On March 22, the reporter learns from Ba Ling petrifaction, vessel of ship of Ba Ling petrifaction composite material passes attestation of ship's classification society smoothly with epoxy resin system, will obtain ship vessel to make wait for high-end domain to use intelligence, implementation quantity is produced. Ship's classification society is to be engaged in shipping exclusively examining into class the professional orgnaization of business, naval vessel of Ba Ling petrifaction is marine epoxy resin system is this company second the attestation that undertakes to system of raw material epoxy resin, also be the system that home adopts attestation exclusively.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Naval vessel is marine epoxy resin system is mixed by agent of high-powered epoxy resin, solidify composition of a variety of functional sex auxiliary, do not contain solvent, green environmental protection, its condensate has superior mechanical performance, corrosion resistance to be able to be mixed hot property, use at goods of composite material of ship vessel carbon fiber. Carbon fiber composite material pledges gently excel in, but design and it is good to appear wave sex, without magnetism and the capability that defy wind is strong, it is good shipbuilding stuff. Compare with traditional wooden vessel and steel ship photograph, light, anti-corrosive, service life grows weight of vessel of ship of carbon fiber composite material, check upkeep costs is low, the energy-saving, effect that decrease a platoon is apparent. 2019, this product undertakes in one client company in trial production, produce manufacturing product, detect via professional orgnaization, all function index all excel before. Ba Ling petrifaction is domestic home research and development gives naval vessel boat the company that composite material uses epoxy resin system, ceng Chenggong develops the product such as system of epoxy resin of sucker rod of carbon fiber composite material.

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