Annulus oxygen vinyl ester colophony vinyl ester colophony is to use epoxy resin and not saturated sour reaction to be made, make its have the mechanical character that is similar to epoxy resin while, have character of craft of not saturated resinous more. The extreme of its element catenary has tall cross-linking to spend, the Shuang Jian of fast response active, chemical performance is steady, stabilize benzene aether key to make vinyl ester colophony is had among them good anti-corrosive characteristic. Additional, ester radical is located in molecular catenary to carry a department only, the cross-linking when solidify reacts also is undertake in upright ministry only, whole element catenary does not attend reaction, accordingly, molecular catenary is OK drawing, show better tenacity, outspread rate can achieve 4 % ~ 8 % . In the meantime, the hydroxyl in vinyl ester element, increased colophony the wellability to fibre glass. Inferior viscosity makes colophony agrees with craft of most glass reinforced plastics shapes. 3 car assembly makes use sort of high-powered vinyl resinous: Vinyl of oxygen of annulus of 3.1 general standard double phenolic A vinyl of oxygen of annulus of A of double phenol of ester colophony standard ester colophony is to use methylic acrylic acid and epoxy resin of double phenolic A to wait to be synthesized through activator reaction, already dissolve at styrene solution, this colophony is in have the following characteristic: 1 " high strenth; 2 " better tenacity and outspread rate, fatigue resistance is good; 3 " hear resistance is good; 4 " resinous element structure makes clear: With common vinyl ester colophony (be like rich horse acerbity modified vinyl ester colophony) photograph comparing, this colophony has improvement Bo fine wellability and rise stick relay, also can bear taller outside force percussive chemistry radical is round, have admirable craft sex; Loop of the enough mechanical strength that as a result of annulus oxygen vinyl ester colophony has with its and stiffness, heat-resisting, anticorrosive distinctive function, satisfied the requirement of product of high quality FRP better. But shrinkage of solidify of this kind of resinous or photograph contrast are bigger, cannot satisfy the product with more expensive precision of measure of a few products, this are in auto industry especially important. But all the time since the how controls colophony solidify systole technology issue that perplexes FRP engineer, did not gain the headway of materiality, more FRP engineers are undertaking FRP goods and mould are designed, shrinkage allowance is made when making through experience, control is contractive; Or contract through adding filling, low contractive additive to control, assure the dimension precision of goods, but practical effect is not apparent, or affect other property to wait. And chemical industry of domestic Shanghai rich morning achieves the choice with exceed low systole vinyl to ester resinous is developed successfully and apply FRP engineer to bring better, solved afore-mentioned technical difficult problem well, make manufacturer very make high quality FRP goods and pattern easily, bring far-reaching influence to FRP industry, of this product roll out very big echo was caused in industry of domestic and international FRP. The FRP product that waits for an industry in car, train, model, mould receives wide application in development, with respect to wh some of which typical application makes one simple introduction below. Of assembly of 3.1.1 FRP car make basically use hand paste, eject, RTM, vacuum to permeate colophony to wait shape the structure with higher demand of precision of the technology measure that make and second construction part, lid of roof of housing of dial of door, appearance, automobile body, incrustation, engine; Ester colophony uses annulus oxygen vinyl at RTM, vacuum to permeate colophony craft to make FRP car part increasing. Beam of Aerostar of American Ford four-wheel drive is to use what make with FRP component design. Muti_function of the car before crossbeam / transverse bedspring, although this unifinication component is small but the structure is complex, and can bear Gao Zaihe, need to secure its with bolt only on board. Because the function such as structural intensity, stiffness, wear and suspension asks, the data that uses so basically is fibre glass enhances material and vinyl ester colophony, workmanship is RTM. Installation of accessory place and buffer stopper is installed to be in in 6, embed by steel increase in order to bear very tall compression load. The composite material envelope that structural itself spends by material of polyurethane foam core and thickening is comprised. If place of other costume accessories is low bridge is in a cantilever to use fibre glass fabric to increase. Besides bogie, shock absorber, low position control outside arm and buffer stopper, crossbeam still installs accessory place to prop up transverse leaf spring in two, this design is to be based on road surface pothole to pound (3g) , take a sudden turn (1g) , large front wheel accelerates the assorted effect with 1g of apply the brake. Stiffness and the basis that wear asks are original steel structure. This component weighs 27 Kg, and same steel component part weighs 33kg. 3.1.2 high quality moulds are made in recent years, the competition of quality performance of objective capable person of FRP goods is intense, manufacturing efficiency and quality management requirement are particularly strict also, to the mould high-powered change and tall function changes a requirement to increase ceaselessly, at the same time to model the mould of core and modular antrum form a complete set gradually to low pressure (2-8kg/cm2) , heat at the same time (40-80 ℃ ) configuration is patulous, but high quality to a pair FRP mould, must have the following demand: The mechanical strength with enough A) and