Very may much friend had not heard of polymer silicone, just know it is to belong to material of a kind of chemical industry, what muddy does not know it like that is extensive apply what to have, as the development of industry technology, silicone already used a lot of fields at present in the center, one kind among them is in silica gel goods, and silicone polymer must be used to combine ability to shape among silicon rubber products, do then you know its function and effect! Silicone, it is a kind of hot solid sex that has high cross-linking structure gets together polymer of silicon oxygen alkyl, hold the double character that has machine colophony and inorganic stuff concurrently, have distinctive physics, chemical property, very good insulating property pledges, be able to bear or endure lukewarm reach waterproof result, in be able to bear or endure lukewarm, heat-resisting and water-vapor proof the material that is special ideal, so it besides it is beyond domain of silica gel industry, in other industry the domain also is able to apply extensively!

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Silicone is the hot solid sex that has high cross-linking structure gets together alkyl of organic silicon oxygen, because of its special structure, with other organic colophony photograph is compared, have sex of exceedingly good hear resistance, cold-resistant, be able to bear or endure await gender, insulating property, hydrophoby to reach prevent stick sex of drawing of patterns to wait; Accordingly, be used as extensively to be able to bear or endure coating of insulating varnish of high low temperature, heat-resisting, be able to bear or endure await coating, be able to bear or endure ablation coating and be able to bear or endure the moulding makings that high low temperature, report is isolated from. Silicone is general with organic alkyl of oxygen radical silicon is mixture of chloric silicon alkyl or organic second raw material, in mixture dissolvent reaction of course hydrolyze, condensation polymerization is made, the solidify of silicone is heating or below activator action, change is become have three-dimensional and reticulate structure, not dissolve not the process of resinous of hot solid sex of frit, so the high temperature of manufacturer of silica gel products shapes means, make the main way that it shapes namely! Silicone needs to shape in the solidify below high temperature commonly, this restricted its scope of application. Silicone some character and advantage are as follows: 1, silicone is base the adhesive solidify temperature of makings is too high, application is restricted. 2, silicone is mixed to iron, aluminium the performance of metallic adhesive bonding between stannum is good, easy also to glass and pottery and porcelain adhesive bonding, but poorer to conglutinate force of copper. 3, join a few acerbity Potassium of ester of former siliceous second, second and silicate glass, solidify thermal drop arrives 200 ℃ of 220 ~ , high temperature intensity still has 392-490MPa. 4, it is with pure silicone base the adhesive of organic silica gel of makings, it is with silicone base makings, join inorganic to filling and dissolvent mix and be become, young member is discharged when solidify, need to heat pressurization. 5, intensity of pure silicone machinery is low, when waiting for modified of organic colophony copolymerization with oxygen of polyester, annulus or phenolic aldehyde, can obtain high temperature resistant function and good mechanical performance, with silica gel of Yu Naigao lukewarm structure.

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