the product of oneself and partner in proper motion. Cast exalted development and operation cost not to talk, as to the effect how, perhaps be benevolence person the person that see Ren Zhi sees wisdom problem. Of course, also someone can say this is ” of task of politics of some kind of “ more reflected, drive sb. to his death inside this depended on, the competitor that what you take to attract you takes the product sell? Your competitor may sign up for a price repeatedly not willing, more do not carry a thing to be put to you let you sell. 3, chemical trading company builds platform   oneself from early net looking for model, coating net, rub shellfish net, to nowadays have chemical industry of makings net, triumphant mattress, Tu Duo chemical industry of much, ox, we see the trading company that actually early one approve another batch goes on the road that digitlizes transition. It is for chemical industry plastic industry client offers referenced news service, online supply and demand to release for their summary service, online trade service and the platform that derive a service. Among them, online trade the matchs service and careful chemical self-supporting service that serves to basically include heavy goods; Derive a service to include finance to ask for letter, financing, rent, the finance such as endowment canal, conduct financial transactions kind service and other and of all kinds service. The operation purpose of chemical cable business depends on forming iformation flow, content shedding, cash to shed the confluence of tripartite face, form an industry to swim up and down of the user trade closed circuit. However, perhaps before this kind of closed circuit is formed truly we still have very a paragraph long the route should go. Interesting is, in this process, we also heard a lot of critically voice, a lot of people do not value industrial digitlization to upgrade this thing, they think home still lacks a few qualifications more or less at present. Present industrial production level joins “ country 1 did not achieve, what to still talk about 4, start seed profit production first do well to say again. ”All sorts of present chemical B2B websites mix “ substantially actually 1688 do not have too big distinction, but the 1688 gene that still are 2C substantially, 2B and 2C are theoretic it is two kinds of gene completely. ”“ is occupied do not have a thing to talk about area piece catenary with you 10 have 89 is cheater, at present technology of area piece catenary can be used in intangible assets only, the good on the tangible such as industrial product is returned so that wait again to actual application at least 3, 5 years. ”Character 8 of “ industry Internet was not cast aside, equipment went up to install sensor? Did the product wrap mount to carry electronic tag? What do you take to talk about digitlization transition and industry to upgrade? Take this two years to be talked about by the artificial intelligence of excessive hype? ”Their everybody says do not have a fault, very right. But they did not realise alone only this bit more the following: This all looking the strange thing that accomplishs very hard, not was to the hope just is done, went making gift however hopeful. Insist to do difficult and correct business, sooner or later its progress can exceed everybody's imagination. The “ in A of bound of 3   chemical industry gives Egypt to write down”If chemical bound can be born really,resemble the magnate that entire industry force has in that way in A, so can its “ gives Egypt to write down ” be how play? How will it be born? What requirement should its birth have again? Theoretic perhaps have the following 3 kinds likelihood: 1   capital is swarmed into + the ” of “ commerce smell that capital of industry conformity   often embraces promising to develop, make an impertinent figure of speech, they are met like ” of “ cancer cell “ automatic ” is swarmed into can help them the place of fast proliferous multiply, of course the cancer cell here is not derogatory sense. Just think, swarm into adequately when capital, plastic, balata, coating, each apperception learns the outstanding digital platform in each perpendicular fractionize domains such as the body intermediate, chemical reagents to be counted the home is place of a tycoon even buy conformity, below the lever effect of capital, dimensions changes the Matthew effect that cause and head effect to be magnified further, whether can you be born from this did an enough rival the tycoon of chemical trade number in A? However, chemical course of study serves as important the sources of energy and lifeblood of strategy of goods and materials, theoretic the possibility that is accused by social capital palm is almost 0, the industry of perpendicular fractionize domain is actually so integrated state-owned capital dominant drives this thing the reason to want to be gotten greatly on probability much. At present OK and affirmatory is, the “ Tu Duo that couplet chemical industry is in the country to fall through the banner is much ”“ Bo is great the great series such as ” is active Internet of industry of layout chemical industry. Although   of alliance of 2   industry is very much the digital platform of perpendicular fractionize domain is enclothing different chemical industry catenary, the supply that serving different depth degree catenary, but actually substantially chemical industry supplies chain is stagger of a freely giant network structure, the digitlization platform of a lot of fractionize domains can be in probably certain supply identical fluctuation tourist is shared on catenary door group. Accordingly, they may adopt means of opposed of cooperative and rather than to share more high grade supply catenary resource, the supply that makes unifinication jointly catenary serves a system, implementation double win therefore at most. Accordingly, below this kind of circumstance, can be born to be held each other industrial alliance system, these digital platform can give aid to each other, share industry resource, in form is a bit adjacent and present those labour trade unifinication that embrace a group each other produce a business. However, this did not change the structure that a hunderd schools puts together actually, the form of industrial alliance is not firm also, their dimensions goes impossibly also which greatly, the ” of any “ gang in them still does not have A probably in market prise in very one of when appeared all sorts of difference and problem, bring about thereby have random very hard the dimensions of an industry alliance can rival A in. This is not interest distributive problem, differ however the gene difference problem between company and entrepreneur. 3   industry alone the distinction with industry of Internet of horny animal   and traditional large trade depends on, internet relies on product thinking to do business, is not the commercial thinking that adopts a convention. Business of 2B of traditional chemical industry needs client of butt joint of much labor power to provide personalized service, this also is domestic huge amount is medium miniature traditional trafficker and the main meaning that agency exists, but Internet company and technical company are changed through business product and standardization creates can prize is tremendous the “ lever ” of market dimensions, be based on this lever to flounce off the bottleneck on dimensions, be changed through standardization, standardization, flow and intelligence changes those who will promote whole industry considerably to run efficiency. Although chemical bound perpendicular domain is having each fractionize disparate product line and the technology that answer relatively and intellectual camp, but substantially industrial chemicals trades the 2B business that serves as a model is to have specific and of the rock-bottom logic that be interlinked, the rock-bottom and logistic development that who can be based on chemical 2B to trade goes a function perfect and powerful explode paragraph Internet product, from go up at all rise trade efficiency and service level, who holds each fractionize markets likely to obtain quickly grow quickly, become chemical bound to digitlize transition and industry to upgrade of the domain alone horny animal company. Perhaps you can ask, such is does industrial chemicals trade can custom-built Internet product have? When can you just appear? What person can you be below what kind of condition does ability design give such product? Let us give time the answer. Epilogue: The industrial position of trafficker and function are impossible to be dropped by change, because of client need is industrial service, oneself of any B2B platform cannot finish all services to the client. The cent that trafficker assumes is sold, affection of cent outfit, finance, bill, guest is safeguarded wait for a relation, cannot be replaced completely. This also is why to be information asymmetry already by broken today, still have one large quantities of in miniature trafficker can live up to now main reason. What accordingly we should do is not to who replace who, all existing likelihoods are employed below the condition that treats maturity in a lot of new technology case however the step will drive an industry to change. The travel of a thousand li only then at you, the industry that we believe to digitlize tide to bring upgrades with the innovation, we just need to be mixed from a few simple optimizing improve begin to be made, and answer nature hides in every time market to be opposite in the come true of Wu of our product kimono. Anyhow, the product with good any, it is not accomplished in one move certainly, come out in the iteration in error correction and fine tuning ceaselessly however. Encourage with gentleman. (author old Leon)

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