On March 4, 13 5 second conferences are in the the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Beijing kicks off. Focusing two meetings, pay close attention to two meetings to represent pair of hydrogen together can relevant draft resolution of the industry. Jiao Yun of president of delegate of of Jiao Yun of president of grand of peaceful of delegate, treasure, Bao Tailong suggests, considering northeast area hydrogen can industrial current situation, ought to develop local hydrogen source and car of hydrogenous the sources of energy adequately to use dominant position of two earths region, through accelerating the promotion of car of hydrogenous the sources of energy, cooperate hydrogenation station construction to drive upper reaches to control chain of industry of link of hydrogen, Chu Qing, hydrogenation progressively compose is built, then assemble is relevant industrial catenary resource, drive northeast area hydrogen can transition of zoology construction, industry upgrades and structural adjustment of the sources of energy, promote development of region industry cleanness, high quality then. Jiao Yun thinks, northeast area hydrogen can industrial instability, include demonstrative city group have very great difficulty, big probability cannot win award. And because northeast area is extremely cold special the promotion that goes against electric car, bring about northeast area to enjoy “ of demonstrative application of fuel cell car very hard to take the place of with award essentially policy of allowance of filling ” policy and finance of application of promotion of car of new energy resources. Jiao Yun puts forward, the serious check that the proposal can regard production as the data especially to hydrogenous fuel car, content sheds the northeastern region promotion such as carriage car to offer special subsidy, in order to promote the development of local industry; Proposal Central Bank is high grade to northeast area coal cleanness is efficient loan of interest expenditures eye is first give loan supports or give more foreheads to spend again allocate, in loan limitation, loan is examined and approve wait for a respect to give policy to tilt; The proposal builds hydrogenation station to offer special subsidy to northeast area, aid those who push infrastructure of energy of northeast area hydrogen to quicken be born. Delegate, day can group president Zhang Tian assumes delegate, weather can group president Zhang Tian allows to will be referred in all 4 second reading suggest with 23. Among them, be aimed at hydrogen can industry, zhang Tian allows to put forward " the proposal that about developing hydrogen energetically can much setting uses “ to promote ” in order to use to drive industrial high quality to develop " , its point out, high quality develops hydrogen can industry, safe to ensuring the sources of energy of our country, build zoology civilization, help cause of ” of force “ double carbon, have great strategic sense. But at present our country hydrogen can industrial development still puts many issues, zhang Tian allows to express, include step of industrialization of car of hydrogenous fuel cell slower; “ of existence of crucial core technology blocks neck ” venture; Hydrogen can applied setting is more onefold; Industry deputy the utilization rate that produces hydrogen is not high; Capital swarms into hydrogen in succession can industry, appear low-level repeat construction symptom. relatively at developing, at present partial technology of home still is not perfected, hydrogen can equip with technology of fuel cell key develop opposite lag. Although setting an example,the guiding of group of allowance policy falls, went up 3 years 2021 especially in the past level of power of system of model of card fuel cell appears to promote significantly, but the core equipment of fuel cell and technology still are blocked by foreign “ neck ” , reach material in cost of product complete lifecycle and core component especially homebred change two respects pain spot to highlight. Zhang Tian allows to point out, current, exchange the hydrogen such as film like paper of hydrogenation gun, valve, compressor, carbon, proton can core equipment material still is given priority to with the entrance, although set an example,policy is encouraged homebred change replace, but iteration of research and development still needs time. Be based on this, zhang Tian holds the post of a proposal, encourage guide an enterprise to strengthen technical innovation, safety of implementation industry catenary can accuse. Specific act respect, zhang Tian allows to suggest around material, report face of tripartite of caboodle, system combs a “ to block neck ” detailed list, uncover pattern of ” of assume leadership of a list of names posted up through “ , support bibcock industry, and technical innovation enterprise is begun tackle key problem, guide pool efforts of institute of courtyard of industry, enterprise, scientific research to tackle key problem, share technical resource, break through technology of pivotal general character. In the meantime, dredge capital gives aid to passageway, it is those who master core technology to do poineering work model company fund support. Besides, zhang Tian allows to return a proposal, refine industrial policy, come on stage stronger give aid to measure, encourage hydrogenous fuel cell to develop demonstrative application on the vehicle of more type; On the foundation of 5 demonstrative provinces such as Beijing ferry look forward to, Shanghai, Guangdong, enlarge demonstrative city further group; The ” of “ hydrogenation decarbonization that encourages the tall carbon such as coal chemical industry, petro-chemical, metallurgy to arrange a trade; Much channel of adjust measures to local conditions widens hydrogen can origin; ” of footmark of carbon of “ of work up complete lifecycle is evaluated. 