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When innovation of wind report lamina undertakes

Look into technology of wind report lamina next gradual progress, the breakthrough will be centered at material, structure, craft over 3 link. Blade, it is one of parts with important group of wind electric machinery, controlling unit directly generate electricity efficiency and cost. The times is counteracted in carbon below the big setting that formal open and wind report move toward par to get online in the round, the importance of blade can be highlighted further. Come from some kind of meaning say, blade technology future can obtain how old breakthrough, the quality that deciding competition ability of wind cable market greatly. So, the development existing state of affairs of industry of lamina of domestic wind report how? What challenge facing? How to answer? Taking these issues, this print journalist visited partial blade company recently. The lamina of 3 report of challenge scan wind that change ” to fall develop “ course, large turn a tide apparent with each passing day, have acceleration power nearly 5 years more. In Inc. of lamina of report of wind of material science and technology (” of next lamina of the material in weighing “ ) general manager Wang Xin is with onshore wind report exemple to " wind energy " the introduction, blade length increases the time that spent 10 years or so to 60 meters from 40 meters, when rising to be used to 80 meters nearly 5 years, add from 80 meters inside two years however subsequently reach 90 meters. “2021 year, everybody feels the product of 80 meters of level is very competitive, the client's demand had raised 90 meters of level 2022. ”Trade data evidence afore-mentioned viewpoints. According to but committee of major of wind energy of society of second birth the sources of energy (CWEA) statistic, 2010, our country adds the diameter of average wind rotor of group of wind electric machinery newly to be 78 meters, achieved 136 meters 2020. 2010~2015 year, our country adds group of wind electric machinery newly diameter of average wind rotor year all grow 4.5 meters, 2016~2020 year criterion year all grow 7.8 meters. Current, our country grows lamina of onshore wind report to achieve 91 meters, be equivalent to the height of 30 buildings; Lamina of report of long maritime wind is 103 meters, receive the length that is bordering on field of 4 standards basketball. Of blade large change, be regarded as to enhance group of wind electric machinery to catch wind energy force and one of main passes that reduce cost of wind cable project. The logic of backside depends on, according to formula of computation of academic electricenergy production, the square of the electric energy that group of wind electric machinery produces and blade length becomes direct ratio, increase blade length to be able to bring relatively considerable electricenergy production promotion. And collocation of high capacity aircrew grows blade, can reduce the aircrew amount that place of project of dimensions of coequal outfit machine uses, reduce the investment of the respect such as aircrew and its construction installation accordingly. But the problem is, because blade cost occupies the 1/5 above of group of wind electric machinery, blade length increases push on will certain level tall its oneself and overall cost, this moves toward conflict with each other with the market apparently. Since 2021, group of wind electric machinery bids the price blazes new trails repeatedly low, onshore wind report wanders in 2000 yuan / kilowatt, maritime wind report is low reach 4000 yuan / kilowatt. Blade price glides all the way likewise, only 2021 fall exceeded 20% . More serious is, the addition of blade length still can bring about the rise with self-prossessed lamina, form a challenge to the respect such as headroom then. In other words, want to let grow blade to promote electricenergy production to become feasible through development, must think method control good lamina is self-prossessed, make have higher intensity, stiffness to wait, in order to ensure overall systematic safety moves smoothly. Light quantify, make the one big trend that blade develops from this, it is normally wait from material, craft improve proceed with, in order to reduce blade weight. Light the greater value that quantifies a design depends on, it can reduce the load of nose, make then of canister of transmission catenary, tower, foundation optimize become a possibility, drive eventually overall fall this. Another tendency that blade develops is custom-built change. According to Introduction Wang Xin, meeting union project mixes “ client now overall systematic characteristic, more personalized requirements raise on blade, to product requirement accuse stronger. For this, need develops unifinication design, implementation falls jointly this. ”Personalized overlay is large change, bring about cycle of blade product replacement shorter and shorter. It is reported, before 2020, the market lifecycle