Shanghai ——2021 year on March 5, banner industrial coating colophony and company of auxiliary supplier Zhan Xin announce material of Zhan Xinke ability (fine promote) limited company holds water formally, accelerate construction class environmental protection in the round at the same time high-powered colophony produces base, advance green innovation, use the demand that colophony and auxiliary increase ceaselessly in order to satisfy to high quality coating with the market.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Smooth lake city alone developing zone of hill harbor economy and autograph of Zhan Xinshu fat make an appointment with new student of spot     to produce base settle at Zhejiang city of Jia Xingping lake alone developing zone of hill harbor economy, cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 150 mus, earlier dimensions changes construction to invest 200 million dollars about, standard of according to environmental protection, build home to bend the colophony of class industry environmental protection that points to to produce base, predict to built go into operation 2022. As the promotion of the progress of economic development, science and technology and people living standard, each industries quicken an innovation, coating product forward more the way of environmental protection, energy-saving, intelligence develops, dimensions of market of ability in swimming and other environmental protection resinous also greets high speed to grow. Among them, accumulate the requirement that contained the industrial painting of nearly 60% increases, it is one of markets with industrial coating big potential. Crystal clear makes the same score a lake newly alone hill harbor produces base to will divide a pace to build 15 product line according to market demand; Colophony of coating of colophony of solidify of radiate of colophony of polyurethane of colophony of coating of oxygen of lake be surrounded by mountains and solidify agent, ability in swimming, ability in swimming, phenolic aldehyde, polyester basically is produced after building the product such as acrylic ester colophony, amino colophony and colophony of radiation solidify special type, the coating that is applied extensively at the building, household, Gao Tie, car, electron, printing ink that pack and special purpose. Miguel Mantas of apparitor of crystal clear new place expresses: “ Zhan Xin has been in China investment development exceeds 20 old time, already was Zhan Xin's big single market and strategic base, be in this China investment table understands Zhan Xin to do make powerful determination greatly. Prospective Zhan Xin produces what assure class continuously craft and high quality product, deepen collaboration and innovation with the client, the coating product that brings more green for the market and faster and efficient service are answered, to promote the green of coating industry innovation transition contributes a force. ”President of new old division Dr. Zou Yi expresses crystal clear of base of refer new production: “ in recent years, code of zoology environmental protection is concentrated be born, industrial establishment forward the way that automation, intelligence changes upgrades, new-style infrastructure construction also is being advanced quickly, these elements promoted paint business to be opposite demand of environmental protection high-powered resinous. In smooth lake city and alone the support of various government leaves developing zone of hill harbor economy, each be born that we are intensifying boosting new base works, the crop inside crystal clear new range will be become after building rich, intelligence turns tall, product line, science and technology converts the plant with high level. ”Invest to this, alone Mu Yunan of chairman of committee of management of development of hill harbor economy expresses: Alone developing zone of hill harbor economy devotes oneself to to build division of assemble of enterprise of high quality foreign capital, crystal clear new company is domain of industrial coating colophony get army enterprise, of crystal clear new project introduce the area that it is garden to develop new material industry and make “ the power with new infuse of garden of industry of 10 thousand mus of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two ” . We will optimize battalion business environment continuously, the Zhan Xin that help strength alone base of hill harbor production builds go into operation at an early date. Zhejiang alone developing zone of hill harbor economy east adjacent Shanghai, look out sea, carry face Shanghai on the back, assemble of chemical property essential factor, it is area of garden of chemical latent capacity 10 strong units. Garden area is development concept with construction of program of high starting point, high level, high quality service, infrastructure and public project form a complete set are perfect. Already introduced a lot of 500 mix by force international industry is banner enterprise, and large home appears on the market company, it is the base of new material industry with main bank of Hangzhou bay north.

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