9 dragon slope districts of delegate, Chongqing city appoint 9 Long Po districts of city of delegate of of clerical plum Chun Kui, Chongqing appoint the proposal —— Jiang Chengyu that clerical Li Chunkui introduced him to will lead on two meetings this year recently is brought into. Li Chunkui expresses, since of the area that become change western of industry of the industrial town of military importance with large area, technology basically collect the ground, also be the main area that helps force realize carbon to amount to peak carbon to neutralize a goal, accelerate advance industry of automobile of hydrogenous fuel cell to develop Youxian pressing. Li Chunkui thinks, at present car of hydrogenous fuel cell sets an example city group main deploy is in the mid area such as Beijing Shanghai another name for Guangdong Province and Ji Yu, the area is in blank condition temporarily western. the area that become change circle of twin city economy is brought into next city of demonstrative application of car of hydrogenous fuel cell group construction, support begins relevant technology research and development and application development into change area, be helpful for driving demonstrative city of car of hydrogenous fuel cell group construction is rolled out in the round, depth is advanced, play is in western of the area lead demonstrative action, build a “ in level compose thereby east ” of Chinese and Western develops pattern in coordination. In the meantime, also conduce to drive circle of economy of change area twin city to accelerate implementation industry transition to upgrade, form scope effect, drive Cheng Yu industry of automobile of cell of fuel of hydrogen of area of border district of two ground week grows quickly. Li Chunkui introduces, in recent years, the area that become change already collected much home hydrogen can place of courtyard of industry bibcock enterprise, college, scientific research, formed relatively perfect industry chain. Among them, chengdu hydrogen can industrial group is initial already shape: In hydric preparation, store carry, add note, detect link, collected Hao Hua science and technology, inferior couplet Gao Ke, medium measure a courtyard to wait enterprise or business unit; Fuel cell link, collected east electric, 100 million China wait for an enterprise; Truckload (machine) production link, collected Chengdu passenger car, medium establish the car company such as one guest and in build share car Chengdu, newly to wait for orbit transportation company. Chongqing attachs most importance to a dot to develop area with area of 9 dragon slope. 2021, guo Hong hydrogen can wait for catenary of industry of cell of 6 hydrogen fuel to precede 9 Long Po districts of enterprise and Chongqing city sign cooperative agreement, 4 billion yuan will invest in place, cooperative construction makes banner hydrogen can garden of industry of science and technology; Component of key of construction “ core + the system is compositive ” hydrogen can garden of industry of science and technology, project plan built 2025 amount to produce. Policy respect, " into change area twin city economy encircles carbon to amount to peak carbon to counteract associated action program " already also released. Mention in plan: With Chongqing of — of the river inside Chengdu — development axis attachs most importance to a dot, make “ become ” of change hydrogen corridor jointly, optimize hydrogen of plain change area to be able to reach catenary of industry of automobile of hydrogenous fuel cell, enlarge hydrogen actively to be able to wait for new energy resources to apply in traffic domain, advance the mode that change report and hydrogenous fuel cell to carry in heavy-duty lorry, battalion steadily the pilot application of coach domain, contend for city of demonstrative application of car of cell of the fuel that achieve hydrogen group. On behalf of, petrifaction Mao Mingshi changes a company to carry out of trustee Yin Zhao Lin to represent, petrifaction Mao Mingshi changes a company to carry out Yin Zhaolin of secretary of delegate of trustee, branch, Party committee to suggest, carry out project of new energy resources to examine and approve green passageway to the enterprise, big limit reduces limitation of layer upon layer program, layer upon layer administration to examine and approve put on record, “ distributes the ability of accept of disappear of new energy resources with brandish enterprise powerful oneself to fill, drive an enterprise to accelerate green report green hydrogen to replace implementation carbon to decrease a platoon, the project that suggests to use in-house resource to carry out new energy resources to replace to the enterprise is avoided grant to examine and approve, gift the lien that enterprise nearby development can use resource. ”Delegate, auspicious charge a group president delegate of Li Shufu, auspicious accuse a group president Li Shufu to suggest to bring into methanol car car of new energy resources to expand system and administrative scope. Li Shufu points out, car of promotion application methanol is implementation one when traffic domain health can develop continuously is actual and efficient way. First, development methanol car can promote green methanol development, drive green methanol dimensions to change, national condition of complete base oneself upon is actual, accord with carbon of our country “ to amount to carbon of peak ” , “ to counteract ” orderly and reliable the purpose that advance. Next, can ensure safety of our country the sources of energy, especially the sources of energy of traffic domain liquid is safe. Hind, still can continue our country internal-combustion engine vitality of dynamic of this one dominant. Li Shufu expresses, no matter be,at present be being returned in waterage domain is overland traffic domain, the technology of fuel of our country methanol and methanol car already relatively mature. Methanol fuel develops in our country, promotion uses methanol car, health of security of energy of goal of strategy of double to traffic domain implementation carbon, safeguard, stimulative economy can develop the sense with be had important continuously. Accordingly he suggests, in our country comprehensive promotion uses methanol car, bring into methanol car car of new energy resources to expand system and administrative scope, give methanol car and car of new energy resources same policy support, drive more enterprises to throw the research and development of methanol car, accelerate carbon of implementation traffic domain to counteract. Group of steam of delegate, river is senior group of steam of delegate of of age of engineer week blessing, river is senior to table a proposal of engineer Zhou Fugeng: Optimize van of new energy resources to use car privilege policy. Reduce car to purchase cost, continuance offers the encouragement of allowance of van of pure report of displacement of light-duty fuel truck policy, enlarge executive limits appropriately, encourage pure the dimensions of the product such as fuel of dynamoelectric, hydrogen turns promotion. Delegate, couplet Zheng Yueming of new division president's representing, couplet to table a proposal of Zheng Yueming of new division president, below the setting that achieves double carbon goal, develop wind, light energetically, store, the new energy industry such as hydrogen, drive the growth of demand of material of new energy resources thereby. In addition, in processing white pollutes setting to fall, should grow live thing but degradation material, accord with carbon to counteract green to develop a concept.

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