of a new lamina is 3~5 year; Shrink since 2021 to 2 years. This gives bring enormous pressure to the mould from research and development, at present the mould of a model can use 2 years or so only. Face afore-mentioned challenges, accelerate innovation imperative. What next hopeful implementation breaks through “ lamina technology is 3 direction, namely new material, new structure, new technology. ” individual plant continent Inc. of science and technology of times new material (next weighing that “ era is new material ” ) vise general manager holds Hou Binbin of general manager of department of career of wind report product concurrently to " wind energy " express, the possibility of occurrence breakthrough of “ pneumatic function is very little, had used a few years what what blade pneumatic design uses theoretically after all, but there still is promotion space in the use of a few specific wing section and assorted respect. ”Material replaces effect remarkable lamina by enhance material of matrix of fiber, colophony, core to wait form. Among them, enhance fiber to need to have high standard amount, in order to raise the stiffness of blade; Viscosity of colophony matrix need is low, can fast perfusion, and blemish is low, shape efficiency is tall; The stability that core material uses at raising blade. In blade totle drilling cost, these raw material are aggregate 80% the left and right sides. Accordingly, choose more high grade material, become the promotion lamina function, crucial place that reduces its cost. Fibre glass is blade place basically enhance fiber what use, through old large-scale application, craft is already mature. Short-term inside the dominant position of fibre glass hard shake. In recent years, be based on the consideration that falls to wait for a respect again, the enterprise uses carbon fiber data in exploration all the time. Consider to make clear, the density of carbon fiber compares fibre glass low 30%~35% , applied carbon fiber can make blade is decreased weigh 20% above; The drawing model of carbon fiber measures taller than fibre glass 3~8 times; Carbon fiber has stronger fatigue resistance can, can prolong the service life of blade. However, show level to two big factors are restricting carbon fiber to turn application in the batch of wind report domain: The price house that is carbon fiber does not fall high, it is the 10 times above of fibre glass; 2 it is to supply ability to be not worth, the yield of carbon fiber enterprise can be finite, and tilt to other industry, the carbon fiber that can be used at wind report lamina truly is little little. “ is right blade, to get used to the requirement that par gets online, the cost of new material cannot exorbitant, it is again good stuff also is used otherwise do not rise. Accordingly, the batch of carbon fiber changes commercial application to still need time. ” Wang Xin emphasizes. To the advantage that carbon fiber makes full use of inside acceptable range is in in cost, blade business also is trying to use fibre glass and carbon fiber jumblily means. In addition, industry is in generally still girder, Xie Gen place that conducts load uses high standard to measure fibre glass, with realizing blade light quantify a design. In colophony matrix respect, epoxy resin is the mainstream, but face in last few years of its price rise quickly, blade business quickened the pace that replaces with polyurethane colophony. The data of website of ” of “ business company shows, 2018~2019 year, the market of epoxy resin all valence is 16 thousand ~1.8 10 thousand yuan / ton, but from 2020 second half of the year begins to go up raise, climbed in April 2021 litre reach 40 thousand yuan / ton exalted, at present fall after a rise goes to 28 thousand yuan / ton. Hou Binbin points out, this one rises in price, put in the element that capital acclaims rear, plus insecurity of supply demand relations, “ price is really special and exaggerative ” . Tall look forward to of epoxy resin price, highlighted advantage of polyurethane resinous cost, and latter mechanical function and fatigue resistance can more actor, perfusion and solidify rate are rapid, processability can be good, organic matter is volatile low. These are used at wind report lamina to lay a foundation for polyurethane colophony batch. As to the material that place core, a development way that already saw effect is to use PET material to replace Ba Sha wood, PVC. Ba Sha wood grows rate is rapid, woodiness density is low, the weight of every stere is 0.1 tons only, ” is cultivated gently on the “ that be called. It is out of shape not easily, intensity and flexible moderate, the lamina that is a kind of ideal places core material. Just serve as natural material, oneself of Ba Sha wood puts in blemish likewise: Advocate producing area be confined to Ecuadorian, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea; Easy bibulous, the function difference along length direction and perpendicular direction is big; Industrial chain length, arrive from fell trees a few months when cutting whole set material to need one by one, any segment give an issue metropolis influence is supplied. 