Successive much material is complex the structure is a kind novel muti_function structural material. Study main focusing is in originally the numeric imitate of the mechanical behavior of structure of shape of afterbirth of material of 3D periodic sheet and relevant successive composite material and experimental result. The ideal structure of different bulk mark used FDM much material to undertake preparation, its compress function to used mechanical equipment to have a test. The in exceeding structure of shape of afterbirth of stretch material expect OK and outstanding obstacle that the result observes discovery is built-in is local of area cut belt. Make from this composite material is endured easily be out of shape tremendously and not invalidation. In addition, the soft photograph in showing much material as a result is revulsive till,be out of shape equably material of afterbirth shape structure, promote the load carrying capacity of whole composite material and flexibility thereby. Here, the balance between the flexibility that the result shows to composite material of successive much material offerred an ideal and load is designed, this says to comply with a gender. Complex number of extensive of meet an emergency is worth in 82~93% . Function of this one compound can use the value with be had very fundamental in setting in a lot of project, if synthesize limb, software machine support of the people can apparel structure, if shoe is mixed (secure limb) splint. Of much material add material to make provided a very competitive production measure, make the stuff that has different and mechanical quality OK alternative undertake production in a structure, the iteration that makes complex much construction part designs a structure to be able to pass negligible effort quickly to come true. Because composite material of successive much material is the same as composition,the data phase of material character has very superior quality quite, make a scientist right thereby this kind of material has very large interest. The each other that successive composite material has is worn have many functions character, effective mechanical performance, numerical value changes the form appearance of the definition, the extreme property of heat and report. However, what the different tenacity that the ability place of these structures offers offerred a robot in the character of a direction is muti_function the tremendous potential of the design, this makes the application of certain and special situation, be like soft clamp, this is the change of a space of material tenacity, its action offers valuable project solution in what be in at going. Regard additionally one kind of many material as the structure, high-powered energy absorbs what structural place appears to exceed plasticity and have reversible compression meet an emergency till 0.9 and high-powered energy is absorbed the structure can be made and get applied. There also are a few researches here is the blame that uses FEM method preparation about this what even each other wears composite material is sectional grow with hole and the job of invalidation.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The 3D that group of graph 1 (a) becomes 4×4×4 is periodic afterbirth shape structure; (B) successive much material composition, composition is software and horniness photograph, can bear axial compresses   here has 4 kinds of means to create much material structure, stereo photoetching (SL) , alternative agglomeration (SLS) , 3DP and melt deposit shape (FDM) . Close, stereo photoetching technology makes the mainstream technology that a lot of much material compositions make. Although this technology has a lot of advantages, if accumulation precision can achieve 16m, but this material suits UV light to undertake machining only. In addition, the photoetching data that suits to print currently can not support commonly tall material meet an emergency, the mechanical intensity that does not have ideal and wait in the invalidation below circular load easily. Almost all polymer data all can come those who implement this one measure print through heating nozzle. FDM, replaceable, it is the technology of a kind of low cost and the material that can get used to wide application. As a kind of advanced technology, printer of a few FDM makes his OK the 3D that realizes much material is printed.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Graph 2 (a ) did not cut belt (the flexibility of the structure of horniness afterbirth shape of ε=00.059) is out of shape; (b ) the initiative plasticity of ligament is out of shape, inter layer is formed cut belt (the comparison of the experimental result that structure of ε=0.0590.11);(c) afterbirth shape reduces and imitate result, not structure of shape of metabolic 4×4×4 afterbirth uses FDM to undertake production, its are corresponding meshy use at FEM simulative, its bulk mark is 30% , show at the   in the graph composite material of successive much material was drawing much attention in recent years, this depends on this stuff place providing some to distinguish the property at traditional composite material significantly. Stress concentration eliminates in what the interface is in, make the same score the tenacity that glide crosses, decrease bring to bear on the amount of material and the intense union of the material that print, all assemble not easily together, up-to-date the much material composite material that uses a convention just is able to come true. The example of a forward position, making what the much material technology that uses a convention undertakes production via alterable stiffness artificial limb is being had when tibial amputation the much material composite material of socket, use much material 3D to printed a technology to undertake production, workmanship is SL. Printed electrical outlet reduced the peak value that the interface contacts pressure between the body and electrical outlet to contact pressure, reduced 17 % . However, traditional form appearance place prints the electrical outlet of processing to have following drawback: (I) is in the tenacity in socket is discontinuous; (The poorer mechanical performance that place of the Ii) structure that print forms brings about the body to become fat;     (the data that Iii) uses different tenacity will satisfy comply with a gender. In addition, in the design domain of the robot, close research is being printed at using 3D will realize tigidity and flexible robot and have composition of place of stuff of gradient of 9 kinds of rank type, the structure that creation comes out from height flexible (as rubber same) to complete tigidity (be like kind thermoplastic plastic) , use the preparation that SL technology undertakes. The defect of the composite material of traditional much material that mentions considering above place, become crucial when the mechanical behavior of the much material composite material with new make a thorough inquiry. The job of the article has to the contribution of much material composite material at 2 o'clock. Dot, the mechanical behaviour that showed the structure of 3D of shape of weak data afterbirth with periodic 3D for everybody and relevant successive composite material. Our result makes clear, what this one composite material offerred to be able to accuse is flexible with the balance between load, perhaps say to make comply with a gender. at 2 o'clock, the much material composite material that we introduce has the capacity of height that provides perfect meet an emergency to restore. These function were offerred optimize mediumly in robot and synthetic construction prop up and flexible, make these structures connect in colleague body part biology material or structural likeness are the same as when touching. The contrast of the experimental result that the structure of successive much material that uses FDM technology to make reduces and numeric imitate result. This sample uses Bai Benlan (Bayblend) serves as horniness photograph, TPUs serves as software photograph. Succumb accordingly stress (use round punctuate to express) the reply with meet an emergency is numeric (use trigonometry dot to express) . Compound indication place is in significantly compress to primitive height is the same as when εmax≈0.35 (the reply between L0) . Much material composite material is in the mechanical behavior when compressing: (The bulk mark that the bulk mark of structure of A) horniness photograph is 30%;(b) software photograph is composite material of 70%;(c) much material by (the much material composite material that the structure of composite material of horniness of composite material;(d) that Ab) place forms is the same as software structure interaction, among them software material concealed;(e) project stress - result of curve of meet an emergency shows load susceptive reduces a result, the indication result; that is component A-d studied chime of afterbirth account data is the same as successive material Bai Benlan (Bayblend) serves as horniness photograph, the experimental result of the mechanical behavior after the sample after TPUs is using 3D to print technical FDM to make as the composite material of software photograph undertakes production and imitate result. Revealed when structure of single born of the same parents be out of shape behavior is enduring instability. In addition, its are much of material composite material be out of shape the mechanism offerred an explanation, action also gave the key of software photograph to emphasize, the stability that depends on this software material combining material in the Xiang Fu in the instability of afterbirth shape structure transfers. Its transfer will even be out of shape change to afterbirth shape structure, the load ability of the software that realized much material composite material to be the same as single load thereby and horniness photograph material gets rising. The result shows built-in software photograph arrives in horniness photograph structure, make its have flexibility more, offerred whole composite material to be had more thereby flexible. Our result shows 3D is periodic much material composite material, regard a structure as material, offerred an ideal flexible measure the balance between with stretch model, comply with a gender namely. Meet an emergency restores to be in 82~93% , after uninstall. The function of this one union offerred the versatility structure of much material and the quality that offerred data drive to make, be like the production of software robot and synthetic limb, and stalk or branch apparel structure, the production that is like shoe and plywood.

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