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Wei Sida Si Zaihua makes layout stride times of 6MW of onshore wind report formally

On June 18, 2021, dynamo new plant is in Weisidasi Tianjin peaceful amounts to practice of completion of economic technology development, this action indicates Si Zaihua makes a Wei Sida layout strides 6MW times formally. Plant investment makes an appointment with this dynamo 200 million yuan of money, cover an area of an area to exceed 150 thousand square metre, manufacturing workshop covers an area of a face to accumulate nearly 9 1000 square metre, basically use at be Weisidasi's banner 6MW EnVentus? Fan platform produces dynamo part. The design of new dynamo plant is produced can be annual 1500, production value predicted to obtain 800 million money 2021, create opportunity of 120 many obtain employment directly in future. Up to now, tianjin of dimension Si Dasi produces base (abbreviation: Tianjin base) gross area exceeds 400 thousand square metre, production of system of market engine room, lamina, dynamo, control is made at an organic whole, accumulative total investment exceeds 2.1 billion yuan of money, it is Weisidasi unifinication of big wind phone equipment produces base. Layer of Wei Sida Si Zaihua's partner, Weisidasi management and employee delegate attended this activity jointly.

Group of dimension Si Dasi carries out vice-president to hold Tommy Rahbek Nielsen of banquet operation official concurrently to connected the means of the line to participate in an activity with video, express in the speech: The supply of “ production base in us has decisive place in catenary. The completion practice of the factory reflected new dynamo our farther to the market acceptance. We believe, by right of making, the lead dominant position of the respect such as product, service, weisidasi neutralizes the carbon that be in the effect with the mainer play in the process. ”Base of Tianjin of dimension Si Dasi only then built 2005, it is Weisidasi invests importantly in the market. From 2009 since completion, while Tianjin base is accelerating mainland to change manufacturing step ceaselessly, devote oneself to will banner wind energy equipment to make a technology introduce from beginning to end, accord with the fan component of standard of quality of dimension Si Dasi to be offerred with the international market. Tianjin base is mixed by blade factory, dynamo factory, controller factory at present engine room assembles factory composition, almost Weisidasi the wind mechanism of all types builds factory be in harmony to be an organic whole, it is the base of exclusive this kind of production inside limits of dimension Si Dasi. This the completion of dynamo new plant makes the dynamo plant measure of Tianjin base achieves two, among them dynamo factory built a plant 2006, basically produce a dynamo for 2 MW and 4MW fan platform. To satisfy the market demand that the client changes ceaselessly, did Weisidasi decide 2019 6MW EnVentus? The production of fan platform introduces, dynamo new plant also from this emerge as the times require. Current, 75% what the dynamo that comes from Tianjin base held dynamo of dimension Si Dasi to be measured for goods, as the completion of new plant and put into production, weisidasi is in and production layout will get be strengtheninged further. Does president of senior vice president, division ask group of dimension Si Dasi Mass? Keller (Thomas Keller) express: “ this year is Weisidasi enters the market the 35th year. Regard wind report as one of person that the early carry out of the industry goes, weisidasi holds to ‘ to be in from beginning to end, the development strategy that is ’ , this locality that pushs wind cable industry hand in hand with partner, supplier turns the development of productivity and promotion. Below the period setting of epidemic situation, the completion practice of dynamo new plant reflected the sturdy confidence of root of dimension Si Dasi again. We will are with real operation but the high quality development of industry of second birth energy contributes force, carbon of ‘2030 of the comprehensive implementation that help strength amounts to peak, 2060 carbon to neutralize the ambitious goal of ’ . ”During the activity, the success of the dynamo of 6 MW of stage of important milestone —— that Weisidasi still celebrated EnVentus this locality to turn production and engine room product gets offline. Pushed the EnVentus platform to the market to combine Weisidasi 2019 2MW, 4 MW and 9 MW platform are long the technology of experience card and systematic design, and advanced modular concept, it is Weisidasi in wind energy domain the “ of experience of 40 one's remaining years and wisdom crystallizes ” . Modular design gifts EnVentus platform had unprecedented flexibility, what can configure contented client to grow increasingly through more extensive fan is custom-built change requirement. Weisidasi Bo Mingkai of official of area banquet operation (Michael Roy Balvers) express: “ from dynamo new plant cast carry to arrive of dynamo of stage 6MW EnVentus and engine room product get offline, these try hard to make clear, weisidasi is deepening the acceptance to the market ceaselessly, unremitting ground brings lead product and technology, create more value for client and partner. ”Once EnVentus comes out to feel the keen demand of the market, since release, already harvested the order that exceeds 2GW to be based on this platform. 2020, to satisfy the market demand that the client changes ceaselessly in par times, weisidasi released V162-6.0 MW in the market, this is Weisidasi at present one of type of big stand-alone power of market of onshore wind cable.
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