Traffic of ester colophony orbit basically includes vinyl of oxygen of annulus of density of 3.3 efficient and flame retardant, low smoke, low noxiousness: The train (train) , railroad car, the subway, light course. Current, our country people is long-distance giving a main vehicle is train, to the traffic inside the city of large city character is the subway and light course wait. Heat up solid sexComposite materialWith its inherent character was the development of the orbit industry such as railroad to make certain contribution, heat up solid sex however composite material is to be based on organic element structure, this organic element structure is in catching fire is a kind of potential combustible below case. CommonColophony of not saturated polyesterThe main drawback that application exists on railroad industry is combustible, the time that car stops to withdraw with the passenger is insufficient. Accordingly, each country all was made those who differ is flame retardant (include smoke and poison) the safety that standard, safeguard and clause will come to protect a passenger. Hot solid composite material is on orbit traffic the component of applicable is very extensive, if be in track facilities respect, can do grille of cable truss, footpath, grille to protect box of column, electric equipment, prevent a confusion of voices to prevent column of bewildered board, chimney, lamp, site kiosk, compound crosstie; In interior trim of car vehicle trunk respect, between toilet of the door window that can make a car, seat, wallboard, roof, floor, whole, wash one's hands and face, collect air channel of desk of box, tea, rack, air conditioning reach other part. The solid that use heat composite material will make afore-mentioned parts its are main the advantage is as follows: 1, as taller than having as metallic photograph intensity weight is compared and coefficient of thermal conductivity is low, achieve the goal of economic weight and fuel thereby; 2, the craft that make is simple, cost is low, can shape, achieve low investment and manufacturing cost; 3, high “ designs stretch ” , it has the capacity that can make complex appearance not only and producible pledge gently the sandwich structure of the epispastic tigidity intermediate; 4, anticorrosion, service life is long; 5, reduce noise, fight magnetism, insulation, sound insulation, achieve environmental protection requirement. When catching fire to reduce, its itself serves as a kind of combustible and cause bigger loss, the supplier of each big not saturated colophony of each country threw development of material resources of much labor power to make a lot of flame retardant colophony asks with satisfying the application of different component. Earlier flame retardant colophony is main jumping-off place is flame retardant is reached do not light, in applying actually, people discovery, most in fire dead is be choked by sootiness insensible and block up flees for his life. Be based on this result, increased low hair smoke and the quota with low poisonous smoke to flame retardant concept. The reaction that traditional common weighs flame retardant colophony can be achieved in flame retardation respect those who concern is flame retardant requirement, but its are measured in hair smoke and smoke noxiousness side satisfies increasingly rigid standard very hard. Add new-styly because of this kind model not saturated and flame retardant colophony is developed subsequently. Add model flame retardant colophony is generally refer to in colophony of not saturated polyester (contain flame retardant and blame is flame retardant) in those who join solid fire retardant to make is flame retardant colophony. This colophony is one kind can reach the target with smoke of flame retardant, low hair and low smoke avirulent even poison. At first flame retardant colophony is go up in structure of molecular monomer framework or introduce with the form of additive haloid, match with 3 oxidation 2 antimony (Sq01) associated agent will solve, although this is very effective flame retardant system, but life is complex, haloid system can arise when catch fire many thick black smoke, this smoke can make a person insensible flee for his life with block up. Then, people is used another flame retardant the method is to join hydration alumina, hydration alumina is a kind of inorganic powder, when be heated meeting absorption of heat decomposes alumina and vapor, after composite material photograph combines it and hot solid sex, in catch fire below the circumstance, hydration alumina serves as flame retardant additive passes the oxygen in refrigeration and vapor dilute air to achieve flame retardant the effect. As accompany a function, vapor is having aerosol low-key function at the same time, vapor is avirulent, because this hydration alumina is fire retardant of a kind of very good low hair smoke, avirulent sex. This kind of colophony basically is adjacent benzene is mixed a benzene general-purpose not saturated colophony, this kind of colophony is increasing an amount through adding flame retardant after filling, colophony viscosity is general taller, construction craft sex is poorer, and the physical machinery function of FRP goods drops bigger. Of other type flame retardant colophony still has acrylic modified resin (like MODAR colophony) wait with phenolic aldehyde colophony. The company solved Yashenlan to add model flame retardant because colophony adds the problem with the construction bad technical properties that a large number of fire retardant cause, its are flame retardant colophony HETRON series and MODAR series, like heating up solid not saturated colophony with other, on construction craft, can be used as hand paste, eject, SMC&BMC, RTM, vacuum moulding and inject moulding, crowded pull etc, what according to adding workpiece