Price of upriver raw material is climbed ceaselessly litre, material of rolled steel, copper, standard of equivalence of wood of epoxy resin of material of rare earth, lamina, Ba Sha all appears to rise substantially, rolled steel 4000 yuan from the beginning of the year / ton rise 7200 yuan / ton, blade material epoxy resin rises from 20000 yuan by the price 35000 yuan…Fan price falls again, from 4000 yuan / KW cutting sb in two at the waist reachs 2200 yuan / KW left and right sides, already fell extremely be close to wind electric machinery to comprise this price. Rise in price directly, depreciate directly, fan manufacturer suffers weigh fully in crack, a few degrees of deficit. If where,the implementation in current difficult position falls this break out of an encirclement, already became about the enterprise whether in the industry the enormous challenge of long base oneself upon. 1, fan is large change, homebred changing is   of of the only way ends at present, home already joined movement capacity of stand-alone of group of onshore wind electric machinery already amounted to 6.25MW greatly, group of electric machinery of maritime 10MW wind also already and the net moves, it is good that group of electric machinery of foreign 12MW maritime wind tries moving case good people, and already began unit of 15MW of research and development, norway develops business to already had the plan of maritime fan of installation stand-alone 20MW. Undoubted, fresh gale machine already became an industry to develop inevitable trend, also be industry of domestic wind cable falls likewise this important step. The sea installs Zhang Kai of dean of general manager assistant, academy to express, during 945 ” of “ , centre of gravity of development of industry of domestic wind cable returns to “ 3 north ” , give priority to with large base, extensive development, onshore gale machine is OK better use “ the wind energy resource with 3 north exceedingly good ” , get taller generate electricity accrual, below par times, fresh gale machine has competition ability more. Onshore gale machine only then cast Wulanchabu at the report 2019 invite public bidding of project of large base of phone of wind of 6 million kilowatt, domestic abroad shares manufacturer of more than 15 fan to participate in bid, share 33 to bid type, among them 3.4MW of fan stand-alone small size, high capacity is 5.17MW, wait for home of power plant of 5 wind of domestic to win the bid with sea outfit certainly eventually, win the bid average stand-alone capacity amounts to type 4.2MW. Data shows, 2017, domestic year hoisting is average stand-alone is less than 2MW; 2018, year hoisting is average stand-alone is 2MW-2.3MW; 2019, average stand-alone capacity is year hoisting only 2.5MW-2.8WM;2020 year, stand-alone capacity will achieve 3MW above. Zhang Kai thinks, to “ 945 ” end, as the breakthrough of development of wind cable industry and crucial technology, capacity of stand-alone of group of electric machinery of our country onshore wind may accomplish 10MW, capacity of stand-alone of maritime wind report will accomplish 15MW. Sea outfit has the mature platform such as 5MW, 6.XMW now, rolled out model of phone of wind of 8MW, 10MW again, lamina of form a complete set of set of electric machinery of H210-10MW maritime wind gets offline already successfully, already sent to base of experiment of in relief river to have a test, aircrew predicts the left and right sides will get offline June this year, introduction Zhang Kai arrives. Homebred change an aspect, wind cable industry grows more than 30 years, in fan equipment homebred change road to went up to had obtained brilliant result, current, group of electric machinery of domestic onshore wind can have come true 100% homebred change, this also is cost of group of onshore wind electric machinery can drop one of such fast main reasons. But in group of maritime wind electric machinery large in changing a course, a few crucial component still abroad of be enslaved to be enslaved to, e.g. high-power bearing, basic now be import from abroad, the price is high and crop is finite, very passive. Zhang Kai points out, leave one stage, what the enterprise needs to break through fan core component mainly is homebred change, make fan large change, homebred change be absent calorie of neck, the level also takes seriously very much, 2019, science and technology goes to bearing kind supportive project has several decathlon. Current, sea outfit and China can group, China cable group cooperates actively, stimulative maritime space waits in Fujian, Jiangsu 100% homebred turn big unit be born of project of maritime wind cable, promote a trade maritime gale machine is homebred change a course. 2, challenge of   of innovation of technology of cable of heavy gale of have sth in mind is far more than hereat par, hair change appoint file " the announcement that concerns item about policy of online electrovalency of new 2021 energy resources (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " to was being saved each 2021 (area, city) build Guang Fufa the specific provision that project of report, wind cable coachs valence is done. Among them, the wind report such as Xinjiang, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia all under 0.3 yuan / degree, and each province (area, city) electrovalency of wind report guidance all under coal fired fiducial price, this is meant, wind cable industry will appear during 945 ” of “ lower online electrovalency, fall this pressure is more arduous. Zhang Kai expresses, industry of domestic wind cable is during 945 ” of “ fall this crucial phase, overall the intermediate force that business regards an industry as catenary, be in in coordination entire industry catenary solidarity, concerted effort falls this while, still need to obtain farther breakthrough in innovation of technology of great wind cable. Development of wind cable industry is rapid, technical iteration is very fast, but the ” of “ small innovation that