stiffness; The dimension stability with enough B) ; The hear resistance with enough C) and heat-resisting loop sex; D) is able to bear or endure admirably bad news of chemical, wear-resisting and flatness, have burnish. Reason makes place raise taller requirement character with material to the mould, colophony material is one of main body material that make a pattern character, it is the main base that mould material integral performance increases, the following characteristic should have applicable to the mould colophony: A) low systole is characteristic, achieve 0 systole even. The craft sex with good B) . Enough mechanical strength and stiffness can be offerred after C) solidify. The hear resistance with good D) . The corrosion resistance with admirable E) and the existing material that goes up to market, adjacent benzene is mixed a benzene colophony all cannot very good and contented afore-mentioned integral performance. Its weakness is as follows: 1, because its hear resistance is poorer, its polyester glass reinforced plastics is less than 80 ℃ in the hear resistance of dry state, should use a mould to heat in the loop have product hind when solidify is handled, because heat-resisting is insufficient, cause a mould to be out of shape, exterior fibre glass appears, affect goods surface quality; 2, systole is big, because resinous solidify systole can produce internal stress, goods can produce micro-crack accordingly, form exterior blemish, affect the intensity of goods and stiffness, hand in in temperature especially change circumstance or warm up below the condition, internal stress gets releasing be meetinged affecting mould intensity; Next, as a result of the dimension precision that contract and affects a pattern; Additional, resinous systole can form trace of fibrous of glass reinforced plastics in mould surface, affect exterior quality; 3, corrosion resistance is poor. Because mould surface needs to go up fluid of drawing of patterns and candle of drawing of patterns, these material are basic it is organic matter contains solvent a kind material, and, goods produces styrene in the colophony in the process that shapes in the mould, these material have to the mould corrode action. Colophony of vinyl ester polyester already formed the mainstream of mould material now, replaced the situation of a benzene colophony unify the whole country on the tradition. Limited company of chemical industry of Shanghai rich morning rolls out exceed vinyl of oxygen of small contractive ring loop of the enough mechanical strength that the application of ester polyester colophony on the mould satisfied a mould to ask better and stiffness, enough dimension stability, heat-resisting and low mould depreciation cost. hands paste shapes made FRP pattern is current, a few main car FRP parts of domestic produce business the pattern that our mould vinyl ester colophony uses FRP car part is made and on goods, mould of mould of paste having a hand, RTM mould, true suction model, polyurethane is epispastic mould, their product is main application Yu Yaben, masses, Yi Weike, old train part is reached on the model such as Si Baoer of eaves, Kai. pouring shape pattern of made polymer mould polymer is to use the annulus oxygen that joins filling, polyester, vinyl ester, polyurethane to wait for colophony of hot solid sex normally, use pouring the pattern that honest legal system becomes. Use ask at making figure of pressure of consummate temperature, inject, speed combining a model, product wait rate is moderate slant the product mould below. Polymer mould wall is large control for 15mm commonly, large mould needs to have the system that prop up. The moulding frequency of vinyl ester mould already exceeded 18000 times, compare with photograph of annulus oxygen mould, its service life, be able to bear or endure chemistry is corroded, be able to bear or endure lukewarm performance is better, low-cost, can use the metallic pattern that replaces high cost. Polymer mould has the characteristic of simple and easy, sudden economy, increasingly wide application receives in the punch mould of the metal of the car, in order to get used to the age that car industry much variety, little batch produces now. Now, this kind of producer type occupies the proportion that industry produces to will amount to 75% above. It is goods uses cycle weak point on one hand, breed is updated fast, the pattern change of goods is frequent on the other hand, all ask the manufacturing cycle of the mould has been jumped over more quickly. Accordingly, develop sudden economy mould to cause the attention of people more and more. Colophony punch mould receives success application in the trial-produce of homebred car. One steam mould made central design create 12 colophony pattern is ala of left and right sides of boot, engine cover, around respectively child board wait for large and complex inside and outside to enclothe drawing mould. Its are main the characteristic is mould face machine with CAD/CAM advocate the model is fiducial, use vinyl of oxygen of high strenth colophony, small contractive ring ester colophony is pouring figuration, punch-die clearance uses an entrance special candle piece accurate control, mould dimension precision is tall, production cycle can shorten 1/2-2/3, 12 moulds make charge can save 10 million yuan or so. Colophony develops mould technology to produce open up for trial-produce of our country car and small lot a way, belong to home to achieve. Additional, the application that goes up in car as goods of SMC composite material is increasingly wide. Composite material goods more and more appear compositive change, large the tide that turn, if use technology of conventional SMC mould pressing, the development expenses of its steel model is met very tall. The low-pressure SMC technology that develops now, because shape temperature (120 ℃ are controlled) , of pressure reduce make use metalloid polymer mould to become a