is counted and economy can choose different type is flame retardant colophony applies in different technology. Afore-mentioned two old series are flame retardant colophony already then in the the English Channel TGV of the cable bridge inside, France, a lot of orbit such as establishment of new-style train, subway receive success application on traffic project. Domestic colophony manufacturer also began the research of this respect, obtain certain positive result, especially the acrylic acid of RESAFE series modified that limited company of chemical industry of Shanghai rich morning rolls out is flame retardant colophony, foreign level is reached in the respect such as density of efficient and flame retardant, low smoke, low noxiousness, import colophony more than on certain property, the sex of the craft that make with good if, place makes machine of FRP goods physics performance is higher. This colophony gets the test attestation of American relevant orgnaization, replace its the entrance is flame retardant colophony, a large number of success application receive in the Gaotie inside the abroad such as project of foundation of new artery of Beijing subway, Taiwan, Argentine subway, GE and subway project. [Body of Font= the Song Dynasty] colophony [body of Font= the Song Dynasty] [body of Font= the Song Dynasty] type [body of Font= the Song Dynasty] [body of Font= the Song Dynasty] attestation [body of Font= the Song Dynasty] 928FR is flame retardant model RoHS of attestation of UL94 V0 of colophony of acrylic acid of oxygen of annulus of low smoke density detects attestation 958FR particular kind is small hair smoke is flame retardant010 attestation (SGS) RoHS detects attestation 968FR low noxiousness is flame retardant model attestation of DIN5510-2 of colophony of modified acrylic acid (SGS) NF F16-101: Attestation of 1988 F0, M1 (SGS) 3.4 flexible annulus oxygen vinyl ester colophony is flexible ester colophony photograph compares vinyl ester colophony and traditional annulus oxygen vinyl, its are outspread rate is higher, stick receive strength greatly rise, fight strong intensity to raise nearly 4 times, the intensity between the layer rises 20% , have distinctive wearability. Enhance material with Kevlar fiber or other operable, the high strenth that make and be able to bear or endure fatigue goods, wait like motion or helmet of for military use, caique. What colophony of Shanghai Fu Chen FUCHEM 810 belongs to modified of this kind of balata is flexible annulus oxygen vinyl ester colophony. This colophony gets applied on loco of high speed train. Before the car head of train of Italian ETR500 high speed dash forward what use partly is fiber of fragrant black silk ribbon increases flexible annulus oxygen vinyl composite material of ester resinous FRP, use vacuum colophony to permeate craft to shape. The accords with aerodynamics line requirement car head that shapes with model of this kind of material is had fight concussion ability exceedingly goodly, when train with 300KM/h speed travel from time to tome very good dimension stability. 4 summary enter 20 centuries since 80 time, a lot of moves the car manufacturer of the name threw a large number of manpower, material resources to begin composite material technology and advanced composite material to study in the application of auto industry, 80 time later period, enclothe outside composite material automobile body get many application and promotion, be like engine cover, ala child board, tailgate of cover of roof of door, car, diversion, railroad car, appeared even the truck cab of complete composite material and car automobile body. According to statistic, occupy the 33 % left and right sides of total output of native composite material about in the dosage of composite material of Euramerican car waiting for a country, become growth state. Composite material also from make simple car be not bear force enter make bear force, composite material serves as outside of car outside Fu use the interior trim to the car develop with structural member direction. Prepare axis of drive of advanced composite material, board reed and batholith of car of complete composite material and automobile body early or late. French SORA company developed automobile body of car of complete composite material and heavy-duty truck cab for Reynolds Motor Corporation. Company of Shanghai general Liuzhou and the family that east wind company plans to roll out complete composite material use limousine. The place on put together is narrated, composite material is made in car go up receive increasingly wide application, urgent need studies development goes can make produce character to measure efficiency of stabler, production the new material with lower fare of taller, processing, new technology. Present composite material shapes not paste of hand of be confined to, mould pressing, twine etc, new technique delivers SMC of mould pressing of moulding RRIM, scroll to shape like RTM, colophony, pull crowded, autoclave to wait to appear in succession; Its matrix colophony by traditional general adjacent benzene, colophony of benzene colophony, epoxy resin, phenolic aldehyde to high-powered annulus oxygen vinyl ester colophony develops; Enhance material to also wait for development to fiber of high-powered carbon fiber, fragrant black silk ribbon by fibre glass. The use of these high-powered data, improved the structure of composite material, performance greatly, rose to shape speed and production quality, those who quickened composite material to go up in the car is practical change a course. Believe, as the need that car industry admits, the raw material material that will develop all sorts of property will satisfy suit and prompt the demand that increases car industry increasingly.

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