2019 ― 2020, “ of report getting wind grabs outfit ” and new coronal the influence that pneumonic epidemic situation erupts, ba Sha wood supplies the “ bottleneck ” that makes a trade for a time, price when the river rises the boat goes up too, ever broke through 20 thousand yuan 2020 / stere, 3 times 2019 more adjacent. Here setting falls, executive PET replaces Ba Sha wood to be carried program. With the times new material is exemple, in the data placing core that its use in manufacturing lamina place, PET takes an in part, ba Sha wood and PVC take an in part, former proportion still is rising. The profit that brings from this is clearly. First, PET belongs to mature industrialized goods, and came true to be over produce change, supply have safeguard more. Next, of PET be able to bear or endure PVC of lukewarm function excel, the temperature that can answer grow in quantity of the lay up after blade lengthens to bring well rises problem. Again, PET material is to be able to reclaim use. More crucial is, the price of PET has the in part of Ba Sha wood, PVC only, batch is replaced can reduce blade cost greatly. “2021 year, those who face price of upriver raw material is mad go up, blade price still can fall more than 20% , replace with the batch of PET material have main concern. ” Hou Binbin says. Look in him, be based on environmental protection of useless old lamina to reclaim the need that use, but of degradation thermoplastic colophony or will be a way that application of prospective lamina new material deserves to pay close attention to. Structural design remains to optimize some closer year of wind report lamina a when appear on the structure apparent change is, will before the double abdomen of girder position hardens compose is designed, instead is odd celiac board design. Additional, carry difficult problem to solve those who grow blade, section lamina still is developed in the attempt inside course of study, but progress is slow, have not form but the mature solution of batch application. According to Introduction Wang Xin, the join of section lamina basically has two kinds of kind: It is mechanical join, carry flange and screw join section, defect is to be able to raise weight and cost, blade quality can produce mutation in joint; 2 it is to stick the join that receive glue, this kind of means still remains to solve the problem of the respect such as clamp of spot fixed position, fast solidify. Next, the challenge has design standard hopeful to become blade structure to realize the way of farther breakthrough. Hou Binbin tells " wind energy " , it is after blade size is larger and larger, to satisfy the requirement of stiffness, possible meeting designs blade very ” , but actually partial design surplus is to slant big, put in optimized space. What we are doing “ is, much target of have the aid of optimizes algorithmic platform, apply blade parameter to build a model, undertake iteration iteration. ”He reminds, the premise requirement that such doing is, want to enough test data, data data, production data is accumulated, try through more experiments and test test and verify. Wang Xin points out, to challenge existing design standard, the essence of life that must improve a design refines degree, the product quality consistency that the canal accuses good batch to make. Otherwise, once make the technology in the process,control and quality control occurrence wave motion, because safety beyond is spent than before move somewhat low, the probability that the problem produces after the product joins movement will increase. Craft innovation blossoms at many o'clock craft, it is to use manufacturing tool to undertake machine or be handlinged to raw material, the makes finished product method that makes eventually and process. With respect to wind report lamina character, some closer year of craft that is able to popularize include online perfusion and help crowded technology. Online perfusion is in the light of colophony character, “ begins, resinous mixes, deaeration, perfusion uses special device respectively. Development gives new facility now, can mix at the same time, at the same time deaeration, at the same time perfusion. ” Hou Binbin explains. Take this kind of kind, reduced product quality risk already, reduced worker amount considerably, perfusion efficiency also can promote significantly, the perfusion time that sheet pays blade shortens from ten hours to 34 hours. According to Introduction Wang Xin, apply pull crowded shape the technical day that craft makes carbon fiber or fibre glass girder attain mature. It can reduce “ working procedure, reduce the investment of the mould accordingly. Compare with perfusion craft photograph, play crowded colophony content lower, can make blade weight drops 3% the left and right sides. ”Look for a long time from which, support digitlization, intelligence changes a technology to implement the automation