Still remember that retrograde motion by 2020, today, beautiful retrograde motion person people the EnVentus seed that bring back is in eventually everybody of a few months arduous help advance somebody's career next is in ties of factory of Tianjin engine room went a station of great achievements —— EnVentus engine room yielded successfully!

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Project manager Qu Xiaofeng is chaired congratulatory ceremony, bomingkai of president of AGT Asia-Pacific division (Michael Roy Balvers) attend and express enthusiastic congratulation to everybody. If what factory director Zhu Peng says, this extraordinary success cannot leave “ the indefatigable effort of each employee, also support energetically from what do not open project set, the success that tastes newly showed the actual strength of Tianjin factory, future also can bring Tianjin factory more opportunity. ” supports project group remotely to represent Shoaib Ahmad Nashir, ganesan Nagaraj is online also participated in this to celebrate joyously hour. EnVentus platform represented technology of innovation of the generation below Weisidasi, build on foundation of platform of 2MW of dimension Si Dasi, 4MW, enVentus platform can be passed advanced modular those who design more efficient contented client is custom-built change requirement. An aircrew can reduce 7500 tons of carbon dioxide every year to discharge to atmosphere, was equivalent to reducing the discharge capacity with 5000 annual passenger cars.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City