UAVOS company design made oven of solidify of new-style composite material, can satisfy the unmanned aircraft part that has demand of specific and compound workmanship to create demand. This solidify oven has solidify a variety of appearances / the ability of component of dimension composite material, heat rate / circular efficiency is tall, temperature uniformity is good.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Autoclave of this kind of blame shapes (OoA) oven of composite material solidify uses report to heat means, deserved to install air current control equipment (controallable level, perpendicular air current) , ensure solidify oven heats, medicinal powder hot property promotion. Solidify oven grows broad expensive measure to be 2050×466×502 millimeter, expensive work temperature is 200 Celsius, accuse lukewarm precision to be in ±5 Celsius less than. In process of composite material solidify, move a composite material through rotating, can make colophony distributings to be on composite material and fashion wants geometrical form product equably. Solidify oven controls software to have direct operation interface, but old rate controls solidify process, optimize production function, executive data is collected. UAVOS company shows, be based on oven of solidify of new-style composite material, can produce intensity successfully tall / the unmanned aircraft part with small weight, still but according to client demand, implementation solidify oven is custom-built, contented client the personalized demand to solidify component.

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15-18 December

New York City