of blade product line, by great expectations expresses inside course of study. Long-term since, blade is made depend on badly artificial, go against safeguard product quality, manufacturing efficiency suffers greatly likewise be restricted. Some closer year, permeate extensively what accompany digitlization, intelligence to change a technology, blade business advances product line automation energetically, at present blade surface burnish, cut outfit of edge, besmear, bolt is assembled, the link such as blade and component have a change of luck already all implemented automation, but lay up working procedure still cannot use machine operation. Main reason is, this process needs to spread cloth of a few fibre glass, drag in arrives of curved surface, cloth build receive and all sorts of dimension, and cannot have drape, return existence resinous chemistry to react, influencing factor is much, control difficulty is great. Another new technology that is being popularized is prefabricated component, use modular producer formula namely, come out the prefabricate such as bridge of girder, tailing edge, abdomen board, finish in the mould again assemble. Hou Binbin thinks, type of this one party applies likely also on the mould, in the future blade designs the condition that realizes standardization, the mould cent standardizes module into a few paragraphs, use according to needing to combine, prolong the life of the mould thereby. At present, give a mould brought pressure to dissolve blade to change, use normally familial change a design, when designing a pattern namely give attention to two or morethings many lamina model, later period is passed lengthen or change some paragraph the reusability that means will come to raise a pattern. Test ability earnestly needs promotion to be propped up as fundamental sex, similar test wears the fast iteration of blade technology system of experiment test and verify. The reporter understands, at present wind phone company already built relatively perfect test capacity with raw material in the light of place, enough satisfies the experiment requirement of batch application material and new material, big challenge comes from check at blade function. Hou Binbin tells " wind energy " , the builds before this a lot of experiment platform inside course of study all can no more have been used. Enter “ as blade length especially ” of 100 meters of class, the intense rate of resource of domestic test platform is farther aggravate. Be aimed at hereat, have appeal of the expert inside course of study, advocate a test oneself besides the enterprise besides platform, still answer around technology of pivotal general character, accelerate construction of platform of experiment of communal technology research and development. Current, the job of this respect is being advanced steadily in. For instance, quality of wind phone equipment is supervised on the Yang Jianghai that joined movement in January 2021 examine center, it is domestic only course equipment of maritime wind phone is communal platform of experiment of technical research and development, also be up to now big lamina detects lab. This center by identify inspect appoint support of municipal government of approval, Yang Jiang, beijing ancient bronze mirror judge attestation center limited company is in charge of construction and operation, can develop test of structure of full measure of lamina of 150 meters of class, will support innovation of technology of maritime wind cable and development effectively. System of test and verify of refer lamina experiment is built, hou Binbin thinks existing test method also needs to upgrade, an emphasis that deserves attention is compose builds double axis to load to test ability. Well-known, of blade suffer force to basically come from brandish of two direction —— and shimmy. Long-term since, when blade exhaustion experiments all Ou of will both solution, have a test respectively. However, in wind electric field in running a course actually, blade can get at the same time the action of two direction force, present a kind of “ to twist the attitude of ” . “ wants to let check a result to be close to actual condition more, the industry ought to consider to develop double axis to load to test a technology, namely two direction apply thrust augmentation at the same time. ” Hou Binbin emphasizes. It is reported, double axis to load checks a technology to still be in research phase inside full range, still lack test equipment, occupation standard more have no way is mentioned. Data accumulates inadequacy and standard to be short of break, make software imitate same become a difficult problem. Although be put in a variety of challenges, but the progressively promotion of afore-mentioned innovation act, and appear of new breakthrough ceaselessly, be sure to open vaster space for blade technology development. Add here hold below, the way that wind cable industry develops also can go wider more. Civil: Summerly cloud peak

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