belongs to a model mostly. Zhang Kai expresses, home of wind power plant is aimed at some kind wind resource, optimize on the foundation of original product improve, raise height of canister of blade length, tower, roll out a more applicable wind phone model, cannot deny similar the benefit that optimizes innovation to bring, but during 945 ” of “ , wind cable industry needs more a few overturn innovation technology of the gender will drive wind cable industry to develop quickly. For instance gentle breeze generation set, use very small wind, send more telegram, again for instance technology of double wind rotor, the two wind rotor, technology that mix a tower waits one typhoon machine a moment, ministry of science and technology is promoting a few new technologies continuously, new concept, aim drive industry obtains a few major technology innovation, though the result of these innovation cannot decide temporarily, but this kind of new technology, new concept is to drive an industry to fall certainly the core method of this synergism. Zhang Kai thinks, during 945 ” of “ , form of innovation of wind cable technology not only bureau be confined to generates electricity side, in catenary of raw material, drive, bearing the respect such as direction will be broken through somewhat, do longer more as wind report lamina, carbon fiber advantage is clearer, but its price is high, the innovation on the raw material such as carbon fiber is very main. Float style of great capacity is windward electric technology will be “ the key innovation direction during 945 ” , as the development of technology of maritime wind cable, far-reaching sea already became new market blue of great capacity. Introduction Zhang Kai arrives, the equipment of phone of wind of type of “ sea rise that sea outfit declares develops ” project to obtain labour to believe ministry project approving, this is the scientific research project with big dimensions of wind report domain allocating funds. Current, had emulated in design of demonstrative project, floating body, unifinication wait for a respect to obtain a breakthrough. The project chose a representative Guangdong Xu to hear an area to regard as float type engine demonstrative feature, depth of water of this maritime space 65 meters, it is maritime space of typical half deep water, float at present type fan is being made in the center, predict second half of the year sets an example this year. 3, accelerate wind report intelligence to change, the shirt-sleeve technology that report of wind of digitlization transition   is much discipline, as “ project of cable of 945 ” large-scale wind and net, change to the intelligence of group of wind electric machinery, digitlization demand will be higher and higher, overall business needs to undertake data confluence from the many sided such as field of wind resource, aircrew, wind, promote wind report complete lifecycle comprehensive strength in the round. Zhang Kai expresses, “ intelligence is changed, digitlization is wind report falls the method of this synergism essence, electric digitlization belongs to our country wind to just start level, designing, make, the respect application such as carry dimension management is insufficient, but already obtained corresponding result. ”Intelligence creates a field, digitlization technology has shown a tremendous potential. Take pigheaded bolt process for, need many adroitness to be versed in spanner of use hydraulic pressure is operated at the same time before, cost 2 hours of above. Nowadays, twist the robot of ” of bolt intelligence system through “ crab bearing, same workload needs 40 minutes only, and is finished quality higher? Laser identifies automatically, position of systematic intelligence calibration, mechanical arm controls strength, and whole process is come down to form big data by the record, change production to provide reference for the following intelligence. On intelligent carry dimension, platform of dimension of carry of wisdom of sea outfit LiGa has big data platform, intelligence to discharge Cheng system and attemper administrative system, place of combinative wind report has moving data, rely on big data, artificial intelligence and wisdom carry dimension to undertake to wind electric field wisdom changes operation to safeguard. This platform already finished the data of group of electric machinery of on 1000 typhoons to be received now, breakdown of intelligence of all large part diagnoses group of electric machinery of the wind that finish to feedback with the development application that forecasts a model and real time. Sea outfit still optimizes aircrew stage by stage on platform the model of component of 2 class, 3 class, reach in order to implement the initiative of group of wind electric machinery preventive safeguard. According to calculating, use LiGa platform, combinative spot carries dimension personnel is operated, the annual interest of only station set uses hour of number to be able to rise 50 hours, the key safeguards a frequency to reduce 70% above outside component plan, value of overall and average life prediction increases wind report 2 years at least. Zhang Kai thinks, during 945 ” of “ , the enterprise should accelerate digitlization process, make the preparation of good digitlization transition. Change as wind report intelligence, digitlization technology is mature, wind report cost can progress to drop. Be full of on circuit of wind report long-distance running muddy, sea outfit is strong develop activity of innovation of science and technology continuously, increase investment of research and development of science and technology, strengthen industrial catenary to innovate in coordination collaboration, retain enterprise innovation vigor, drive fan large change, homebred change, numerical value changes technical progress, in the break through brambles and thorns-hack one's way through difficulties on wind report circuit, before leading, go.

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