Not saturated colophony is the colophony of not saturated polyester that point to normally, “ polyester ” is the compound of a kind of high polymer that wait for colophony at ” of oxygen of annulus of ”“ of “ phenolic aldehyde relatively and contains ester key divisionally. Be reacted via condensation polymerization by binary acid and binary alcohol and compound of this kind of high polymer is made, and when not saturated Shuang Jian is being contained in compound of this kind of high polymer, call not saturated polyester, deliquescent Yu Youju adds up to this kind of not saturated polyester in the monomer of ability (it is styrene commonly) and when becoming a kind of ropy liquid, call colophony of not saturated polyester (English name UPR of abbreviation of Unsaturated Polyester Resin) . Craft of hand burnt glass reinforced plastics altogethers with colophony of not saturated polyester annulus is contained in molecular structure a general designation of high polymer compound of oxygen radical group is epoxy resin. The epoxy resin after solidify has good physics, chemical property, it is had to the surface of metal and metalloid material stick exceedingly goodly receive strength, interpose report performance is good, change calm shrinkage is small, product measure stability is good, hardness is tall, flexibility is better, right alkaline reach major dissolvent stability, apply extensively at economy of national defence, countryman consequently departmental door, make pouring, macerate, lamination makings, stick receive the use such as agent, coating.

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