April, after epoxy resin market rises first, drop. At the beginning of the month, epoxy resin market rises considerably as before. Double raw material all appears wide cut rises prices, the cost face strength that prop up is apparent, epoxy resin price follows more raw material rises considerably. Liquid colophony suffers export order effect, made the another big secondary attack that the factory rises considerably. Additional, epoxy resin of yellow hill solid suffers environmental protection superintend and director to examine an impact, start working bear lasts low, also be the one big inducement that colophony price rises considerably. A period of ten days of the middle of a month, carried on of the first ten days of a month go up situation, bullish sentiment did not decrease epoxy resin as before, and petrifaction of raise farming, Ba Ling has the overhaul to plan, supply resource shortage, whole is bullish atmosphere upsurges as before. Lunar end, concussion of double raw material is down, the cost face strength that prop up is weaker. Come high as a result of colophony price peak, receive dish of ability downstream greatly abate, market ask Pan Rui is decreased. Epoxy resin of the liquid below influence of a lot of element begins to drop, the market falls into declining tendency apparently. At the beginning of May, double raw material falls continuously, colophony boundless sky falls, type of cliff of teasel root of afterwards of market price case glides. Vehicle of brief halt of Mitsui of the petrifaction in now and Jiangsu Changchun a line falls bear, just let BPA be able to stop drop, closing quotation signs up for 26000 yuan from time to tome / ton; ECH continues shade drops, the mainstream sends 13800 yuan / ton, pass glycerine insecurity price to have rise trend, makings drop unapt too big, short-term inside the likelihood stops drop time firm. Colophony pressure of each plant inventory is enormous, although move valence to still cannot satisfy downstream desire again and again, increase wait-and-see psychology instead, do not move when this skill. By issueing opinion, if one pace reachs the designated position,do not return to rational price, first small profits takes an amount, let act downstream, wait for come out to take production of money go into operation, one's style of work as well as one's moral quality of price of the redo after colophony plant inventory decreases is whole, do not know to be denied like that? According to the report: Big heavy goods trades one of business economist Saad Rahim is in seat of the group that hold a gram in the palm say on the telephone conference that group of American Fu Ruijin be in harmony sponsors, heavy goods price still has more to rise space, what still be in bullish cycle because of us is inchoate, the demand drive element of a few keys has not produce effect. Group of be in harmony of American rich Ruijin points out, bring about the market to tend tightening element of spruce crucial and main area will be driving demand growth, especially the Asia grows with the demand of nonlocal area greatly, and serious supply is restricted, this means future to have to price of 3 years of heavy goods very big go up latent capacity. Should cast express all right: “Rahim explained a reason, can say, the risk of current occurrence shortage is bigger, the date of delivery that the reason includes new item is lengthened, the investment that lack supplies to increasing, and very hopeful demand foreground. ”

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