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Understand country project of cable of soft straight maritime wind

Should change to climate, drive transition of the sources of energy, it is the task that faces jointly. 2020, chairman Xi Jinping puts forward “ carbon to amount to peak, carbon to neutralize ” goal, power industry already became soldier of main force, the person at the head of a procession. In strategic level, already will include maritime wind report inside but the main attack way that second birth the sources of energy develops as new period the sources of energy, 945 ” of “ period, our country the sources of energy develops overall objective is ” of safe and low carbon of “ construction green, efficient system of contemporary the sources of energy, be produced around the sources of energy and consume revolution, increase the proportion in second birth the sources of energy is produced in the sources of energy and can be being consumed considerably. Windward report will become extensive development lake structural adjustment of the sources of energy and one of important ways that the energy-saving target that decrease a platoon realizes. 3 gorge group is making new energy resources be group company the 2nd advocate course of study, 3 gorge the sources of energy serves as the 2nd advocate course of study implements principal part, drive compose actively to build the new-style power system that gives priority to body with new energy resources, strategy of ” of the person that around “ scene 3 gorge ” and report of “ maritime wind lead, develop maritime wind report energetically, carbon of the “ that help strength amounts to peak, carbon to counteract ” . Brave the wind and waves, drive wind and row. Take you to walk into 3 gorge maritime wind report. Jiangsu if east, east pillow Yellow Sea, na Bin the Yangtse River, su Zhong hinterland is received on the west, north connects Eurasia bridge, it is delta of the Yangtse River the bright phearl of a bright of boreal ala. Area of region of entire county land 2009 square kilometer, coasting 106 kilometers, beach besmears 1.04 million mus, maritime space area 6000 square kilometer, resource gift is distinctive, suit to bear the weight of especially maritime wind report makes an item. Develop government of strategy of maritime wind report and Jiangsu provincial Party committee, province to put forward energetically to be answered actively make “ maritime the grandiose conception of 3 gorge ” , 3 gorge group obtains H6, H10 at succeeding by 2018 approve of project of cable of two maritime wind, expand contributive power for industry of maritime wind cable hard. Jiangsu of 3 gorge the sources of energy if east 800 million are made of baked clay (H6, H10) project of maritime wind cable (the following abbreviation if east project) be located in Jiangsu to be like,be saved east Huang Sha of prefectural the eastpart part is foreign maritime space, off shore is apart from 50-60 kilometre point-blank, rice of 9-22 of depth of water, this project includes H6 and H10 two wind electric field, installed capacity all is 400 million tile, install made of baked clay fan of 200 4 million in all. Be like east project and be like east H8 (300 million are made of baked clay) the project is built jointly maritime and flexible dc sends a passageway, include: Maritime change stream road of cabled yarn of sea of dc of station, bout, onshore change shed a station. Be like east the project is home and even Asia use flexible the project of maritime wind cable of dc transmit electricity, have achieve much, difficulty big wait for a characteristic:Big, Asia maritime change project of   drifting a station to will build big, Asia maritime change shed a station, maritime change shed a station to wear module of foundation, upside by conduit two major composition. Among them, fission type guides group piece float pulls type of pipe rack foundation and upside installation creates precision requirement and demand of maritime installation precision to land all very tall, all be the second application of domain of report of domestic maritime wind. Tall,   carries domestic voltage social estate what the distance grows is flexible project of   of cable of sea of dc transmit electricity will be cast with cable of sea of ±400 kilovolt dc, include cable of sea of 2 99 kilometre in all, it is current domestic voltage grade those who carry a distance to grow is tall, flexible cable of sea of dc transmit electricity. Submarine cable lays all having very high demand to maritime construction craft and quality control, cable of sea floor of ±400 kilovolt dc is more such, because this is like east of dc sea cable lay carry out, also lay cable of the sea floor that help strength the industry progresses. Explore new pattern of high seas transmit electricity, innovation application is soft   of straight new technology is flexible dc transmit electricity is changed mediumly stream implement change for voltage source stream implement (VSC) , its big characteristic depends on using can pass parts of an apparatus or appliance (it is IGBT normally) with technology of high frequency modulation. Change through adjusting stream implement the amplitude that exports voltage and as poor as the result horn between systematic voltage, the power of have rendered great service that can control output independently and without result power, such, through changing the control that sheds a station to two end, can realize two communication between the network of power of have rendered great service convey each other, at the same time two end are changed it is OK still to shed a station what independence adjustment absorbs severally or give out without result power, give to the communication system of place couplet thereby without result prop up. Equipment of own research and development, promote homebred convert phone of applied   maritime wind advocate electric equipment is in situation of forestall of manufacturer of foreign electric equipment for a long time, be like east the project already had a project in 3 gorge group homebred change exploration foundation to go up, advance further homebred change, the sea, land changes connection drifting a station to change, GIS, reactor, station is used change wait for main and electric equipment to all use card of home made product, give priority to electric equipment homebred change it is important to be stridden one pace. Divide this beyond, IGBT serves as flexible the core component of dc technology, get for a long time foreign forestall, be like east the project uses second lot homebred IGBT part, this is sure to be opposite to break foreign company flexible long-term forestall settles dc IGBT part solid base. Zoology benefit   amounts to peak ”“ carbon to counteract ” in clear “ carbon after each job deploy, 3 gorge group is answered actively, strive clearly already to realized “ carbon to amount to peak ” 2023, implementation “ carbon counteracted ” 2040, develop clean the sources of energy energetically, but second birth the sources of energy and industry of green environmental protection, enhance development but durative. Be like east after project whole joins movement, year online n will amount to 2.4 billion kilowatt hour, can satisfy about 990 thousand families year with n, compare with the photograph of coal fired power plant of coequal dimensions, annual but managing standard coal fired makes an appointment with 740 thousand tons, managing fresh water makes an appointment with the 7.12 million stere, carbon dioxide that decrease a platoon makes an appointment with 1.83 million tons, the energy-saving benefit that decrease a platoon is distinct, help cause of force “3060” double carbon.

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