Filling, it is inColophony of glass reinforced plasticsA what effect basically has in goods:Spoken parts in an opera filling can be reduced namelyColophonya kind of material of cost, also can change resinous some kind of function, and inGlass reinforced plasticsResinous is made in it is a indispensable important material, of the use quantity of filling hold immediate impact resinous caky time, so filling can change the what property of goods of colophony of glass reinforced plastics after all: 1, nod even if filling can reduce bulk of resinous of glass reinforced plastics to contract, avoid fission and in-house chap, increase resinous heatproof sex, wait from extinguish sex, 2, better improvement is pounded and can do secondly draw strength 3, in moment of resinous of the glass reinforced plastics that make, it is OK that filling increases when the construction on vertical plane precaution sheds glue, and still can serve as intensifier, lubricant. 4, what this should say is above what what say is OK reduce cost, managing solidify is contractive, for instance calcium carbonate, alumina, french chalk 5, enhance its to fight cold sex and concussion tenacity, for instance fibre glass, aluminium powder 6, enhance its hardness, fight pressure, with initial standard quantity, increase agglutinate power, for instance alumina, quartz pink. More information pays close attention to Http:// of composite material website please!

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