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UV solidify resinous develops

Ultraviolet light solidify (UV) colophony is the photosensitive colophony with relatively inferior quantity of a kind of element, have what can undertake smooth solidify reacts base round, be like of all kinds not saturated Shuang Jian or annulus oxygen radical. It is smooth solidify product (adhesive of printing ink of UV coating, UV, UV) main body composition, its function basically decided the main function of the material after solidify. At present colophony of domestic smooth solidify basically has annulus oxygen acrylic acid colophony of acrylic acid of colophony of acrylic acid of ester, polyurethane, polyester, amino acrylic colophony and light are become like colophony of alkaline dissolve sex. One, characteristics of all sorts of smooth solidify resinous and application 1, colophony of polyurethane acrylic acid this also is current application is wide, with colophony of generous smooth solidify. Because colophony of polyurethane acrylic acid is had relatively the integral performance of beautiful, if solidify film has exceedingly good wearability and flexibility, good be able to bear or endure chemical sex, impact resistance and electric function, right plastic the adherent strength with wait for base material to have better, because this is used at smooth solidify widely paper, carpentry, plastic with metallic coating He Guanggu melts adhesive of printing ink, smooth solidify. Main breed has scent a group of things with common features and adipose a group of things with common features colophony of polyurethane acrylic acid. 2, colophony of polyester acrylic acid also is more commonly used smooth solidify colophony. Because colophony is had small taste, low excitant, better flexibility and painty wetability, in often cooperating colophony of annulus oxygen acrylic acid and colophony of polyurethane acrylic acid to turn printing ink of paint and smooth solidify with Yu Guanggu. 3, because amino acrylic colophony is had after colophony solidify hear resistance and be able to bear or endure it is good to await a gender, be able to bear or endure goodly chemical sex, hardness is advanced characteristic, in often cooperating colophony of annulus oxygen acrylic acid and colophony of polyurethane acrylic acid to turn coating and printing ink with Yu Guanggu. 4, light is become resembling colophony of alkaline dissolve sex is the colophony that special Yu Guangcheng fights He Guangcheng of corrode printing ink to resemble ink stick of soldering paste of liquid state block like liquid state, contain carboxyl group, can become with buck develop picture, solidify film has superior electric performance, be able to bear or endure chemical sex and hear resistance. The colophony of annulus oxygen acrylic acid that main breed has modified of copolymer of Ma Lai acid anhydride, acid anhydride. UV solidify colophony basically divides composition by 3 ministries: (1) smooth active gets together beforehand body, molecular quantity is commonly between 1000~10000, get together beforehand the core technology that the synthesis of body is photosensitive technology; (2) active thinner, contain the simple compound of not saturated Shuang Jian namely, commonly used is acrylic ester apperception closes matter, basically have improvement to colophony system integral performance, raise solidify rate, increase spread the effect such as denaturation; (3) photosensitive agent; Have benzoic aether commonly usedly kind, ketone of 2 benzene armour, certain fold nitrification content to wait, dosage does not exceed 5% commonly. Its action is next generation are inspired in UV freedom radical, cause thereby not the polymerization of saturation radical group. Afore-mentioned 3 constituent form system of UV solidify colophony, chemical reaction produces below ultraviolet light action, fashion the solidify product of cross-linking shape. In addition, , return according to needing to be in colophony system can add plasticizer, hot stabilizing agent, shed smooth agent to wait, because inert dissolvent is not had in the system, because this is right,the environment does not come into being pollution. Matrix colophony is one of important part in photosensitive coating. Coating eventually function, if hardness, flexibility, wear reachs adhere sex to wait, concern with colophony greatly. The matrix colophony with at present more coverage is to contain Shuang Jian to get together beforehand content. Ultraviolet the annulus oxygen of solidify is acrylic ester is adherent force, be able to bear or endure chemical sex, intensity all more admirable and the photosensitive with bigger dosage gets together beforehand one of content, apply to the smooth solidify coating of a variety of types. Oxygen of annulus of double phenolic A is acrylic price of ester matrix colophony is cheap, smooth active is tall, but the brittleness after becoming film is bigger. Smooth solidify colophony should be to contain but the polymer of polymerization radical group, this polymer is colophony of preparation smooth solidify base the foundation of composite material. 1, colophony of not saturated polyester is not saturated polyester is by not saturated and binary acid (or acid anhydride) as binary as saturation acid (or acid anhydride) the line that interblend hind and binary mellow reaction make polyester. The copolymerization of monomer of not saturated vinyl in using lively vinyl monomer and line form resin, but cross-linking solidify adult structure. But tall, time grows temperature of reaction of this condensation polymerization, its use the restriction with get certain. 2, the 2nd acting smooth solidify assembles in acrylic ester system content is acrylic ester system. This kind of polymer is in a few get together beforehand the extreme of content turns the luscious group that introduces Shuang Jian to regard cross-linking as reaction through acrylic ester, reaction active is tall, breed is much. Commonly used acrylic ester has polyester acrylic acid ester, get together ether is acrylic oxygen of ester, annulus is acrylic ester, polyurethane is acrylic ester and 3 get together cyanogen amine is acrylic ester. Up to now, working domestic and internationally to the development of smooth solidify coating undertake in the light of this kind of system mostly, especially polyurethane is acrylic ester. (1) ester uses polyurethane acrylic acid the acrylic ester of modified of ester of different cyanic acid, ester of second of if methylic acrylic shrink is glycerine ester, methylic acrylic hydroxide, after with suitable Ding Xi 2 acid anhydride react, make polyurethane is acrylic with HDI modified ester colophony. This colophony wearability is good, the smooth reactivity that contains in the accretion that follows molecular quality and element base increase roundly, its solidify speed is accelerated. Polyurethane is acrylic ester reaction is active rate of tall, solidify is rapid, have exceedingly good adherent sex, flexibility, fight chemical sex, flexibility and wearability to wait, commonly used at clear-lacquering of floor of PVC, wood, carpentry, presswork the domain polyurethane of the high demand such as printing ink and cohere agent is acrylic the defect of ester is the price opposite taller. (2) annulus oxygen is acrylic ester annulus oxygen is acrylic ester is by acrylic acid or methylic acrylic acid and epoxy resin (basically be double phenolic A epoxy resin) react and get. Epoxy resin is the raw material with a kind of very extensive use, have the annulus oxygen with a variety of polar group and very big active among them base, expensive to exterior active stuff has very strong stick receive a gender, and basically arise without small element volatile when solidify, sub bulk shrinkage is small, its function excel is not saturated polyester colophony, ester maintained acrylic acid of earning annulus oxygen already the good character of epoxy resin, have very strong smooth active again, shoot solidify coating extensively with Yu Fu. Because the viscosity of double phenolic A epoxy resin is taller, the construction viscosity that affects coating and shed denaturation, because this needs,undertake modified to its. (3) does the modified of ester centers annulus oxygen acrylic acid at acid more or the modified method with acid anhydride current modified basically have: ? ? of simian ち of Lou of  meat and fish dishes overcomes the brittleness; of epoxy resin to introduce not saturated key, raise; of smooth solidify rate to increase the opposite element quality that assembles in body, the shrinkage when reducing solidify.

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