Popular science a few concepts, what is char and graphitization? What is intensity and modular quantity? Actually a lot of person did not make clear these concepts, include material major. Char is organic fiber issues splitting decomposition in high temperature, the young member such as transgression hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbolic element stays after so a process. This is element of a carbon occupy than an addition process, document takes carbolic element arrive than increasing 92% hind just call carbon fiber; Graphitization is interior of material with carbon element carbolic atom undertakes be permutationed afresh below high temperature, slowly incline to at perfect a process of 6 yuan of reseau. Compare mixed and disorderly carbon atom formerly to arrange order namely in carbon fiber interior slowly incline to at neat the process of the structure of random layer black lead that form. Somebody distinguishs with temperature char and graphitization, actually this is not rigorous, char and graphitization are a process, not be terminative fruit. Heat carbon fiber to 1500 ℃ , if this process is the process that element of a carbon collects, so call char. If carbolic element falls to gather no longer in this temperature,maintain in fixed occupy than scale, however carbolic atom ranks run at neat structure of 6 yuan of reseau, so I call it graphitization process. So char and graphitization do not have apparent temperature end, which kind of trends are clearer call which kind of procedures. The trend that different raw material plays in different temperature is different, do not distinguish so with temperature char and graphitization. About intensity and modular quantity. Common ground is told, damage material what what use is intensity energetically. If be drawing,attaint is tensile strength, if be to bend,damage even if flexural strength also makes fight lose strength, if be,be crushed even if reduce intensity. Modular quantity says simply even if bring to bear on material the force that outside force makes its are out of shape certain measure place is used. Spin material the power that certain measure place uses is drawing model quantity, still have likewise bend to the model is measured and reduce modular amount. Cite a case, a reinforcing steel bar I pull it what using is tensile strength energetically, if I am not pulled, the power that place of millimeter of mere drawing N uses is drawing model quantity. What intensity says is data can support how old outside force, modular quantity is material whether be out of shape easily below outside force. Is   of good fiber   wants to know to do bad carbon fiber to must know what is good carbon fiber first. First a fiber should be even diameter, even substance appearance, each paragraphs of fiber like whole fiber, intensity is inside certain limits. Intercept of different on a fiber place a paragraph of fiber, if their intensity is compared,be good fiber equably. Next same bundle fiber has thread of N much root, these fibrous intensity are good fiber equably quite. Hind, all part intensity, model measures all fiber and the function such as dimension all is achieved equably quite nominal the standard is good fiber. Nominal the carbon fiber of 3500MPa intensity, each fiber and fiber accord with a requirement each paragraphs, distributing equably in 2000MPa, this also does not applaud fiber. So good fiber is even standard. What Japanese carbon fiber does is better than us because their carbon fiber approachs this one level more,be. Before a few years, carbon fiber difference is with respect to difference on uniformity, nominal the fiber of carbon fiber some of T700 is taller than T1000, some still is inferior to T300. In last few years, pass indefatigable effort, quality of product of homebred carbon fiber had very big promotion, function also all was to have great improvement for a time. Function of carbon fiber of respecting of   of disperse coefficient   is spent equably, must say disperse coefficient, namely the CV cost that we often raise. Normally the side of product parameter the outside and the inside of carbon fiber manufacturer won't have this one. This is the parameter that industry interior undertakes communicating only. Nevertheless this parameter is affecting the use result of carbon fiber really. We are said quality of homebred carbon fiber is not stable normally, those who say also is disperse coefficient too big. So what calls disperse coefficient? Disperse coefficient makes coefficient of variation again, of token is the parameter of degree of deviate of two groups of data. Make an example, resemble in front say, the carbon fiber that production comes out today measures intensity, the intensity that measures with the carbon fiber that production came out yesterday undertakes contrast, if two groups of data had differred big, that is disperse coefficient too big, explain product quality is not stable. Analogy the example of a figure: Target practice. Target practice when our target is bull's eye, but the position that calls actually can have deviate, if deviate bull's eye is bigger, that is disperse coefficient big, deviate bull's eye is small, that is disperse coefficient smaller. Can what do these have to use again? Composite material has one big characteristic is the structure can design a gender, we can differ according to the requirement of workpiece, undertake the design of the respect such as accurately fiber lay up to its, produce the advantage of material efficiently. The accurate design here asks we must know the performance data of material well and truly. But if be the carbon fiber with disperse too big coefficient, namely the carbon fiber that we say quality is not stable, so accurate design does not know how to start. It is euqally difficult to go doing sewing work like the hand that trembles with a pair. Can say stable without quality carbon fiber, do not have high-powered composite material. CV is worth importance absolutely no less than intensity that we pay close attention to normally and modular quantity. The point of view that devises personnel so is, would rather intensity is not high, also do not want quality to be not stabilized. Want quality stability only, even if intensity is not high, I also can be made up for through structural design, the accurate design that this ability reflects composite material this one advantage. Of course, disperse coefficient affects the big application that still regards a structure as the component. Those like to develop the exterior friend and products company, do packet of Fu, become blame structural member, need not pay close attention to disperse coefficient too actually, can choose homebred carbon fiber. Also be give a strength for carbon fiber career.

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