possibility. The batch that the successful development of this craft replaces metallic stuff to go up in car for composite material is used reduced production cost. BMC of 3.2 SMC / is used can add vinyl of stiff annulus oxygen ester colophony can design ester colophony vinyl so that accord with a shape moulding to expect craft asks, add namely stiff model vinyl ester colophony (like FUCHEM 893) . This is a kind of colophony that can make solidify process section undertakes, use at beforehand impregnant or piece in shape moulding makings, make solidify reaction has B level first, undertake hot pressing shapes again next. To make colophony can be used at SMC craft, must chemistry adds stiff performance, can withhold the not saturated sex in the element again, make cross-linking solidify can undertake when shape. Acidity and luscious group introduced on vinyl ester element for this, for stiff change reaction to use. This kind of colophony is righter than polyester colophony of fibre glass osmotic good, have better liquidity, make the pressure when hot pressing OK bring down, there is very rapid response rate again in B phase. Vinyl of oxygen of this kind of annulus ester colophony piece shape moulding makings can be used at structural member of mould pressing FRP, especially the structural member on the car, in order to reduce weight. Join thermoplastic the low contractive additive of material can improve exterior function and low contractility. BMC of / of SMC of vinyl ester colophony basically wins application in the car, use at making high strenth structural member especially, it is more important that in machinery of the physics in this kind of spare parts function is like intensity, tenacity, and exterior demand is relative for not tall. Additionally it also applies at asking anti-corrosive or those who be able to bear or endure is hot place. The watch listed car class SMC and SMC of high strenth of vinyl ester colophony (HSMC) intensity function is compared. SMC HSMC HSMC of compositive / % (VER) tensile strength of 403030 502525 65350 of filling of colophony of fibre glass / MPa flexural strength / MPa 131296 179345 221428 before car assembly chooses fibre glass to regard as mostly absolutely with colophony of SMC / BMC enhance material, be opposite as people of car light quantify, low oily cost, high security, of the demand that reduces environmental pollution rise, composite material of high strenth fiber, especially carbon fiber composite material (CFRP) , because its quality is small, and have high strenth, tall tigidity, have be able to bear or endure goodly creep and corrosion resistance, because have the car of the future very much however,use light quantify material. The application of carbon fiber composite material on the car, what the United States begins is good. Carbon fiber enhances composite material to have weight the advantage of light, high mechanical performance, curve a model to measure especially (stiffness) outstanding. Reduce weight for old rate, carbon fiber enhances material the epoxy resin that does not contain filling is used to be made on the tradition. Because use a hand,colophony delivers moulding to shape craft, this material uses the aviation component of production small lot, special product such as cycle racing normally. And the high cost of epoxy resin, of carbon fiber price costly shape thick and fast with labor craft restricted carbon fiber composite material to apply medium use in dimensions industrialization. For this domestic and international industry devotes oneself to dimensions to change, the research and development that low cost carbon fiber enhances composite material, 2 are created 6 years in going 20 years in fact crop breaks up time record, the price of carbon fiber already got descendent, application also gets stimulative. If capture good luck to accelerate development further, carbon fiber composite material realizes large-scale car application before long, have very objective possibility. Car assembly applies CF ~ SMC to be able to make weight is reduced apparently, join subsequently, bear the weight of the weight of accessory of component part, fastener also can be reduced. In fact car assembly should bear normally a variety of load, if we produce material the drawing of 50% and the flexural strength action of 50% , the wall that means CF-SMC part then is large can decrease than traditional SMC 40% , be based on tigidity accordingly, if use CF - it is OK that SMC replaces standard SMC reduce weight 55% the left and right sides. Close, the SMC(CF-SMC) of vinyl ester carbon fiber of the half structure that company of colophony of composite material of resinous of hot solid sex rolled out Europe to be used at be not class A surface and structural car assembly. The raw material that ester carbon fiber tastes this vinyl newly and shape equipment is by German Ludwigshafen the company is offerred. What produce CF-SMC to be able to be offerred wonderful but moulding sex, very light weight and high mechanical performance. Group share is mixed for colophony of Atlac XP810 vinyl ester dispersive model big silk bundle (48K) carbon fiber enhances ability. CF-SMC shows good liquidity and even fiber to distributing quality, the speed that shut a model and solidify time can consult standard SMC, with mould pressing of CF-SMC of content of 50Wt % fiber its proportion is 1.5 % . The mechanical function of modular casting die (3-2 seeing a table) with specific gravity apparent excel is equal the SMC that fibre glass enhances. Watch (3-2) CF - SMC (fiber content 50 % ) GPa ISO 527 27 of quantity of model of drawing of MPa ISO 527 175 of tensile strength of remarks of numerical value of par of test of mechanical function project ruptures MPa ISO 178 315 of flexural strength of the outspread ISO 527 1 that lead % curves a model to measure GPa ISO 178 23 to rupture the outspread ISO 178 1.6 that lead %

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